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Seek & Destroy: DAP’s endless attacks on Health Minister

Not even a pandemic can deter DAP from the only thing they know to do — politicking to the max.

‘Kit Siang believes Noor Hisham would make a better health minister’ is the Malaysiakini headline (below) about the evangelical party’s totem pitting the Health Ministry DG against his minister.

Dr Adham Baba, together with Rina Harun, are two members of Muhyiddin’s administration who have a target placed on their back by the opposition.

Mocking the Umno cabinet member as “Menteri Air Suam”, Kit Siang is quick to pour cold water on what he calls Dr Adham’s “unbelievable explanation” about misspeaking.

What is so difficult to believe that someone can have a slip of the tongue? We’ve all done it before.

For example, I recently misspoke that DAP has 38 MPs when the party has 42. The ‘38’ wrong number I had in my mind when I made the gaffe hearkens back to the DAP’s previous general election result in 2013.

I’m certainly aware that DAP bettered themselves in GE14 but I simply ‘misspoke’ for one moment. Likewise I’m sure Dr Adham knows the world does not have 500 countries. He has already explained that he meant the 500 participants in a World Health Organisation (WHO) video conference call.

But Kit Siang is not satisfied with Dr Adham’s explanation.

He issued a media statement yesterday with the following rejoinder: “This seems to be quite a whopper, for a meeting with 500 participants will ‘go against one of the most important rules of Covid-19 era — social distancing’.”

Hullo! Kit Siang tak reti nak baca ke? Our Health Minister said the 500 were connecting globally via tele-conferencing. It was not that hundreds of VIPs were gathered in the same room.

If anything, it is Kit Siang’s own party MPs (Kelvin Yii, Hannah Yeoh & Gang) who went against “one of the most important rules of Covid-19 era — social distancing” by sucking up close and personal with Mahathir.

Hannah Yeoh pawing Mahathir’s chair

The DAP delegation – wefie above – could have infected the nonagenarian as one of the MPs had been positive for the novel coronavirus, prompting Mahathir to take the precaution of testing and self imposing a fortnight’s quarantine.

Furthermore, the DAP bootlickers went to kiss Mahathir’s toes on March 12 when only one day earlier (March 11), WHO had sounded its official global “pandemic” alarm. Kit Siang is the pot calling the kettle black to be bringing up the “whopper” of social distancing.

Not too long ago, Hannah Yeoh questioned the fitness of PAS Muslimat chief Siti Zailah to fill her shoes in the Women’s Ministry. Now Kit Siang is brazenly challenging Dr Adham to resign as Health Minister.

DAP is clearly adopting a scorched earth policy like a pyromaniac playing with matches.


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4 thoughts on “Seek & Destroy: DAP’s endless attacks on Health Minister

  1. DAP thrives on mocking, insulting, denigrating, offending, abusing, and bullying their opponents.

    They make everybody believe they are the smartest, the brightest, and the fairest of them all.

    They persuaded simple-minded Malaysians into believing they were the Peter Pan of politics and they would lead them into the glory land. The success of GE13 that culminated in the rapturous glory of GE14.

    What happened then?

    In 18 months they were defrocked. All there was to see in those sordid 18 months was abject incompetence and the embarrassing kissing of the feet of their once-dreaded enemy, Tun M, whispering into his ears; “You’re our Lord.”

    Theresa Kok’s one spoonful of palm oil makes my skin glow; Teoh Nii Ching’s verbal diarrhoea of stupidity; the celebrity-wannabe Minister of Science; the invisible man Anthony Loke (only appears when there’s good stuff); LGE who can’t count – the list just goes on.

    They can’t lead the nation not even with their Lord in power.

    And today they are back to doing what they do best: mock, insult, denigrate, abuse, offend, and bully.

    Can they once again make Malaysians believe in the story of Peter Pan?


    1. Gene, you know what, I don’t disagree with everything you just wrote.. but the democratic discourse would be to vote them out, not replace them via a coup

  2. DAP has turned out to be the biggest joke in Malaysian Political history because their generals failed to win with 2 Malay icons to manipulate in their hands – one short term, the other longer. What would their PAP peers think of these failures who were invited to speak at the PAP forums ? Did’nt know how to suck eggs ?

  3. How can a bunch of fellows from the DAP who claimed to be smart and meritocratic failed in the seat of Power ? It is unbelievable that such a thing had happened to these clever Chinese who had Power in their hands. Are they serious to give full support to their best friend to be the Prime Minister ? Or just toying with him like with TDM and learnt to their cost ? All I can say is that these clever DAPs proved to be amateurs. Without a rallying point, how is the DAP going to sustain their undeserved status with the Chinese who sustained them which was like feeding a flock of sheep in a pen.. And those rich bucks who threw pearls before the swine ? How would they feel dealing with DAP folks who not only could not deliver but connived to get themselves out of Power whilst in Power. They called themselves clever Chinese as well. ‘Made in Malaysia Chinese’ fits them.

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