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DAP’s declaration of war

So DAP is hellbent on finding fault and nitpicking to death the political career of the Health Minister.

Below is yet another cheap shot from DAP’s evangelical warlord in Perak, James Ngeh Koo Ham.

Compare the infamous video where the then President Obama let slip that there are supposedly 58 states (not!) in the USA.

Listen to him in the clip below saying he had already covered “57 states” in his campaign, with one last state on the continent (discounting Hawaii) left to visit before completing the nationwide tour.

Obama’s country has only 50 states lah. His momentary mistake just shows that everybody, including the world’s highest office holders, makes an occasional gaffe.

Umno is more laidback and willing to cut even their political opponent some slack. Not so the kiasu DAP who will never let anything slide, even the most inconsequential misspeaking.

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Supporters of Umno and BN have a tendency to bersangka baik in contrast to the DAP that imputes bad faith everywhere and frames everything in the worst possible light if not resorting to outright smears.

If this is the way DAP wants to play politics, they should be repaid in kind. Bertemulah buku dengan ruas.


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