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Elon Musk smacks down CNN fake news about ventilators

The Tesla boss hammers another nail into dying CNN’s coffin.

CNN lied yesterday that Musks’ 1,000 ventilators failed to be delivered to California. In response, Elon Musk showed the receipts.

But instead of retracting and quickly apologizing, CNN chose to double down.

With his 33,100,100 Twitter followers globally, Musk personally has a wider audience reach than CNN whose viewership is only 1,800,000 and fast dwindling.

CNN is a lying broadcaster that used to have a captive audience in airport lounges as well as provided background noise in gyms. That was once upon a time. Well now no more, given the drastic reduction in air traffic coupled with slowdown of ads in all media across the board.

In January this year, CNN agreed to pay an undisclosed amount (rumored to be US$25 million) to Nicholas Sandmann to settle a lawsuit filed by the Covington Catholic high school student — obviously a tacit admission of guilt because the disreputable cable network had indeed defamed the MAGA-hat wearing teenager.

“What I find most surprising is that CNN still exists,” as Elon Musk had tweeted.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, CNN was already laying off its reporters. Post Covid-19, the world mediascape would do well to be disinfected of CNN (and the New York Times too).


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6 thoughts on “Elon Musk smacks down CNN fake news about ventilators

  1. All news stations occasionally fob the truth. Including Fox. Including NBC. Including Elon Musk (Thailand cave for example)–he doesn’t have a news station but his twitter account sure acts like one.

    I like Amanpour. I like Fareed. I like Smerconish. They’re with CNN.

    So, give CNN a break. You don’t have to trash them just because they don’t like Trump (I know you love him and that’s okay). But if you’re against all these lies, you should also trash Fox because it is filled with despicable hardcore lying right-winger reporters who can’t tell the truth.


    1. CNN’s Ms Christiane suffers from severe TDS: ‘Amanpour Calls For Media Jihad Against Trump‘

      Fareed Zakaria blames Trump disproportionately for Amerika’s shortcomings in the handling of the pandemic. In reality, the Dem leaders are more culpable like New York’s de Blasio and Cuomo, and California’s “Let them eat ice cream (cake)”-Pelosi. This debate (CLICK) is worth watching or rewatching again if you had caught it the first time around — let’s check which of the two predicted the future more accurately.

      Fox’s opinionated hosts may be staunch right wingers (well yes, they are) but they’re not deliberate liars — which is not to say they’ve not got some things wrong such as downplaying the corona threat (poor judgment not tantamount to lying). The Fox exception Tucker Carlson however got it right since February.

      At CNN, their biggest stars like the Younger Cuomo and Acosta are melting down.

      1. My YouTube embed above links to the 2017 Munk debate between Fareed Zakaria and historian Niall Ferguson. They examined “whether the liberal globalization that has shaped post-WWII international alignments can survive an era of rising nationalism, protectionism, and populism”.

        “Ferguson argues that the liberal order is over because it was neither liberal nor orderly. The primary beneficiary of this order, he notes, has been decidedly illiberal China. Moreover, globalization has primarily benefited elites at the top of the knowledge economy while leaving many workers behind. Zakaria counters …” — excerpted from

  2. The CNN is a US Democrats outfit. The US Democrats are buddies of Lee Kuan Yew since 1962. A couple of Singaporean swallows have been inserted into CNN – Kartika Schubert, CNBC – Christine Lim. Bloomberg – a Singaporean Malay woman – Fauziah ?

  3. As I have been saying, Malaysia now has many free loaders, copy cats, fakes, plagiarists and charlatans, I draw your attention to an article ‘ New Socio-economic Model for Malaysia ‘ which appeared in the weekend publications of The Star. The title was lifted from the many such proposals which I presented in over the months of March and April 2020. What hope does Malaysia have if the country just kept on producing copy cats instead of elite who practice professionalism ?

  4. May I remind the readers here that Malaysia today is full of free loaders, fakes, copy cats, play boys, plagiarists and charlatans like The Philippines of 30 years ago. These are the products of the universities all over. The hundreds of NGOs is also part of this scenario where the gift of the GAB is the only capital required.

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