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Rohingya: Malaysiakini dare not “speak truth to power”, haw haw haw

“Those who want the Rohingyas out need not be called ‘fascists’. Those who want them to stay are not angelic humanists either.” — Dr Azly Rahman

Dr Azly is a Malay academic based in New York. What he had the spine (from his freedom base in the USA) to say out loud are some hard truths that the spineless posturing “news that matter” portal probably prefers to shy away from.

Malaysiakini’s own preference is evidently for the most cliched type of saccharine storytelling – ‘A Rohingya-Malaysian love story’ – recently penned by their English theatre activist Fa Abdul.

Anyway, the upshot: The column Dr Azly wrote on Rohingya has been removed pronto from Malaysiakini at the time I’m writing this. It was up less than 24 hours and now the article is no longer accessible. Its original url link leads to an Error 404 message.

Well, Malaysiakini may have disappeared the spicy column but as Najib remarked (also on the Rohingya debate), “The Internet does not forget”. Check out Najib’s complaint about the DAP’s schizophrenic virtue signaling on Rohingya, HERE.

Dr Azly’s musings can still be read in his personal Facebook.

Among other things, he had suggested wouldn’t it be great if members of DAP along with those of PAS and Suaram as well as the “concerned citizens” (I call them ‘virtue signalers’) were to “open their homes to adopt Rohingya families to showcase what can work”.

Dr Azly pointed out moreover that the Rohingya “were booted out of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia” and wondered if that – i.e. being “despised anywhere they go” – had anything at all to do with the community’s demands now seen here in Malaysia and the reaction to their demands by our locals.

Full paragraph wrapping around the Dr Azly quote that opened this page: “Those who want the Rohingyas out need not be called ‘fascists’. Those who want them to stay are not angelic humanists either. Having an opinion need not put people in the Either-Or mode of confrontation: If you’re for the Rohingyas staying you’re a ‘humanist’. If you want them to be settled elsewhere, you are a ‘fascist’. That’s an argument for simpletons.“

Note that Malaysiakini was willing to allow Michelle Liu — read HERE — to make a “simpleton argument” degenerating to Godwin’s Law by comparing criticisms of the Rohingya influx to “Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews as rats“ (Michelle’s words), and “It follows that such ‘animals’ and ‘vermins’ ought to be exterminated” (also Michelle’s words) in the context of a dog-displacing-man-from-bed meme allegedly targeting Rohingya. (I say ‘alleged’ as I myself have not seen this purported cartoon.)

So much for the chest-thumping jellyfishes who so love to boast that they “speak truth to power”. The level of self-censoring spine at Malaysiakini is Fa Abdul and her feel-good fables.


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6 thoughts on “Rohingya: Malaysiakini dare not “speak truth to power”, haw haw haw

  1. humanitarian mean open our home? what sort of dr is this? when most western country take in refugee, did they ask their people to open their home? take a walk along jln tar n bb, malay chinese india is likely the minority, how rohingya make a diff? take rohingya in, at least we shown our humane n compassionate. lets hv a himpunan solidariti 2 for rohingga.

    1. Dr Azly was using a rhetorical device, and I stand with him on his polemical method. Talk is cheap. If the DAP people are not willing to walk their talk, then their ‘humanity’ hanya sekadar sedekah air liur.

      I’ll provide a different analogy. Will the bleeding hearts such as Hannah Yeoh agree for her family member to volunteer to facilitate the quarantine of these economic migrants from Cox’s Bazaar? The majority of MCO frontliners are Malays, not the puak kiasi.

      And lastly, how genuine is the DAP’s sudden anti xenophobia? Do you remember the last election campaigns? Who was it that weaponized the fear of “Banglasia” and roughed up dark-skinned persons trying to vote whose ballot they deemed to be suspect?

  2. You’ve hit the nail bang on the head, Helen. I love how you call them for who they are, “virtue signallers”.
    Great point about the Banglasia fear by Red Bean Army, didn’t they have a movie with the same title? Anyway, I couldn’t access Fa Abdul virtue signalling erotica. What’s the story about? Educated Malay lady falling in love with Rohingya refugee bullshit?

  3. But I can access the comments below that write up. Wonder how Fa Abdul will react to this comment I found

    ” Could you Fa,write a story on the 300K Malaysian Indians born here who have yet to obtain their citizenship? Mohammad not being born here but only as spouse of a Malaysian would seem to be lucky that his status of stay here is much secure unlike the many other spouses from Taiwan, India, China who are still waiting for citizenship even after their kids have graduated!”

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