My second most favourite photo!

My fav political photo is the one of Wee Ka Siong being the only Chinese in Muhyiddin’s cabinet room.

Similarly, this one below is along the same theme of ‘elections have consequences’ for the 95 percent Chinese voters who had backed DAP to the hilt. It is a picture of Malay Big Chiefs pow wow on the day (23 Feb 2020) of the Sheraton Move. Continue reading “My second most favourite photo!”

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Sumpah laknat Najib nampaknya mengena

On Friday 20 Dec 2019, Najib took an oath in Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru on the matter of Altantuya.

PM #6 swore in the mosque that he had never met the Mongolian and did not order her killing.

His sumpah: “Jika saya berdusta, maka laknat Allah SWT atas diri saya dan jika saya benar, maka mereka yang memfitnah saya dan tidak bertaubat akan dilaknat oleh Allah SWT di dunia dan akhirat.” Continue reading “Sumpah laknat Najib nampaknya mengena”


Kucing x2: Tafakur musim Raya

 Kucing saya SQUEALER

”Dulu zaman Iguana Eng jadi Menteri Kewangan, ekonomi merudum takat ada orang pecahkan tabung.”

 Kucing saya SNOWBOOTS

”Amat bersyukur kerana pemerintahan kuku besi Harapan sudah menemui titik noktahnya.”

 Kucing saya SIMBA

“Tempoh dari 10 Mei 2018 sehingga ke Langkah Sheraton umpama satu mimpi ngeri. Cukup takut diserang oleh politikus-politikus Harapan yang ganas bagai harimau. Nah cuba tengok, kaki saya pun habis digigit mereka!”

 Kucing saya JOJO

”Terhutang budi kepada Tun Mahathir setahun dua ini atas jasa beliau melanyak Pakatan sampai lumat — moga-moga DAP akan senasib dengan seekor tikus yang berjaya saya penyet-penyetkan.”


  Cats’ reaction to hashtag # migran juga manusiaHERE

•  Cats’ reaction to Sheraton Move — HERE

  Cats’ reaction to coronavirus lockdown — HERE

  Cats’ reaction to the bullying of Health Minister — HERE

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It’s Raya and M’sians are being badmouthed round the globe


A Reuters story titled ‘Rohingya targeted as coronavirus stokes xenophobia in M’sia’ hit the wire today and was picked up by newspapers, digital media and Internet news aggregators around the world.

We’re being called “ugly Malaysians”, “xenophobic”, “racist”, “inhumane” and a host of other nasty names. Continue reading “It’s Raya and M’sians are being badmouthed round the globe”

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Rohingya teen and his Rohingya wife charged with murder/neglect of 6-year-old girl in Ampang

A 17-year-old Rohingya man was charged in the Ampang magistrate court yesterday over the murder of his six-year-old stepdaughter. His case is expected to be moved to the High Court.

His Rohingya wife, 23 – who is the girl’s mother – was charged in the Ampang sessions court for criminal neglect. Continue reading “Rohingya teen and his Rohingya wife charged with murder/neglect of 6-year-old girl in Ampang”


Dear 95%, Mahathir pun tak suka DAP. Let that sink in

A whole slew of Chinese virtue signalers are lately groaning and moaning aloud about “Rohingya-are-human-too” being the target of hate in Malaysia, konon.

Actually it is the Malays who are daily doused with demeaning slurs by Harapan supporters. Just listen to the bitter political discourse about “backdoor government” — all those nasty comments hurled at the Malay ruling parties coupled with acid contempt dripping for their lackeys MCA and MIC. Continue reading “Dear 95%, Mahathir pun tak suka DAP. Let that sink in”

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Their hearts bleed at police raid on DAP area illegals

Police and immigration officers today detained some 200 illegal workers in Petaling Jaya Old Town. This is a staunch DAP area. The Adun here is Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran.

The Malay Mail photo below shows some of the undocumented foreigners detained in this morning’s crackdown. Continue reading “Their hearts bleed at police raid on DAP area illegals”

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Rohingya: Indonesia (1,200), Thailand (5,000), India (50,000), Malaysia (200,000)

Six Rohingya have tested positive for the coronavirus in Cox’s Bazar as of Sunday.

The pandemic now just starting to break out in the overcrowded refugee camps of Bangladesh will further intensify their efforts looking for an escape hatch.

Jakarta has most recently alerted Putrajaya that two more boatloads of Rohingya are heading Malaysia’s way. Continue reading “Rohingya: Indonesia (1,200), Thailand (5,000), India (50,000), Malaysia (200,000)”

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M’sian conservatives smeared, gagged and bullied

Western legacy media are biased against the Perikatan government. A Bloomberg columnist says “populists and opportunistic politicians turn to [Rohingya] migrants and refugees” as convenient scapegoats upon whom to deflect blame.

Pro-establishment Malaysians too are badmouthed by Bloomberg in the same breath. See the business paper’s  article two days ago headlined ‘Coronavirus Is Bringing Out the Worst in Malaysians’. Continue reading “M’sian conservatives smeared, gagged and bullied”

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Strong reason for Rohingya to be air flown to London

The UN Security Council met yesterday to discuss Myanmar.

Britain, one of the five permanent council members, had requested specially for the meeting where it expressed “concern about refugees risking perilous boat journeys in the Bay of Bengal where a regional solution is essential”.

Rohingya boats floating in the Bay of Bengal have been rescued by Bangladesh. They had been making their way to Malaysia. Continue reading “Strong reason for Rohingya to be air flown to London”

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Mahathir punya mulut, fuyoh

Tricky fingers and a spicy mouth. There is Mahathir’s sleight of hand on the Rohingya and there is also his atrocity of the tongue, spouting “GENOCIDE! GENOCIDE” like an old geyser.

Conscientious people will use a word such as ‘genocide’ most scrupulously. Mahathir, however, will not. Because he a galaxy away from scrupulous.

But his lack of scruples notwithstanding, Mahathir once played judge and jury Continue reading “Mahathir punya mulut, fuyoh”

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You’re poor b’cos you stupid unlike my billionaire sons

DAP loves Mahathir because he really gives it to those stooopid Melaiyoo.

Dapsters are cheering their Beloved Tun’s epic rant today in his Chedet blog.

Kesian. The Malays kena balun kaw-kaw by Mahathir who is on a rampage after his son Mukhriz just got ousted from his Kedah MB post. Continue reading “You’re poor b’cos you stupid unlike my billionaire sons”


May 11-18: Busiest political week in M’sian history

Parliament will only sit a day on May 18 but like Guy Fawkes, Mahathir is determined to colour that one day dynamite. May 18 may be full of fireworks or it may turn out to be just a damp squib … we wait and see. However the week leading up to D-Day is gonna be real busy, heh heh heh. Continue reading “May 11-18: Busiest political week in M’sian history”

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Rohingya armed struggle mirror the Chin Peng communists’s

The British messed up Burma as much as they did Malaya when they invaded the sovereign nation (First Anglo-Burmese War 1824 – 26).

You will be amazed at how much the history of the Rohingya has in common with the communists in Malaya, and the similar role played by the British in both countries. 

So who are the Rohingya? Continue reading “Rohingya armed struggle mirror the Chin Peng communists’s”

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Some people now think M’sians are literally Hitler because Rohingya

A news article headlined ‘Speak up against anti-Rohingya hate speech, says activist’ (FMT, Apr 28) reported, “Najib Razak recently backed Malaysia’s action [on April 16] to push back a boatload of Rohingya from landing on Malaysian shores”.

Umno top leaders have voiced out that Malaysia cannot absorb a potential floodgate of Rohingya abandoning their Bangladesh halfway camp. Continue reading “Some people now think M’sians are literally Hitler because Rohingya”


2.3 million Chinese came to Malaya in the 1920s

To place the immigration* number of 2,302,139 Chinese on its proper scale, consider Malaya’s tiny population back then.

In year 1911, the Tanah Melayu population was counted at 2,339,051. Remember this was more than a century ago, the population was small then. In 1931, the population was 3.8 million with around one-third being Chinese. Continue reading “2.3 million Chinese came to Malaya in the 1920s”

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No wonder schizophrenic DAP confused and yet to respond to Rais Yatim

Pribumi supreme council member Rais Yatim sees similarities between Rohingya and the Chinese immigrant influx into Malaysia in the 1920s.

The British during their period of colonial rule drastically changed the demography of Burma and Malaya by importing foreign workers who later decided not to return to their country of origin. Continue reading “No wonder schizophrenic DAP confused and yet to respond to Rais Yatim”

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Explaining Mahathir’s sleight of hand on ‘Rohingya’

Survey teams had found that Rohingya “who lived in rural areas could not speak any indigenous languages of Myanmar well. Rather, they spoke, wrote and read Bengali and Arabic,” said a Rakhine Inquiry Commission report (below). 

“They could not write or read the official Bamar language used in government communications,” added the government report published in July 2013. Continue reading “Explaining Mahathir’s sleight of hand on ‘Rohingya’”