DAP’s duplicitous, deafening silence

P. Gunasegaram wrote “let it operate like how a lot of other businesses are allowed to” in his Malaysiakini column yesterday, referring to the Heineken and Carlsberg factories work freeze during the present movement control order (MCO) period.

R. Nadeswaran meanwhile griped about leaders who, for the sake of their own political survival, remained silent in the face of unrelenting encroachment by (non beer-drinking) religious zealots. In his Malaysiakini column yesterday, Nades had been similarly exercised by the beer brewing issue.

M. Thayaparan also complained about the government revoking the operating rights of the two beer brewers during this MCO, characterizing the sudden revocation as an application of brute force sanctioned by the state to curtail the rights of religious minorities. His views are aired in his Malaysiakini column today.

Indian voices are ringing out whereas the Cina DAP have chosen to hide under Amanah’s sarong — the close contact in contravention of our current ‘social distancing’ protocol.

Sneaky bastards

On the party front, the DAP’s Indian voices – Ramasamy, Ramkarpal, Rayer and Charles Santiago – are usually heard speaking out when DAP Chinese leaders conveniently hide under behind the songkok of their Malay political aides.

But these cunning chameleons are the Yang Berhormats voted by 95 percent of the Chinese electorate … .


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3 thoughts on “DAP’s duplicitous, deafening silence

  1. Talking about duplicity by the DAP is an understatement. Remember their generals went to jail on principles ! Now may I ask on what principles but the principle of showmanship ? I had great hopes for this disparate lot of Lee Kuan Yew followers, shopkeepers, school teachers, Christians, fakes etc to return the Malaysian Politics to a normal stance by strengthening their newly won base. But what did their generals do by October 2019. They were actively working towards their own downfall which led to the ludicrous spectacle of these fellows whilst in POWER LOST POWER without being aware that the Malaysian Political Playbook is our revered Constitution ! Stupid !. These Chinese, chauvinistic types, are too clever for their own ambitions. They have lost forever their right to be able to be in POWER again. Were they serious to make their best friend to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia ? I wonder how many DAP members who must be absolutely stunned by their inept Generals, are having thoughts for the future in an alleged Trojan Horse which created its own Armageddon ! I hope these neophytes realise that their Generals do not practise Realpolitik but on hopes, say like winning in May 2020.
    I asked my friends,’ Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman.’ They all replied ,’No.’. I followed. ‘But you have met some Chinamen who are so very clever to be stupid !’ They all looked puzzled. I quickly interjected with a couple of household names. They hesitated and then responded with a resound roar, ‘Yes !’

  2. To this day, I am still shocked that DAP which claimed to be full of brains and gumption lost out with 40 seats in the Dewan Rakyat and many more State seats. How could this have happened unless the DAP generals were found wanting in battle or they have finally met their Waterloo or paper tigers in a World of snakes and real tigers. It is time for DAP to change their name Democratic Action Party and fold their tents and go home to Daddy and Mummy. They seemed to have missed the whole plot of Malaysian Politics as if they were somewhere else ! Strange for a party which claimed to have decimated both MCA and Gerakan..

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