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If Kim Jong Un were a Malaysian …

… the Dapsters would be busy licking his toes too. Dictators seem to inspire excessive devotion.

Every step he takes, every move he makes, Kim Jong Un’s retinue are busy taking notes — see photo gallery below. (Collecting material for Pengajian Minda dan Kepimpinan Kim, a course to be taught at the Yayasan named after him.)

If anything happened to North Korea’s dear leader, these fellas who are always sucking up close and personal still wouldn’t know how to stop.

kim-jong notes 1

kim-jong notes 7

kim-jong notes 6

kim-jong notes 11

kim-jong notes 5

kim-jong notes 10

Aaah, look at the beautiful Twin Towers that I built …

kim-jong notes 13

kim-jong notes 17

kim-jong notes 14

kim-jong notes 4

Politics is their dynastic family business

Boboi, Son of Dictator: Three generations of Lims, err, I mean Kims
Like Kim, our Lims too have a Red Bean Army

BELOW: The missing Kim Jong Un spotted in Seputeh?!

Updated April 28, 8am


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