Making case for Guan Eng to be Opposition Leader

Laughing at the DAP sheeple, haw haw haw

Wong Chin Huat the “Electoral System Expert” today asked, ‘Who should be the next parliamentary opposition leader?’

Answer: LIM GUAN ENG lah, who else. Don’t need any uncommon expertise in order to tell Chin Huat something so simple.

The DAP sec-gen leads the biggest party what — see Malaysia’s parliament seats distribution below.

In his Malaysiakini article, Chin Huat wrote: “Mahathir or Anwar, whoever becomes the parliamentary opposition leader must lead with a real shadow cabinet“.

By this he presumes the opposition leader would have to be either Mahathir or Anwar.

But why need it be Mahathir who only heads a small bloc comprising four other party MPs and himself? Compare DAP with a whopping 42 MPs.

And why should it be Anwar either? After all, the DAP’s slogan promises their voters an egalitarian ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ where “Each Malaysian deserves the best that this nation can offer” (quoting verbatim the promise of Buku Harapan).

Or in other words, the Principle of Meritocracy as well as “the principle of fraternity of all mankind” (again quoting verbatim from Buku Harapan) will be practised in Malaysia Baru.

Baaa, baaa … DAP flock led by the nose by the evangelical party’s shepherds

Chinese herd mentality immune to critical thinking 

In the GE14 manifesto, Pakatan Rakyat Harapan proclaimed they were “committed to ensure equality for the people”.

But DAP supporters can see that their party even with its 42 MPs is still less equal to Pribumi Team B with its mere five MPs in terms of nominating a candidate to front the opposition bench.

DAP & Gang had also assured voters that if they ‘Ubah’ to Harapan, the coalition would “endeavour to uphold the aspirations of the majority”. With 42 MPs, it is DAP that holds a relative majority of parliamentarians in Dewan Rakyat. Azmin’s departure from PKR had left Anwar’s party with only 40 MPs — now smaller than DAP.

So why is it taken for granted that Anwar should naturally be the opposition leader when parliament resumes sitting on May 18? Does it say anywhere that the opposition leader must be Malay?

On the contrary, it is stated explicitly in Buku Harapan PRU14 that DAP & Gang are committed to “eliminating racial discrimination”. So based on merit, the most qualified person – be he or she Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban or Kadazan – can be opposition leader. Is Harapan about the spirit of brotherhood among Malaysia’s diverse ethnics or about kowtowing to Big Brother?

Voters in 2018 chose frontdoor govt b’cos support their manifesto

When campaigning the general election in Penang (above) Guan Eng speaking in Hokkien and Mandarin told his mega rally Rocket crowd that if they succeeded in toppling the wicked BN, they would no longer be “second class citizens”.

Kick out BN and Malaysians regardless of race would all be treated equally as “first class citizens”, the DAP promised. Now with BN out of power, why is the DAP Big Chief failing to exert equal opportunity for himself and rightfully claiming the mantle of opposition leader based on DAP having the most MPs?

The biggest party in parliament, yet reduced to being chihuahuas. Not only that but as “running dogs” of Mahathir. Wow. The 95 percent Chinese electorate sure knew to “vote wisely”. Haw haw haw!


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3 thoughts on “Making case for Guan Eng to be Opposition Leader

  1. Very logical proposal cum reminder to expose the truest intentions of Dap deep seated hatred anti anything everything except bangsa / sheeple to Dap only i.e. Lim Dynasty.

  2. The 95% Chinese electorate choose to ignore a basic universal rule……….when you are part of an immigrant minority community common sense dictates that you should adapt & work with the native majority populace…….not attempt to usurp it. No native majority populace would tolerate it. Do you think that the Mat Salleh in Australia, UK, USA would accommodate the same demands that you make of the Malays in Malaysia…….if you honestly think that then you’re a bloody fool! That’s why this country is called “ MALAYSIA “ & not Cinasia……..the national language “ BAHASA MELAYU “ & not Mandarin……..the national religion “ ISLAM “ & not Buddhism or Christianity! If you cannot accept that you should emmigrate elsewhere & leave the remaining 5% Chinese electorate to happily live their lives in Malaysia. Let’s see if the Mat Salleh will accommodate any of your same demands…….good luck to that! The alternative could be “ BALIK CINA “………ie Wuhan perhaps? The only exception to that universal rule is Singapore which isn’t going to happen in Malaysia as for that to happen you’ll need to outbreed the Malays & import mainland Chinese by the millions……..elephants will fly first before any of that happens. So suck it in & discard your delusions of grandeur & accept reality for what it is. You might call youself second class but it’s a very comfortable second class compared to elsewhere!

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