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Attacking Adham: Dapsters want ‘heads they win, tails you lose’

The usual hypocrites want Malaysia’s Health Ministry to “remain neutral and apolitical”. But SNEAKY being their typical nature, the relentless bashing of Perikatan’s Health Minister – beginning even from his first week (more accurately 10th day) in office – has itself been politically driven.

If they really wanted the ministry to be neutral, then their response to the ministry’s performance should have started on a reciprocal neutral footing. But no. Their crucification of the minister Adham Baba has been predicated first and foremost on his being an Umno man because the reaction to his “drink warm water” advice was, frankly, an overkill.

The treatment by BN voters of Dr Adham’s predecessor Dzulkefly Ahmad PhD was an example of apolitical restraint. The treatment by Harapan people of Dr Adham, on the contrary, is the ongoing exemplar of the opposition’s cancel culture. Kalau buat pasti tak betul, kalau tak buat salah juga — the demented No Hopers just refuse to give Dr Adham a single good day.

This is ironic because our Health Ministry, especially now during a pandemic, should indeed be cut some slack and not deliberately dragged by the despicable Harapan power play.

A politically tinged entry was reportedly uploaded on the ministry’s Facebook page last night but only visible briefly before it was taken down following complaints.

Above is a screen capture of the post.

The Health Ministry Facebook reproduces a show of support from ‘Friends of Adham Baba’ and its FB administrators are accused of being biased (not neutral) and injecting politics into the equation.

Perikatan ministry social media, especially is Women’s Ministry, are heckled incessantly by the Harapan mob. 

Opponents of the government want to be able to attack the administration with no holds barred. But when the ministers’ social media crew defend their bosses, they’re disingenuously pressed to “remain neutral and apolitical”.

What the Harapan keyboard warriors expect is absolute freedom to sucker punch the cabinet members and hit them below the belt. At the same time though, they try to prevent any pushback by tying behind the back the hands of Muhyiddin’s men … and women like Rina Harun and Siti Zailah.

Not only do the Harapan avatars come to a boxing match armed with knuckledusters, they rig the game by demanding that their political rivals first be bound and gagged when inside the ring.


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6 thoughts on “Attacking Adham: Dapsters want ‘heads they win, tails you lose’

  1. Leadership is about visibility and saying a right things good or bad. As a leadership at MOH, Dr Adham should be there making the statement daily. With no disprespect to DG but he is not a leadership of MOH.

  2. i dun really see any diff btw ph or pn supporters wrt apoliticaal or partisanship, personally i think this health minister is useless, n siti zailah is stupid, the same description i used on lge n teresa.

  3. HY you are right in your comment because in our beloved Malaysia today free-loaders, fakes, copy-cats, playboys, plagiarists and charlatans are a dime a dozen. This used to be in The Philippines. What have the failed DAP members got to say when China’s CGTN announced that Noor Hisham, D-G of the Ministry of Health is one of the World’s top doctors for dealing with the COVID 19 virus ? It is refreshing to note that he maybe added to the list of only 4 Malay elite left after 3 generations, BMF, Renong and 1MDB from self-indulgence and self-immolation., being TDM, Tun Dr Daim, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and Dato Sri Sharil Redza Ridzuan. And now, Dato Noor Hisham. Hang your heads in shame all you failed DAP generals and followers.- In Power lose POWER. Without thousands of Malay elite, the non-Malay elite cannot progress or develop according to our revered Constitution

  4. What is POWER ? This is an age old ambition for those without POWER. But in recent times, we have 4 types of POWER as we could cull from the dusty pages of history which is the Finest Arbiter of the Truth.

    1. A person has the POWER but did not use it to enhance his POWER. Example. Many years ago, I glimpsed a drawer full of income tax evasion reports in the office of one Minister of Finance. All the recalcitrant were afraid of him because he was honest and did not use his POWER. They paid up promptly. For the curious, I knew 5 Ministers of Finance.

    2. A person has the POWER but only used it judiciously. This is the normal use of POWER.

    3. A person has the POWER and threatened or used it all the time and at every opportunity. President Trump is the prime example of not understanding the power of POWER. Now, he is in trouble by trying to use his POWER on the COVID 19 virus and blaming the W.H.O. for his own mistakes.

    4. A person has the POWER and wants more POWER. But by over-reaching, this created an opportunity for others to grab POWER from them and kicked out the whole lot. Guess who were so stupid and called themselves clever chinamen !

  5. They are judging whose advice; Dr. Adham’s or Dr. Boon Chye’s; that is more sound or ludicrous.
    Now they realize the latter is ludicrous and they just cannot accept the truth.

  6. Fortunately dr nor hisham abdullah appointed by then BN government. If not PH would be running away with it as if it’s their success.

    And funnily their silent about the DG approving Heineken

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