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Xi N N

Senator Ted Cruz says the alphabet soup networks CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC are too “terrified” to explore the most relevant question (which they really should if they were credible broadcasters), all for fear of losing their lucrative China revenue stream.

Two days ago, Fox News anchor Bret Baier reported that the origin of the novel coronavirus could be an accidental release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus is however not suspected to be an engineered bioweapon but one having its initial transmission from bat to human.

American diplomatic cables reveal that science officials, who were sent on repeated visits to the facility, had in 2018 warned Washington about inadequate safety at the lab.

Sen. Cruz says the pivotal question to ask is whether the Chinese government had in fact been studying the ‘2019’-virus at the Wuhan lab.

The Republican lawmaker, who sits on the Senate committee on science, raises his query in light of several recent investigative journalism specials – apart from the Fox exclusive – which are being spread widely through the Internet speculating that Patient Zero was a Chinese researcher there.

The relevant part of Cruz’s discussion starts at minute 13 below.


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  1. Didn’t Ismail Sabri say that those caught flouting the law will be arrested and taken to court. Why must the Minister be given preferential treatment. Does PN believe that their MPs are special beings and entitled people? We have been following the law for the good of all Malaysians. But this Minister and PAS EXCO think they have the right to not only disobey the law but put the lives of Malaysians at risk. This is ridiculous. If PN mPs cannot follow the law then why should the MCO be enforced as the risk of infections is already being created by these PN members. At this rate there will be no end to the MCO

  2. Malaysia was stated in the Wuhan Coverup as one of the covid-19 research fund recipient countries. Our virologists must know better about it. Wonder if Dr Hisham knows it too. Some journalists should ask.

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