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Some people now think M’sians are literally Hitler because Rohingya

A news article headlined ‘Speak up against anti-Rohingya hate speech, says activist’ (FMT, Apr 28) reported, “Najib Razak recently backed Malaysia’s action [on April 16] to push back a boatload of Rohingya from landing on Malaysian shores”.

Umno top leaders have voiced out that Malaysia cannot absorb a potential floodgate of Rohingya abandoning their Bangladesh halfway camp.

DAP top leaders however are hedging their bet due to the party’s own internal contradictions, e.g. its grassroots were dead set against Jawi but Lim Khat Siang, his Son and the then Harapan Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching all supported the script being introduced in Chinese schools.

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Hashtag ’Migrants are human too’ … big CRINGE

Hakam president Ambiga Sreenevasan has been promoting the hashtag #Migranjugamanusia.

On April 28, Ambiga’s human rights outfit demanded that the Malaysian government act firmly against “bigoted and xenophobic” Malaysians after the NGO had sniffed out “a full scale anti-Rohingya campaign” happening on social media.

Ordinary Malaysians objecting to human traffickers smuggling Rohingya from Bangladesh (Cox’s Bazar) to our shores now are apparently being characterized as bigots and xenophobes.

These pro-Rohingya virtue signalers who see ‘hate‘ everywhere can be quite divorced from reality.

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Host countries “that treat you like sub-humans”

In his profanity-laden tweet on the same day as the Hakam media statement, Maung Zarni (who is a prominent activist against the Burmese government) called on his #Rohingya brothers and sisters not to bother expressing any gratitude ‘to hosts that treat you like sub-humans”. He tagged Malaysia, Bangladesh and India in his message.

The implication of Zarni’s tweet – below – is that Malaysia is treating our Rohingya sojourners as subhuman.

Liberals accusing cytros of whipping up anger against Rohingya

The Star columnist Nathaniel Tan alleged that social media and Whatsapp have been driving the hateful sentiment surrounding the Rohingya. In his April 30 column in the MCA newspaper, Nat Tan posited that the Rohingya issue was made into “a big controversy as a result of very careful planning from a coordinated group of people, with very specific goals“.

He suggested that the specific goal of directing social media anger towards the Rohingya could be in order to deflect criticisms away from “ministers peddling warm water as a cure for Covid-19, suggesting women use cute Doraemon voices or spraying disinfectant on empty roads”.

Although Nat did not mention the three ministers by name, it is clear that he was alluding to the Health Minister (Umno), the Women’s Minister (ex-Umno) and the Housing and Local Government Minister (ex-PKR).

A week earlier, Nat popularly tweeted, “This lashing out about the Rohingyas makes sense now. This comes right after the outrage over Zahid’s daughter 9/10 murtad, Adham Baba’s non-stop antics, Doraemon, & politicians openly flaunting the MCO w/no punishment Cytros desperate for Msians to get angry at someone else.”

Although Nat stopped short of naming the political party he suspects to be responsible for the purported careful and coordinated attack via social media, nonetheless from his tweet and remarks in the Star column, we can infer that Nat is accusing [Umno] cybertroopers of deliberately trying to whip up public anger at the Rohingya.

Going by the warped logic displayed Nat and his Geng Sewaktu Dengannya, even a progressive academic based in New York like Dr Azly Rahman is a “cybertrooper”.

BELOW: Nat Tan seems to agree that a response snarking “why don’t you house [a Rohingya in your home] then” must come from a coordinated cybertrooper template; Well, Dr Azly posted in his Facebook on April 28: “Would it be great if members of PAS, DAP and also Suaram or concerned citizens open their homes to adopt Rohingya families to showcase what can work?”

Is Dr Azly a cytro too in Nat’s eyes? And do take a guess whom Nat likely got his insinuations about “cytros” from — see screen capture of his retweets below.

Najib who was placed in the crosshairs by hecklers – mostly by “DAP-linked netizens” – had urged that the Rohingya issue, which is a matter of our national security, not be politicized.

Yet not only is the Rohingya issue being kicked like a political football by the usual suspects but some NGO types are even elevating their hysteria to a fever pitch.

“Rohingya are human too”

Michelle Liu wrote in Malaysiakini (Apr 28) the same day as Maung Zarni’s aforesaid tweet on “sub-humans”: “It scares me to think that there are Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs […] Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews as rats. During the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus have called the Tutsis ‘cockroaches’. The Palestinians were also not spared from being referred to as animals by the Israelis. It follows that such ‘animals’ and ‘vermins’ ought to be exterminated.”

What’s scary is that a mere dog cartoon channeling the well-known parable of ‘Camel Dislodging Arab From His Tent On A Cold Night’ can be projected by Michelle into an imagined extermination agenda of such genocidal intent.

It is high time for the virtue signalers to stop smearing others who do not share their own strongly puffed and preached opinions as as bigots, xenophobes, racists, fascists, Malay supremacists … and Hitler.



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4 thoughts on “Some people now think M’sians are literally Hitler because Rohingya

  1. There is nothing wrong being nationalistic. Charity starts at home. Rohiya is not Malaysia problem it is Myanmar problem..We are not safe haven and our charity is limited as we have our own problems. There is one country in south that put refugees on an inland . Bangladesh is building settlement on island so why cant we do the same. UN is not doing anything about resettlement to third countries. So dont dump to us other countries problems. Noboby is giving us Nobel prize for what we have done for past 20 years or more. THERE IS ALWAYS A LIMIT TO EVERYTHINGS.We have reached that limits.

  2. In critical time like this and with limited resources, defending the border to protect and care for the 32 million citizens lives should be the priority. Rohingya migrants could be the potential Covid-19 carriers. Allowing them to land on our shore will put strains to our resources (and the frontliners) and capability to contain the virus. The resurgence in southern neighbor is a warning sign. This virus is unlike any other viruses known to date. As Dr Anthony Fauci, a leading scientist has put it, “One thing this virus has, that is really different from the other viruses that we have experienced with, (is that) it has a phenomenal capability and efficiency in spreading from person to person. This is not a trivial issue. This virus has an enormous capability (of) spreading like a wildfire but we know that, we’ve seen it in general (and) we’ve seen it in confined situations. The Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier with explosion of cases, many of them asymptomatic. The Diamond Princess we have people together. This is a virus that spreads as easily as any virus that’s ever known, a part maybe from measle. Measle is probably the only one that doesn’t do as well as this.”

  3. I fail to see how Rohingyas became our problem. First of all, it’s a political term to begin with. They are and always will be BENGALI Muslims who settled down in Myanmar region and instead of assimilating, threatened the local populace. Which made the locals lash out in anger.
    It is very clear why Chinese dominated think tanks and NGO’s bark about Rohingyas. The Chinese taukes need cheap labour to widen the profit margin. That’s all it is. A Chinese capitalistic nightmare. Just like how Chinese businessmen barked hard at GST. Because with SST, they can cook the book and make obscene profits. GST denies them such luxury, which is why the more efficient GST is adopted by most developed countries. But tauke Cina cannot stand that. They poured astronomical money into pushing anti-GST propaganda. Since they control businesses and most kekayaan in Malaysia, they used every trick in the book to derail GST. That’s a fact. A return to SST greatly benefited the Chinese middlemen and taukes.
    I dunno why nobody is talking about this.

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