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Malaysia’s Covid-19 patient No.1580 is a female who did not self quarantine after returning from Italy, and her non-compliance was subsequently instrumental in igniting a chain of 37 novel coronavirus infections in Kuching.

This Chinese woman who had tested positive as #Case 1,580 was rained with curses by Malay netizens, according to Sinchew Daily deputy executive editor-in-chief Tay Tian Yan writing in his column yesterday, following five deaths from her cluster.

In the understanding of the Malays, ”the wealthy Chinese manageress went to Europe for holiday and transmitted the virus to her low-income employees, bringing disaster to the victim’s entire family”.

Sinchew’s Tay surmised that the fierce, aggressive and tremendous outcry arose because the super spreader is a Chinese while the five deceased were all Malay.

The hostility however extended beyond just that one Kuching individual alone. “While tossing curses at the manageress, Malay netizens also hurled hostile allegations against her ethnic community,” wrote Tay.

There is a peculiar yin-and-yang balance in the mutual recriminations. “When the tabligh gathering at Masjid Seri Petaling spawned a massive infectious cluster in the country, many Chinese netizens cursed not only the participants, but their race and religion as well,” Tay pointed out.

He observed that when times were good, the “negativities” (racial prejudices and distrusts, discrimination, repulsion) had been largely tolerated between Chinese and Malay communities.

Today in our time of coronavirus, it is a different story. The current public health crisis and its resultant economic pressures has caused a dip in the tolerance level, he noted.

BELOW: Only one Chinese full minister in the whole Muhyiddin cabinet — click to enlarge photo

Inter-communal frustrations and hatred that were previously repressed somewhat are now starting to surface, cautioned Tay citing a recent survey on Twitter hate speech that discerned a sharp upward spike in the prevalence of racially-charged comments aimed at other ethnicities.

These racist remarks can then morph into a form of verbal violence, he feared, as people begin to target their wrath at convenient scapegoats, especially in a scenario where interracial relationships are already as taut as violin strings.

“If this is allowed to go on, it will develop into a time bomb over time, especially if the [virus] outbreak gets intensified and the economy deteriorates as a consequence,” warned the Sinchew veteran newsman.

Helen’s comment

DAP set out to kill MCA and Gerakan, and they succeeded spectacularly as the Muhyiddin cabinet photo (above) testifies. MCA has only 2 MPs vs DAP’s 42 MPs; MCA has 2 Aduns vs DAP’s 106 Aduns. 

Having obliterated MCA and other BN non-Malay representation in parliament and DUN, the DAP Chinese leaders have repaid their voter base by being as silent as church mice when it comes to non-Muslim issues.


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  1. On 13 May 1969, the British held 70% of the best Malaysian assets, the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the Malays 2%. This happened because up to this date from Merdeka, the Colonial Currency Board Policy was practised which meant a country only spent what it earned even though BNM was established in 1957. As a result, the rich got richer, the poor got poorer. The new graduates both Malay and non-Malay found that there were no house loans, credit cards, car loans, OD etc. This was the main underlay to 13 May 1969 which was compounded by the heated PAP voices in the Dewan Rakyat and the GE of 1964 – (1964-1965), the 1967 Penang riots, the unfortunate Kepong incident, the free flow of gangsters between KL and Singapore before 1972 and a slow moving economy.
    My Concept of 1972 to capture Sime Darby for the Malays to fast trek them into big business after the NEP and give room for the Chinese to expand was successfully implemented by November 1975 with the blessing of the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his confidant YBM Tengku Razaleigh. It cost Pernas Securities only RM 23 million with the unofficial assistance of 2 Singaporean corporates (after the Malaysians ran out of cash) after I met the famous and brilliant lady lawyer who claimed she did not know what her husband did. We talked for 1 hour. Vide, NST ‘True Story of Sime Darby’ 2010. My view was that in 1975 Sime Darby should be like Temasek in the 21st Century, capturing more British companies for Malaysia to provide more jobs and opportunities for all Malaysians. But instead, Sime Darby after the demise of the great Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak reverted back to be a British like trading outfit with no risks and benefitted themselves in control only and became an ATM for friends to sell their assets to without valuation to this day. Even without effort, Sime Darby went bankrupt not once but twice at RM 1.2 Billion in 1996 and at RM 2.10 Billion in 2010 by doing business with crooked Chinamen. One of them, a political leader called me ‘ a Malay bum sucker for my efforts in giving the Chinese a leeway to expand like IOI, KLK, Public Bank, Kuok Group, Hong Leong etc.
    I, a Malaysian Chinese delivered to Malaysia for the Malays to fast trek into big business by 1975 and much more thereafter. The Chinese should not be blamed thereafter. After Sime Darby, the authorities paid Pounds Sterling 2 Billion in 1982 for Guthries a small plantation company via a Dawn Raid. The expat who assisted , retired at 27 to the Scottish Highlands to shoot pheasants. For my part, in 1992, the Malaysian Management whose jobs I created, kicked me out so that they could do business with crooked Chinamen and go bankrupt big time twice in 1996 and 2010. I was appointed by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak to the Board of Sime Darby in 1974. I was kicked out by the Malaysian Management whose jobs I created in 1992. My total emolument from 1974-1992 was RM 500,000 for 18 years. Nowadays, managers walloped RM 500,000 as salaries in a month in Sime Darby and the GLCs.with no risks. Sime Darby never expanded since the Malaysians took-over but were beset by corruption and nepotism. If properly managed the price of Sime Darby today should be RM 20, not RM 2 per share. All the foreign investors ran away with an incompetent Management.
    The Malaysian Chinese contributed a lot to our beloved Malaysia in socio-economic terms. What did DAP contribute as could be seen now clearly in the light ? LOSE POWER WHILST IN POWER ?

  2. I have always been aware of the fact that the Malaysian Government must deliver a good economy at all times or else problems will arise. Prior to 2004, the Prime Ministers were very much aware of this. But from 2004-2018, there was no savings for the rainy day and Cash is King became the unfortunate slogan. On 9 May 2018, the PH won a Pyrrhic victory. The Treasury’s coffers were empty and the country had a debt of over RM 1 Trillion. The debt was only RM 350 Billion in 2003. It was the sound economy between 1957-2003 which was the glue which kept the country together. The wanton abuse and flagrant neglect to save for the rainy day was much in evidence between 2004-2018 despite there were a couple of spikes in the price of petroleum per barrel up to US$ 110.
    My awareness that on 13 May 1969, the Malays who had only 2% of the economy, the British 70% of the best and the Chinese 25% of the third rate inspired me to develop my 1972 Concept to capture Sime Darby for the Malay interests and also giving the Chinese business a way to expand without interference was successful by November 1975 supported by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his confidant YBM Tengku Razaleigh. But under Malaysian Management Sime Darby never grow and remained stunted to this day. In fact it was bankrupted not only once but twice by its Malaysian Management at RM 1.2 Billion in 1996 and RM 2.10 Billion in 2010. No one was charged. No one was jailed. My view for Sime Darby in 1972 was for it to be like Temasek in the 21st Century – acquiring more British companies and creating jobs and opportunities for all Malaysians. Unfortunately, after the demise of Tun Abdul Razak, this did not happen. Sime Darby became like before a trading company with no risks serving the interests of those who controlled it like an ATM acquiring friendly assets at no valuation so on and so forth. With the GLCs and Sime Darby not playing their proper role in the Malaysian economy, many Malaysians will be left out of the gravy train. Hence, the racial conundrum which is most undesirable and preventable by any responsible Government, may be a problem

  3. There are many gaps concerning the solid socio-economic contributions by the Malaysian Chinese through the years since the beginning of time which were not publicised.

    For example, I was invited to turn round the biggest Malaysian corporate bankruptcy in the 1970s, Folex Industries Berhad now known as Sri Hartamas Berhad as the last resort, The Consortium of 5 banks headed by MIDF, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Bangkok Bank and UMBC expected me to run off after 2 weeks from this textile company which every managing director had done so. I was the last. I stayed for 9 years and made millions of ringgits for the shareholders as a non-shareholder. The Consortium gave me not one sen to save the company .but a RM 32 Million debt owing to them. I could keep the textile factory going with 3 shifts of Malay workers totalling 1,200, 1 Chinese and 1 Malay manager with no problem for 9 years 1975-1984.. This kept the Taiping Constituency for the MCA for many years. I was paid RM 7,000 per month for 9 years and an Alfa Romeo with no other emoluments. At the end of the day, the Consortium walked away as though they did not know me after they collected their money in full. This Folex Saga still stands as the biggest and most successful bail-out with no money up to today. There is a Will. There is a Way. Another contribution by a Malaysian Chinese without publicity.

  4. It is absolutely unfair and unwarranted that the Malaysian Chinese are accused rightly or wrongly that they did not contribute to our beloved Malaysia’s well being and development all these years. This was a Big Lie which was first propagated by the British before 13 May 1969. I was there. On 13 May 1969, the British had 70% of the best Malaysian assets, the Chinese with a handful of tycoons, 25% of the third rate and the Malays just 2%. My family had the biggest plantation, 7,000 acres at the material time. A few lucky Chinese had British distributorships like Ovaltine, 555 cigarettes, Horlicks etc representing British trading houses like Boustead, H & C, Guthries, Socfin, East Asiatic etc. The Chinese earning fine margins took the risks by distributing British goods to the Ulus and new villages. That was the trade scenario before 13 May 1969. The Chinese paid the most taxes because they are urbanised and organised..
    As a Malaysian Chinese, I felt responsible to contribute for all Malaysians. As a Constitutionalist and not a Communalist, I asked no questions and no favours. Here is a list of my contributions which were never publicised.
    1. As Director of Bank Negara Malaysia 1972-1981. RM1.0 = S$1.03
    2. From my 1972 Concept, Malay interests captured Sime Darby for only RM 23 Million with the help of 2 Singapore corporates. In 1982, Malay interests captured Guthries a small plantation, for Sterling Pounds 2 Billions. The expat, 27 years, who assisted, thereafter retired to the Scottish Highlands to shoot pheasants. In 1996 and 2010, Sime Darby went bankrupt at RM 1.20 Billion znc FM 2.10 Billion respectively. The Malaysian Management was not charged or jailed.
    3. In 1973, with one hour’s notice, I lent RM 1 Million for a Malay group to secure a monopolistic licence from Bank Negara Malaysia. These Malays made millions of ringgits out of nothing to this day.and hide in London fraternizing with Kuwaiti royals.
    4. In 1975, I suggested the establishment of the National Savings Bank
    5. In 1990, I lent 9 million Renong shares to a new political outfit to redeem the assets of the old outfit without security.from the Public Assignee.
    6. And many more both to the Malays and the on0n-Malays especially Sime Darby which gave the non-Malays the leeway to expand their businesses like Public Bank, KLK, IOI, Kuok Group etc.
    7. I donated the World’s finest collections of 18th-19th Century Gold and Silver Coins of the Malay Sultanates to Bank Negara Malaysia. Also, two World’s finest collections of Straits Settlements coins to Bank Negara Malaysia and Maybank. The World’s finest Malaysiana Collection to UTAR. Rare paintings to the National Art Gallery.
    Other Malaysian Chinese have donated and contributed much more than I did. Our house was donated to the Malaysian Government in 1957 in time for Merdeka.
    For ignorant people to accuse the Malaysian Chinese of not contributing to the development and progress of our beloved Malaysia is false and malicious. If those who had the opportunity to help their own people but did not, and instead hide all in London or elsewhere, have nothing to do with the Malaysian Chinese.

  5. Not many Malaysians understood how the Malaysian economy was managed before 13 May 1969. The best is to view it chronologically. From 1961 onwards, the Malay and non-Malay graduates returned from overseas to find a colonial financial landscape governed by a British Colonial Currency Board Policy whereby the rich (British)became richer and the poor became poorer. Merdeka did not benefit the Malaysians at all. The economy was slow moving. There were no OD, credit cards, house or car loans etc. The whole economy was entirely dependent on the cyclical prices of rubber and tin. Even though Bank Negara Malaysia was in existence since 1957, the Government through its first two Ministers of Finance adopted the Policy of the British Colonial Currency Board whereby a country only spent what it earned. That was how the British controlled all her colonies. Before the dissolution of the Currency Board of Malaysia, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei in 1972,, the economy was slow until Bank Negara Malaysia fully functioned as a Central Bank from 1972 onwards as banker to the Government, issuer of the currency and safeguards it. In 1964, Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP cohorts argued vehemently against the dissolution of the Currency Board because they were against flagrant and frivolous wasteful spending. They were right on this score on the actions of the Government between 2004-2018. But before 13 May 1969, did the first two Ministers of Finance understand what they were doing ? Did the Malaysian Government understood the restrictive rules and regulations of the Colonial Currency Board ? There was a well-annotated example. It was reported the Minister of Finance wanted to take leave. When he heard that the Tunku would take charge of the Finance Portfolio, he cancelled his holiday. His belief was always frugal and tight fisted. Once, I remember going with this Minister of Finance and another Minister all the way to a Kuantan UMBO Youth Camp to berate those in charge for over-spending. In those days, we flew in a 10 seat De Haviland four engine propeller plane.. I could touch the tree tops when we flew over the Genting Pass. No flashy US$ 200 Million jet with king size beds then. That’s the difference between a Currency Board and a Central Bank.

  6. Who can surmise what are the ultimate intentions of the partners in the PH Government ?

    1. TDM. Bring the kleptocrats to face the music
    2. DSAI To be Prime Minister at any price.
    3. Sabahans, Secession in their hearts.
    4. DAP. Crypto-singaporeans, teachers, shopkeepers, new Christians, non-Hindus, etc are members. Used to shout’ Malaysia for Malaysians’. Thought they could use both Malay icons TDM and DSAI but could not match the former. A Party of convenience to opportunists. Did not know famous ancient saying, ‘You must have peace and harmony at home before you can fight and win in the streets.’ I was certainly surprised that the failed generals did not know the stratagems of ancient China even though they claimed to be crypto- chauvinists. No wonder they failed as failed generals. They are FAKES like present day Malaysia where free loaders, fakes, copy cats, playboys, plagiarists and charlatans are a dime a dozen.

  7. It is now 2020. It may be said then that he main purpose of my 1972 Concept to capture Sime Darby for the Malays to fast trek into Big Business and give the Chinese businesses a lee way to expand was to break the monopolistic strangle hold of the British who had 70% of the best Malaysian assets. This was successful and the Malays continued with the acquisition of the rest of the British Malaysian assets at market prices successfully. This move boosted the Malaysian economy right up to 1990 with the advent of Renong Berhad. The latter boosted the economy for another 8 years after which TDM retired in 2003. Between 2004-2018, the Malaysian economy was in sheer shambles with the rape of the Government coffers like the Rape of the Sabine Women of ancient Rome. The UN, the World Bank and the IMF reported that between 2002-2018, over RM 1.5 Trillion flowed overseas to benefit the host countries. Think ? The Malaysian Chinese never had this kind of money and so much of it too. Don’t blame the Malaysian Chinese for this and that.!

  8. Indeed, I never revealed any information about what I have done for the Malays and non-Malays until now 2020. Like I lent to UMNO Baru 9 million Renong Berhad shares to redeem the assets of old UMNO from the Official Assignee without security in 1990. There was no appreciation after this. This was immediately forgotten. I take this as part of Life’s occupational hazards as a trained professional. Like my family donation of our house to the Federal Government for Merdeka. The history that this house was built by a Malaysian Chinese was suppressed until I took steps to present the facts. That I was born in the house many years ago. Whilst others indulged in nit-picking, we Malaysian Chinese will do ourselves justice by just revealing all the facts. No more. No less.

  9. And how many Malaysians today realise what trigger off the 13 May 1969 riots ? Apart from the build-up of tensions and emotions dating from 1964 to the altercations just before 13 May 1969, the victory processions along the streets of Kuala Lumpur by the Opposition were both abusive and intimidating. I was there. But the final trigger was that the MCA Leader out of pique pulled MCA out of the Alliance at 2.30 p.m. on 13 May 1969. I was told to go home at this point. Instead of selling short, I rang up all my relatives who have since forgotten this deed. By 5 p.m., the riots started. By 10 p.m., the MCA was back in the Alliance fold. By then, many innocent lives were lost. From then on, with the information available to me, I was inspired to produce my 1972 Concept (with the support of the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his confidant YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, to capture Sime Darby for the Malays to fast trek into big business in keeping with the NEP. The Malaysian economy ran its full course from 1975 right up to 2003 with our beloved Malaysia in peace and harmony until after 2003, when the slogan. ‘Cash is King’ took over and all went into shambles.

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