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People are stressed but these Bangsar M’sians are whining ’me-me-me’

I’d rather watch my cats at home shed their fur strand by strand than go to a show by the Instant Cafe Theatre Company.

This acting troupe – who cater to the cafe latte “theatre” audience – are whinging that the gomen (in the form of Minister Nancy Shukri) is not extending “help” (in the form of “stimulus package”) to their kind of high falutin’ performing arts — refer the ICT’s whiny little-poor-me tweets below.

These privileged arty farty types are locked in their own ‘Bangsar’ bubble and virtue signaling “absolutely nothing of value” (to borrow their own words) to Twitterjaya.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “People are stressed but these Bangsar M’sians are whining ’me-me-me’

  1. There are more important issues like ensuring that no one in the B40 group goes hungry ( a theoretical impossibilty I concede but until all avenues are exhausted in striving for this, funds should not be diverted for less important issues ). People in the B40 group can starve from the lack of money which translates into lack of food. The people mentioned in the above article aren’t likely to.

  2. There is a word to describe the actors in Instant Cafe Theatre: self-aggrandizement (inflated self-importance). I wouldn’t pay too much attention to these pretentious flock of magpies.

    On the other hand, I do feel for the musicians and artistes in creative fields but to identify just them for assistance is reckless. Helping the B40 group, for example, which helps all in a broader category is more sensible. I would like the government to look into helping the next level-up of citizens who are badly affected too.


  3. ok la, even virgin airline boss, who own a island seek govt bailout , while my classmates n friends in smi driving merc bm everyday complain no help from govt.

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