The new normal is DAP’s irrelevance

So the MCO is being extended another two weeks. And after that, likely for a further fortnight, and then some.

The Perikatan gomen is visibly running the show while the Harapan government-in-waiting has been banished to a corner where they anxiously wait, twiddling their thumbs and counting off the calendar until parliament should resume its sitting.

Muhyiddin in his televised address to the nation just now reminded Malaysians to continue with the social distancing protocol. Ooopsy. This means that the DAP wannabes who are notorious for licking Mahathir’s toes will be required to keep their distance from PM-7.

Among the DAP polity in whose breast HOPE springs eternal, there still lingers anticipation for crumbs from the table should the opposition succeed in their ‘No Confidence’ vote against Muhyiddin’s premiership.

But the longer our coronavirus partial lockdown continues, the more irrelevant the DAP becomes.

If it were not for the abrupt pandemic, DAP would be leading street protests and running roadshows against what they call the “backdoor government”.

As it is, the government – the one that Harapan ideologues are labeling “illegitimate” – has confidently assumed emergency-like sweeping powers. Perikatan’s senior ministers council can put FRU on PJ roads to man roadblocks and even deploy soldiers to KL streets without Malaysians batting an eyelid.

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The present regime in Putrajaya is a self-assuredly Bumiputera-Muslim one. Among Muhyiddin’s 32 full cabinet ministers, there is only one Chinese from MCA and one Indian from MIC.

The majority of the public has accepted that the administration is able to function fine without ethnic proportional representation. Or another way of putting it: Despite the marginalization of Chinese (95 percent of whom did not vote Perikatan), the federal government is humming quite along nicely, thank you, the public health crisis notwithstanding.

All that the DAP former ministers can do now is throw shade … criticizing the Finance Ministry, mocking the Women’s Ministry, and their latest — questioning decisions made by the Transport Ministry.

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DAP bootlickers who owe Mahathir (feet-kissing fetish explained)

A silver lining behind the dark cloud of our current situation is the DAP’s relevance decreasing by the day. Weeks of MCO has proved that the country has no need of useless DAP noisemakers.

The wonderful sound of silence (all quiet from DAP’s Chinese lawmakers) is a national net gain albeit the YBs themselves personally incurring some loss of income.

Below is a brief description by Mahathir arch critic P. Gunasegaram on why some MPs remain loyal to a prime minister who has the power to dispense rewards and cascade benefits.

Quote: “The ministerial post comes with many privileges, including a purse which goes up by more than RM50,000 a month or RM600,000 a year in terms of additional salaries and allowances, including posh accommodation, cars, drivers and help. And then there is the opportunity to dispense patronage in the form of contracts, awards, publicity, introductions and so on, which can take the pay packet to much more than that …”

Bye Felicia. Don’t hold your breath waiting for DAP to make a comeback. And today is indeed a Good Friday.


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2 thoughts on “The new normal is DAP’s irrelevance

  1. Indeed, the DAP is as irrelevant as a dormouse in a cat-house after the failure of its generals to maintain Power whilst in Power. They never had it so good with 2 Malay icons in their pockets to manipulate, one for the short term, the other for the longer term. Lo and behold ! These generals were out-manoeuvred in battle when they tried to be too smart the Chinese way – to back two horses at once but one lesser than the other. They failed by being arrogant and stupid and lost big time- all which DAP had gain as a Trojan Horse of Lee Kuan Yew since 1966. The DAP ended up a complete failure and irrelevant to our Society by serving too many masters. DAP was supposed to be chauvinistic but proved to represent esoteric interests which are themselves. With TDM, the pic showed that these DAP fakes assumed that they could toy around with him. They forgot ? History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Ask our host, HA ! Who dares think TDM will go to bed with a bunch of DAP buffoons twice ? Once bitten, twice shy !

  2. For months before the 14th GE of 2018, I drew the attention of all in FMT, the vulgar Gerakan Blog, this Blog and TDM’s Blog that the DAP turned to grovelling on the ground and kissed the boots of TDM. Of course, I attracted swamps of DAP beans to attack me with all their vulgarity and abuse. My comments on this fetish has since been confirmed to be correct. Not only that, all sorts of personal interactions were applied on TDM by these swallows and ducks. At the end of the day, this childish practices with shades of Singaporean inspiration of the DAP amateurs lost out to the long standing principles of TDM. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth. The failed generals of DAP have already bungled 4 times from 1996 to 2020 . Who are going to believe them that they are competent and trustworthy to vote for them anymore ?

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