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Cats’ reaction to the bullying of Health Minister

DAP and Dapsters are still doing their dirty dog pile on Health Minister Dr Adham Baba today.

Never mind, the cats will stick up for him.

My angry cats ready to have DAP for lunch, and Dapsters for dessert (below).


& his buddy want their chihuahua served medium rare with lots of mayo.

Simba doesn’t appear in this photo shoot because he’s too wussy to death stare.

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2 thoughts on “Cats’ reaction to the bullying of Health Minister

  1. Politics is about getting attention. Retain it and then convert it.

    DAPsters understand the game–they played 95% of Chinese like suckers in 2014 and 2018.

    Can they repeat it in GE15?


    1. You mean 2013?

      Everybody makes a little slip now and again.

      They just want to attack the government but they way they’re undermining the Health Minister at this critical juncture is too much.

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