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Hahaha, MCA Youth Chief deleted her hot potato tweet

UPDATE: Nicole Wong has eaten the humble pie. As I suspected, she had mouthed off based on the liberals’ (SIS) say so without actually having viewed for herself Siti Zailah’s video.

When will the MCA people learn, and break away from the emptily buzzing hive mind of the 95 percent?

All DAP knows is to heckle and take cheap shots

Postscript: Please lah, young Chinese politicians like you (Nicole), stop jumping before you think on the DAP bandwagon.

MCA, you’re the five percent and you’re better than this! Don’t be like them.

Below is the screenshot.

I’m sorry to say this, but it is more fitting for Nicole Wong to turn her censorious eye on the “DAP Super Cyberbully” who was the previous Deputy Minister of KPWKM.

When will MCA grow a spine and stand up to DAP? 

Paraphrasing: “To be quiet towards DAP’s abusive behaviour? This is utterly unacceptable!”

Over the last decade and more, DAP has been bullying everybody while MCA stood by on the sidelines.

For your reference, Ms Wong.

Please refer your compatriot Jessica Lai to get more info.


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3 thoughts on “Hahaha, MCA Youth Chief deleted her hot potato tweet

  1. The MCA had always taken a back seat on confrontational issues. Why should they now mimic the failed tactics of the failed DAP ? MCA if they have any spine, should just behave like any other Malaysian Chinese who respects and comply with the revered Constitution as safeguarded by the DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultan. Be consistent or MCA will miss the wood for the trees like the stupid DAP failed generals.who stripped themselves of POWER and are now as naked as new born babes .without any place to hide.
    There is not a squeak from MCA about the stupidity of the DAP failed generals. This shows the competency and the intellect.

  2. even pretend to be dog last not more than half a day, if i am one of the 5%, i rather tell my vote is to umno, at least tak malu sangat.

  3. Dear Nicole. Do not become the foolish 95%. You are trained to be a leader, not a blind and foolish follower. Has not the 22 months of excruciating pain taught you enough?

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