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If Kim Jong Un were a Malaysian …

… the Dapsters would be busy licking his toes too. Dictators seem to inspire excessive devotion.

Every step he takes, every move he makes, Kim Jong Un’s retinue are busy taking notes — see photo gallery below. Continue reading “If Kim Jong Un were a Malaysian …”

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GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?

Umno deputy president Mat Hasan yesterday lobbed a hand grenade when he made it clear that his party intends to recover their Big Brother standing in Team A who are the incumbents and present ruling government.

Where does Umno’s now openly stated intention leave Pribumi? As it is, Pribumi chairman Mahathir has signaled that he will be sitting on the opposition bench when parliament resumes sitting on May 18 — see news report below. Continue reading “GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?”