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Rohingya: Malaysiakini dare not “speak truth to power”, haw haw haw

“Those who want the Rohingyas out need not be called ‘fascists’. Those who want them to stay are not angelic humanists either.” — Dr Azly Rahman

Dr Azly is a Malay academic based in New York. What he had the spine (from his freedom base in the USA) to say out loud are some hard truths that the spineless posturing “news that matter” portal probably prefers to shy away from. Continue reading “Rohingya: Malaysiakini dare not “speak truth to power”, haw haw haw”

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DAP’s sickening virtue signaling on Rohingya

“The Internet does not forget” despite DAP’s best efforts to shunt down the proverbial memory hole their earlier hypocrisies.

The evangelical party’s split personality is being called out by our former premier who provides the relevant Rohingya timeline below. Continue reading “DAP’s sickening virtue signaling on Rohingya”