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So called democratic politicians who are “human scum”

“The Democrats are getting caught doing very evil things, and Republicans should take note,” Donald Trump tweeted.

The New York Post headlined its story ‘Trump calls Michael Flynn prosecution “treason” done by “human scum”.’

FBI documents newly unsealed by the court “are stunning in themselves. But the totality of Mr Flynn’s treatment shocks the conscience,” said a WSJ columnist.

In the witch hunt of former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn, the latest news is that the Justice Department is now siding with his defence and prepared to drop its unwarranted case.

Retired general Mike Flynn was set up by the FBI previously when the agency was under the command of director James Comey, that is before Comey deservedly got the sack.

Peter Strzok (below) the ex-chief of FBI’s counter espionage had tried to entrap the three-star general who was hated by Obama.

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Trump highlighted a series of “grave misconduct by the Obama Justice Department!” that weaponized the American judicial system as well as IRS to target Obama’s enemies.

In the course of the Obama vendetta, Flynn’s life was destroyed because he was one of the very first to join Team Trump, and the outgoing White House wanted to kneecap the incoming one even before Trump could find his footing.

Flynn should never have been taken to court. We now know it was the renegade FBI that engineered an entrapment to “create a (non-existent) crime” so that Flynn could be prosecuted or fired.

‘Let’s get Flynn’ was a proxy move made during the presidential transition period and meant to undermine the president elect. Many pundits have long speculated that the dirty trick got a nod of approval from Obama — see The Duran’s  review, video below.

BELOW: All three panelists in the Duran commentary said Obama hated Flynn because the general opposed his policies on the Middle East and furthermore disrupted Obama’s thunder when the president was taking his victory lap for the Osama bin Laden kill

↓  Video, click to watch

Obama politics of virtue signaling and nihilistic destruction

The Democrats know no qualms of conscience when they set out to destroy innocent Americans like Flynn, judge Brett Kavanaugh and the MAGA hat-wearing teenager from Covington Catholic High School.

When Truth finally sees the light of day – and the time is nearing – Barack Obama and his Russiagate infamy will be more disgraced than even Richard Nixon and his notorious Watergate.

With the total collapse of the wicked conspiracy against Flynn, Capitol Hill in Washington DC is going to explode like a mini volcano and cover Obama in ashes of shame.

It boggles the mind how so many Malaysians are Obama fanboys and so enraptured with the Democratic party while hating on Republicans.

Not only was the Obama administration shambolic on the domestic front, they also placed Amerika on a permanent war footing abroad. By contrast, Trump is in the final year of his first presidential term and he has thus far not initiated any war despite the media’s demented doomsayers screaming ‘Armageddon’ from Day One.

The Nobel Peace Prize awarded Obama was a cruel joke. All eight years of the Obama administration was a shameful legacy of war.

EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. of Obama’s presidential term had involved attacking and striking at Muslim countries — American troops saw action in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan under his watch.

“Mr President, we’ve been at war throughout your tenure. That’s a period longer than any other American president.” — General Joseph Dunford (Obama’s Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, 2015–19)

BELOW: “Obama: more war than peace” — The Japan Times

Obama the Ubah president of Hope & Change

“The whole concept of war has changed under Obama.”— Jon Alterman (director of Middle East programme at Center for Strategic and International Studies)

Obama micromanaged the military and his name became synonymous with Predator drones and Hellfire missiles.

Instead of acknowledging his attacks as being launched against Islamic countries and Muslim combatants/civilians, Obama instead framed his attacks as a “War on Terror”. Hmm, interesting. In America’s Bush-era war on Iraq, countless Iraqis were killed. In Obama’s war on Terror, was it terror that was injured or killed, and could ‘terror’ be physically put in a body bag?

The Art of Bullshit and deceptive framing is yet another similarity between the Democratic Party over there and the Democratic Action Party plaguing us here.

While it’s true that Obama inherited the Iraq quagmire from Dubya aka President George W. Bush who invaded the country, Obama himself nonetheless also ordered continued airstrikes on Iraq during his own tenure.

And right up till his very last days in office, Obama kept up drone strikes on Yemen – the poorest country in the world. Yup, this American hero to virtue-signaling Malaysian liberals had bombed Muslims everywhere, including the world’s poorest children who become collateral damage. ‘Yemeni lives don’t matter.’

To evaluate Obama’s handiwork, just look at the destruction in Syria and Libya today.

BELOW: Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West when she recalled the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi at American hands 

Time’s up for the Obama racket, the reckoning cometh

Dubya’s daddy was the 41st president George Herbert Walker Bush. Hillary’s hubby was the 42nd president Bill Clinton.

Bush–Clinton–Bush–Clinton … the American Democratic Party is a dynastic family business not dissimilar to Malaysia’s own Democratic Action Party. In fact, Bush boy II (GW’s younger brother and Florida governor Jeb Bush) was thankfully eliminated by Trump in the Republican presidential primary of 2016 and thus sparing Americans another boboi.

Newly declassified transcripts released Thursday by the House intelligence committee are unmasking the role of more top Obama administration officials implicated in fixing Trump.

Obama’s (Hell’s) Angels – the trio of his national security advisor Susan Rice, his ambassador to the UN Samantha Power and his attorney general Loretta Lynch will soon be exposed for their disgraceful collusion in the “complete fraud” that was Russiagate.

The Russia “hoax” was purposed to destroy key figures around Trump in order to sabotage his incipient presidency. Obama hates Trump, and broke a longstanding protocol and the tradition of an outgoing occupier of the Oval Office letting his successor do his own thing without interference.

Yes, politics is a dirty game but not many members of the public realize that the virtue signalers calling themselves “democratic” are the real villains of the piece.

BELOW: The Bush and Obama families are buddies; the entire Bush clan despise Donald J. Trump … a Never Trumper enemy of my enemy is my Republican friend 



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