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GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?

Umno deputy president Mat Hasan yesterday lobbed a hand grenade when he made it clear that his party intends to recover their Big Brother standing in Team A who are the incumbents and present ruling government.

Where does Umno’s now openly stated intention leave Pribumi? As it is, Pribumi chairman Mahathir has signaled that he will be sitting on the opposition bench when parliament resumes sitting on May 18 — see news report below.

Meanwhile Pribumi president Muhyiddin as the prime minister will be heading the government front bench.


  • Malay party = Umno
  • Muslim party = PAS
  • Other races parties = MCA, MIC & PBRS
  • Sarawak parties = GPS


  • Malay party = ?
  • Multiracial parties = DAP, PKR
  • Muslim party = Amanah
  • Sabah party = Warisan

Pribumi is split in two and their numbers are stronger on paper than among the grassroots.

DAP is currently the biggest party in parliament — see pie chart above. Its huge size is thanks to the 95 percent electoral muscle of Chinese voters but by maxing out their support however, they have no more political cache left.

Doubtless DAP supporters are fantasizing to make a return to Putrajaya. This will not happen as the Perpaduan Ummah deal is already signed, sealed and delivered.

Moreover the Chinese voters have already taken their one shot at power where DAP failed to make good Harapan’s manifesto promise on recognizing the UEC nor restoring justice to the families of Teoh Beng Hock and Pastor Raymond Koh.

Instead, the DAP’s 22 months in the federal government were spent sucking up to Mahathir in return for the party evangelical leaders and apparatchiks being thrown crumbs from the table.

BELOW: What do we call the relationship between DAP and Mahathir?

The relationship between Chinese voters and their Old Horse

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies” is the famous quote attributed to Nelson Mandela.

The resentment of DAP supporters is showing in their irrational hatred for the Health Minister. Dr Adham Baba as a medical doctor is after all qualified for the job … but Dapsters don’t think so.

While it is to be expected that certain ministers with political baggage – such as Hadi Awang, Rina Harun and Wee Ka Siong – will draw flak from Dapsters due to their position as party chiefs, Dr Adham on the other hand is not even an Umno supreme council member.

Furthermore, Adham does not have cases pending in court or any corruption charges hanging over his head. His detractors detest him simply because he is from Umno and yeah, he misspoke a couple of times.

Cina MCA have Mat Hasan who is upfront and committed to BN. In contrast, Cina DAP have Anwar and Mahathir who pusing sampai pening doing the tango.

For their part, the Malay-Muslim parties PAS and Umno, the majority of Pribumi and a quarter of PKR plus the native Sarawakians have utterly rejected DAP.

Team B can only win GE15 if they can siphon away enough Malay votes and in order to do that, they need Pribumi — which explains why DAP had earlier crawled on their hands and knees begging Mahathir to “please come back” (see FMT above) and resume his premiership.

If the general election is held in May 2023, Mahathir will be 98 years old by then. “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies”. Many Dapsters resent Mahathir but paradoxically, they need the Old Horse alive to ride on. In any event, Mahathir has the gift of longevity in spades.

It is the Chinese steeped in the DAP’s politics of hate who will have their lives dramatically shortened from aneurysm — bursting blood vessels in frustration and pent-up rage hating on members of Muhyiddin’s cabinet. Best of all, they still need to beg and plead and kiss Mahathir’s feet.


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  1. to label the health minister as useless cum stupid is perfectly rational, no one call the fm useless or stupid yet bec he did nothing to deserve such tagging until now.

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