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The Hope people hating on Muhyiddin’s ministers

Haters gonna hate and there ain’t any cure for it. Sad.

Over the last fortnight, a volcano stream of venom and vitriol was spewed at newly minted Perikatan ministers Hadi Awang, Rina Harun, Wee Ka Siong, Dr Adham Baba and Siti Zailah. Refer below for timeline and bullet point backgrounder.


Two days ago, the PAS president was appointed special envoy to the Middle East with ministerial rank. This piece of news elicited a total of 434 subscriber comments – see screenshot above – from Malaysiakini readers on the portal’s two separate reports.

Among the criticisms leveled at Hadi — his post is merely a political appointment by the new Perikatan government as a reward for his party, and the plum salary that goes with it a waste of public funds.

Did the same critics cry foul when DAP chairman Tan Kok Wai was made special envoy to China? Was not Tan’s plush posting in 2018 similarly a wasteful quango by the then new Harapan government?

Other critics also argued that Hadi is too ethno-centric; that he will not serve all Malaysians regardless of race and religion, and that he purportedly lacks diplomacy in international relations as well as being incompetent in English (sidenote: the pro-PPSMI crowd insist to put English on a pedestal).

Duh. Like as if the DAP’s Tan Kok Wai is not himself overtly Chinese-centric and his party overly Christian oriented. DAP fanboys had lauded Tan’s Mandarin fluency to enhance bilateral relations between Putrajaya and Beijing but refuse to acknowledge Hadi’s Arabic-speaking skill as equally an asset.

What hypocrites steeped in double standards they are.

Cheap shot … Trust DAP Super Cyberbully @hannahyeoh (with her 283,100 Twitter followers) to take a swipe


The cabinet member from Pribumi is low-hanging fruit and true to form, the virtue-signaling mob immediately pounced on her. They stuck their pitchforks into Rina for the Doreamon cringe that was uploaded last week on the Women and Family Development Ministry Facebook.

While it is true that the buck stops with No.1, nonetheless one cannot reasonably expect Rina to be personally cognizant of the day-to-day FB entries which are input into her ministry social media.

If an identical gaffe had occurred under Wan Azizah’s watch, there would surely be a conspiracy of silence.

After all, the Kementerian Wanita staff are still largely the same faces despite the figurehead having ubah from Harapan YB to Perikatan YB. Those old enough to remember the ‘Yes Minister’ BBC sitcom will be aware that the entrenched government bureaucracy usually remains unchanging while politicians come and go.


Go to Wee Ka Siong on-camera at The Star’s YouTube channel and see how his six-minute video clip (above) was given 1,200 ‘dislikes’ (thumbs down icon) vs 1,600 ‘likes’ (thumbs up icon).

There is no valid reason for the ton of negativity dumped on Wee who said Malaysia is doing all we can to fight the coronavirus. The fact that Wee got ratioed only reflects a set pattern of the DAP hardcore hating on anything to do with the MCA, particularly in our current situation of the Chinese party’s minority participation in the Muhyiddin administration.

According to epidemiological mathematical modeling done by the Imperial College London (see Dr John Campbell’s video, above), the mortality rate of Covid-19 is one percent thereabouts. Siti Zailah was not wrong when she tweeted, “Kemungkinan kita mati akibat virus Corona adalah 1% sahaja”.

Yet Siti Zailah was bullied off Twitter whereas Adham Baba was mocked and hounded into observing the low profile that he now keeps. Updating the media on our coronovirus infection spread is being conducted instead by the Health Ministry DG.

The mockery heaped on Dr Adham, who has a medical degree from Universiti Malaya, is quite unfair and blown all out of proportion. The dogpile on him only shows how Harapan leaders and supporters are hellbent on finding fault and will use the flimsiest excuses to try and discredit as well as delegitimize the present government.


Dates and catalysts for Muhyiddin’s ministers attracting the ire of Harapan supporters

April 2: Hadi Awang — Envoy to the Middle East with ministerial rank

  PAS can do nothing right in the eyes of DAP supporters

March 30: Rina Harun — Minister for Women and Family Development

Blamed for the goofy poster below appearing in her ministry Facebook

March 27: Wee Ka Siong — Minister for Transport

 Spoke in fluent Malay earning praise from the pro-government side and predictable scorn from Dapsters

March 19: Dr Adham Baba — Minister for Health

 Advised drinking warm water to resist coronavirus

March 14: Siti Zailah — Deputy Minister for Women and Family Development

 Reminded everybody that death is a God-given certainty which can come anytime unexpectedly 


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  1. It’s what they are perfect at doing – cyberbullying. Their craftmanship is unmatched. For 22 months they had to refrain from doing. The craving and itching were unbearable. “Now it is over”, the throwing microphone bursted excitedly. PN better get ready this time.

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