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Why do the Hope mob feel they’re entitled to open season on Siti Zailah?

Nicole Wong set her gunsight on the Wanita PAS chief yesterday but ended up shooting her own self in the foot

The “drubbing” (see below) that the MCA Youth chief gave is one of a piece with the open season declared on Siti Zailah by the DAP Chinese cluster led by Hannah Yeoh. Certain Malay liberals also joined the pile-on, similarly considering Siti Zailah fair game to take their potshots at.

A couple of weeks earlier, the Harapan Twitter mob had succeeded in bullying Siti Zailah off the social media platform. Their success doubtless led them to feel that they can continue their bloodsport with impunity.

After all, Siti Zailah had already taken a hit and been left wounded and bleeding. She is now anytime vulnerable to them finishing her off — so the mob mentality goes. An unexpected (or perhaps not really) little twist to the Siti hunt-down is MCA Youth taking aim at the easy target.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s “tweet bodo” had instigated some of the mob to feel free to attack Siti Zailah

MCA downliners need a reality check

Nicole Wong had pronounced Siti Zailah unfit for her job as deputy minister holding the Women’s Ministry portfolio although the MCA Youth chief was made to backpedal in short order.

Nicole is firmly in the minority but seems unaware of her surroundings.

She should take a look at Siti Zailah’s colleagues in the Muhyiddin administration. There are altogether four (Siti Zailah, Mas Ermieyati, Hanifah Hajar & Mastura) women who are deputy ministers and five (Rina, Noraini, Zuraida, Halimah, Nancy) who are full ministers in the cabinet. All of them – like Siti Zailah – cover their hair.

All of our female cabinet members and deputy ministers are unlike Nicole who is tudung-free. Nicole too is unlike the DAP non-Muslim Yang Berhormats pictured below who have trained themselves to wear tudung.

Tudung wearers are the big majority here. Women who show their hair such as Nicole are the small minority … hey, even her DAP Chinese rivals are very keen to don the tudung. Siti Zailah who wears tudung labuh is a subset of the large tudung circle.

In her dressing, Siti Zailah appears all covered up. Conservative dressers and thinkers are here hugely in the majority. Women who tunjuk aurat such as Nicole are a tiny minority and those who are vocal, feisty feminists (like Siti Kasim) an even tinier number.

Attacks on Siti Zailah by liberals is the minority trying to impose their thinking and values on the majority whose way of life they find backward and inferior.

The thing is Hannah, Nicole and their ilk seem to forget that Malaysia is a deeply conservative Muslim country.





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2 thoughts on “Why do the Hope mob feel they’re entitled to open season on Siti Zailah?

  1. i think stupidity has nothing to do with conservative, could it be this siti zailah is very stupid?

  2. The biggest mistake the HOPE adherents made was to enter Malaysian Politics without studying the revered Constitution as safeguarded by the DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. These HOPELESS folks are barking up the wrong tree in their combined virtual belief of using the TAX FREE money now in their hands. Here is a good question for the relevant authorities. “IF MONEY WAS COLLECTED TAX FREE FOR RELIGIOUS PURPOSES, IS THIS MONEY TAXABLE WHEN USED FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES ? I am of the view that such tax free money is taxable because the official guide lines do not permit religious money to be used for political purposes !

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