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Are they hoping to run the ‘Help Rohingya’ NGOs?!

Qatar alone had agreed to donate US$50 million (RM218 million) for the Rohingya in Malaysia. That’s just one country. There must be more donations from other oil-rich countries too as well as hard cash courtesy of charitable Muslim sources — in short, big $$$ floating around in our ether earmarked for the Rohingya here.

Yesterday Zahid Hamidi asked where did all the money go.

Today Wan Azizah answered Zahid’s question, saying the money went direct to and through NGOs.

The abundance of NGOs set up for Rohingya in Malaysia, when contrasted to the scarcity of NGOs for Orang Asli, is a different order of magnitude (greater in number).

On a separate matter, there is also Godwin’s Law operating in relation to the Rohingya here. The term’s dictionary definition is as follows:

Godwin’s Law is the proposition that the longer an internet argument goes on, the higher the probability becomes that something or someone will be compared to Adolf Hitler.”

And bingo! Critics of the Rohingya influx into Malaysia are, predictably enough, Godwin-ed by Chinese virtue signallers who seemingly compare them to the German commandants of Holocaust concentration camps.

BELOW: … is what I imagine a Virtue Signaller to look like; only in our local context, this virtuous individual would be a born again Christian and likely residing in Subang Jaya (the evangelist capital of Malaysia)

Throwing labels of “racist”, “Hitler”, “Israelis”, everything & the kitchen sink

The virtual invocation of Godwin’s Law quoted below saw print yesterday in Malaysiakini.

‘Liberasi’ activist-cum-morality police Michelle Liu wrote:

“It scares me to think that there are Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs but at least I know for certain that these people are outright racists. The scarier ones are those who do not hold such a belief but are willing to go to the extent of likening Rohingyas to dogs just to express their opposition. Persons of this category are willing to sidestep their sense of morality in order to push forward certain agendas.

“Either way dehumanisation is never a good thing. In fact, it is often a precursor to escalated violence and hostility against vulnerable minorities: Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews as rats. During the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus have called the Tutsis ‘cockroaches’. The Palestinians were also not spared from being referred to as animals by the Israelis. It follows that such ‘animals’ and ‘vermins’ ought to be exterminated.”

It is Michelle Liu above who is the “S-C-A-R-Y” one … scarily over the top with her fearful alarmism about “ ‘vermins’ [that] ought to be exterminated”.

She described the objectionable ‘Dog’ meme – circulated online and ostensibly about Rohingya abusing Malaysian hospitality – as depicting the following storyboard: “The human, who had been sleeping on his bed, ended up sleeping on the floor because the dog had climbed onto and gradually took up all the space on the bed“.

From Michelle’s description, it merely sounds like a variation of the parable of the camel displacing the Arab from his tent.

“Rohingyas are human too” — in case you were unaware

Cringe …

How did a little cartoon of a dog dislodging a human from his bed end up in Michelle’s mind being interpreted as an extermination agenda akin to Hitler-Jews-Rats and Rwanda-Tutsis-Cockroaches.

Michelle declared that the current rhetoric about Rohingya “set off so many alarms in [her] head”. She further supposed “it is not hard to believe that Rohingyas are dirty and diseased if we have little to no contact with them”.

Unlike ignorant critics of the Rohingya who “have little to no contact with them”, Michelle speaks like she herself has had much contact with them. Hmm, it does make me wonder if she is one of the NGO people.

Lecturing the “racists”, Michelle reminded everybody: “Most importantly, don’t forget that Rohingyas are humans too”.

I‘m curious how many Malaysians it is Michelle actually met that regarded Rohingya as not human but belonging to the canine species. What kind of social circle do these virtue signallers move in?! (Don’t bother to answer; I can already guess.)


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4 thoughts on “Are they hoping to run the ‘Help Rohingya’ NGOs?!

  1. i never meet even one rohingya,or maybe did but dun know, however from a humanitarian pov, i think our govt shd help them,shelter, food, or citizenship is fine if this is what they need to survive. i rarely support umno n pas but in this case, full solidarity from me anytime.

  2. Hi HY, please spend some of your valuable time reading about Rohingya issue back in 2013 and now. You can google, but that might take longer. If you didn’t say you are not umno or pas supporter, i would recommend that you read recent posts by Najib in his FB. Here, just paste this in your Google search engine “ rohingya”

  3. The issue of the Rohingya refugees became the headlines in Malaysia due to the enhanced lock down in Selayang Area and also the Navy’s interception of Rohingyas illegally trying to enter Malaysia.

    Many including UNHCR, NGOs and some first world countries wasted time to condemn the Malaysian government and called on Malaysia to quickly allow these boats carrying these Rohingya refugees to embark in Malaysia.

    There is no denying the magnitude of the crisis.

    However it is also interesting how little publicity or reports made on why in the forst place these Rohingyas were forced out from their villages and why the Myanmar military have continued with their operations on them. Why there is a great distrust of these Rohingyas within the people of Myanmar especially in the Rakhine State? Did they did something wrong to alienate their fellow countrymen?

    I am sure that there is more to this than just some oppressed minority being hunted down by a mighty, ruthless military and the whole world is now duty bound to help these refugees. This is where we need to dig in further and understand so that a win-win situation can be found.

    Maintaining them as refugees will not help them – one day these people need to leave the host country and in some cases like in Malaysia, that may happen soon.

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