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Trump calls TSMY / Dulu dema kata foreign countries never congrat “backdoor gomen”

Harapan make up the rules as they go along.

Now that the American president has called to congratulate Muhyiddin, the Dapsters predictably turn around and bash the person of Potus pula.

It’s a timely and affirming phone call received from Donald Trump just a week before our parliament reconvenes. With the golden congrats in hand, what other gesture will the DAP demand next to satisfy? A call from Boris?

Read my previous post this morning on why the DAP fanboys are mistaken to idolize mega virtue signaler Obama. Why a mistake? Because fraudulent Obama is finally being outed and will soon crash land from his stratospheric superstar heights.


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3 thoughts on “Trump calls TSMY / Dulu dema kata foreign countries never congrat “backdoor gomen”

  1. Oh….really.
    Do you think Trump knows where Malaysia is…….????

    I bet Trump called because he wanted to ask Najib the money that he promised to help American’s economy. So Mahyiddin needed 15 minutes to explain that he has taken over from Najib. Than Trump asked Mahyidin to not to be too friendly with China because Trump is trying to impress the US to vote him the 2nd term and killing Chinese economy would makes him a hero. They talked about COVID19 for a minute because Mahyidin told Trump better to impliment MCO. Trump replied, he cannot do that because he do not want to loose votes.


      1. after many years trying to tell where i come from, i found out the most apprehensive reply is msia located south of thailand n north of spore.

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