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M’sian conservatives smeared, gagged and bullied

Western legacy media are biased against the Perikatan government. A Bloomberg columnist says “populists and opportunistic politicians turn to [Rohingya] migrants and refugees” as convenient scapegoats upon whom to deflect blame.

Pro-establishment Malaysians too are badmouthed by Bloomberg in the same breath. See the business paper’s  article two days ago headlined ‘Coronavirus Is Bringing Out the Worst in Malaysians’.

Its narrative mirrors former Anwar aide Nathaniel Tan’s propaganda thread below.

The Bloomberg columnist also says, “Soon, the local social media fills with xenophobia and hate, along with demands that the foreigners ‘go back to where they came from’.” Columnist Adam Minter declares that this purported political opportunism as well as xenophobia and hate among the online public are a “poisonous problem“ that is being “played out with particular vehemence in Malaysia”.

Minter then proceeds to advise PM Muhyiddin to pay attention to a recent open letter on alleged “violent threats and hate speech against the Rohingya community” coming from Malaysians. The letter was penned by what the Bloomberg columnist calls “83 human-rights groups”.

For the record, those signing the pro-Rohingya letter include dodgy outfits such as the ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ and other anti-Umno groups. Omputih in the liberal media such as Minter are writing above their pay grade in telling our prime minister who he should be listening to. This incessant bullying of conservatives by media activists and cause celebre advocates is a rampant phenomenon everywhere.

Radical left are gatekeepers of media and social media

President Trump (story above) is absolutely correct that social media tech giants are controlled by the “radical left”. They’re the partisans who can unfairly determine that conservative rednecks (but not Antifa) are spewing hate. They get to judge what constitutes hate speech, and who the trending “racist”, “fascist”, “xenophobe”, “bigot”, “far right”, “Nazi” and “Hitler” reincarnations are.

At least five petitions in recent weeks have apparently called for Rohingya to be deported from Malaysia. This call gathered “hundreds of thousands of signatures”. Such massive support reflects the popular will of Malaysians. These Malaysians are not Nazis.

Nonetheless this majority opinion held by Malaysians is being deplatformed by the comptrollers of social media., the website that hosted the five petitions, had them pulled down giving an excuse that such calls for deportation were hate speech.

I had not seen any of the petitions before they were removed so I do not know the language that was used. Nonetheless what I do know is that speech censorship is consistently slanted against conservatives.

Silencing the Malaysian conservative voice is one example of how the radical left gets to make up the rules and shift the goalposts, on top of playing referee in the game.

Why don’t Rohingya get any support from the Burmese?

The following thought-provoking question is posed by expert on Arakan history, Dr Jacques P. Leider:

Why have the Rohingya obtained support from all over the world, and after 2012, more so than ever before, but never among ethnic groups in Myanmar, not even among the various other Muslim communities, not during the parliamentarian 1950s, not under the military regime and not following the recent political opening?


The civilian government in Myanmar does not support Rohingya. Neither do the country’s elected politicians. The military, the monks and the man on the street are anti Rohingya. Burmese in the civil service and Buddhists from Myanmar working in our neighbourhood kopitiams also think the Rohingya are interlopers.

Why does even Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi (below) also not side with the Rohingya either?

Seriously, do ponder on Dr Leider’s question for a minute or two … or take five minutes. It’s Sunday after all and you have the weekend leisure.

An honest answer to his probing question above will get you accused as an “ugly Malaysian” by the virtue signalers — one of them is journalism grad Ms Chuah Siew Eng (see screen capture below).

The thing we know about these virtuous finger waggers, i.e. the SJWs furiously wagging their finger at you, telling you how intolerant and inhumane you are, is that they’re usually the first to hop on any fashionable bandwagon. And the Rohingya are the flavour of the month.

BELOW: Siew Eng put her name to the April online petition calling upon our government to allow Rohingya human trafficking boats to enter our territorial waters; it further implies that prioritizing the safety of Malaysians in these pandemic times is being “selfish”

Name-calling dissenters as “ugly Malaysians” and “Hitler”

These cyberbullies currently making themselves the Rohingya’s international caretakers are acting like the Gestapo. While demanding “multiculturalism” (code word for sekolah Cina), they will at the same time silence any expression of ”diversity” in thinking through their thumping blows of the SJW sledgehammer.

“Better knowledge and a more transparent assessment of numbers may frighten some, but can ultimately contribute to fairer judgments,” countered Dr Jacques P. Leider – his question quoted above – who is a historian on Burma. He hopes for a “more transparent and fact-based engagement with Rohingya issues”.

Unfortunately complex Rohingya issues are painted only in a B & W binary – Rohingya “good”, Myanmar “rogue state” – by the virtuous finger waggers. No shades of grey for them.

The virtue signalers don’t speak Burmese, don’t live in Myanmar and don’t understand history or buta sejarah but since 2012, they have validated the Rohingya victimhood with a flip side of demonizing the country’s Bamar majority ethnic (Suu Kyi’s people). In this, the NGO types are aided and abetted by media campaigns on the politically correct public opinion to hold with regard to “the plight of the Rohingya“.

Yet even the most strident and vociferous foreign condemnation of the Rohingya expulsion from Rakhine has not budged the Burmese consensus one inch. So pause and ask yourself why, unless you believe the Burmese population who blanket reject the Rohingya are all Buddhist Nazis.

BELOW: A Suu Kyi supporter tells Al Jazeera that the Burmese just don’t align with the (distorted) view of outsiders on the Rakhine situation

Duri dalam daging vs emotional appeal to the do-gooders

“The entrenched description of the Rohingya as ‘the most persecuted minority in the world’ cemented passive victimhood as the default interpretation of Rohingya ethnic identity.” — Jacques P. Leider

The 2018 academic paper by Dr Leider titled ‘History and Victimhood: Engaging with Rohingya Issues’ is interesting but many of his scholarly sentences can be difficult to digest, like this one — “Temporal expressions in introductions of the Rohingya, such as “for generations” and “for centuries,” have been recurrent, but they are shallow and bloodless“.

Let me frame it in Malaysian terms: Mahathir likes to claim that Rohingya have been living in Burma for many, many centuries. His deceptive statement is merely a sleight of hand, as I’ve previously explained. Others more accurately state that Rohingya have been living in Rakhine for several generations already.

Mahathir also highlights that Rohingya have been a presence in Myanmar longer than Chinese have been present in Malaysia, and it’s true.

Namun Rohingya rata-rata ditolak rakyat Myanmar yang menganggap mereka sebagai pendatang haram.

The ethnic minority that is so roundly rejected by the natives needs to develop some self-awareness too. Bottomline: The Burmese are willing to go the extent of risking international marginalization as long as they can make the Rohingya balik Chittagong.

Dr Jacques P. Leider

Victimhood, the most prominent marker of Rohingya identity

The British census of 1931 certified that 80 percent of the Muslims in Arakan were Chittagonians.

Chittagong located in Bengal, Bangladesh and Sittwe located in Rakhine, Myanmar are neighbouring districts with an overland connection. So yes, the Bengalis did ‘walk’ over to Rakhine not only during the 1870s but even up till the 1970s.

Burmese nationalists are adamant on their stance that the Rohingya diaspora is unwanted in their land. “The native place of Bengalis is really Bengal,” proclaimed Myanmar’s top general Min Aung Hlaing.

U Kyaw Tint Swe, the Union Minister for Aung San Suu Kyi’s office, remonstrated to the UN general assembly in his speech on 30 Sept 2019, saying: “As in other colonized territories across the world, our local population had no say whatsoever with regard to the seismic demographic transformation of their lands“.

Dr Leider has observed that “legitimate expression of resentment, anger, and contestation” from the Burmese is simply dismissed by the Rohingya cheerleaders as something discreditable and reprehensible. On the other hand, “the human rights-informed representations of Rohingya or Rakhine issues in general enjoy a quasi-monopoly on politically correct interpretations“.

Leider says, the overtly “political character of the origins of the Rohingya movement”, begun in the 1950s, must always be borne in mind. The continually reified Rohingya victimhood is new identity politics writ large.

But the indigenous people of Burma won’t change their negative perception of the Rohingya, victimhood narrative notwithstanding. Why do Malaysian petition signers act like they know (kenal) the Rohingya better than the Burmese do?

BELOW: Penang Deputy Chief Minister Ramasamy was wary of the Rohingya being given the welcome mat; well it’s now been five years and how has their stay in Penang turned out for you, Rama? 


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17 thoughts on “M’sian conservatives smeared, gagged and bullied

  1. If there is a world prize for being infamy. Malaysian or Malayia will win. Just look at the news around the world we are well known for wrong reasons. Guess covid19 aka Wuhan virus have skewed our sense of judgements. Welcome to new normal. DECENCY is a thing of past.WE WE is the future.

    1. There you go. I bet my bottom dollar when a rohingyan squats in front of your house you will be the first to screech not out with the rohingyas but its all the governtment’s faults that they are in malaysia in the first place and I would stake my bottom dollar again its the xenophobic malay government that you fault again.

    2. “Just look at the news around the world we are well known for wrong reasons.”

      Just look at some of us always concerned about giving their servile deculturalised plantation niggahs’ worth to get the approval of the massahs.

      Why should anyone care what “around the world” – which means mostly the Western white world, thinks?

      The Western white world dictates through its control of the media, gospel to their nodding colonial Sambos, what is and is not moral. Strangely, that is always to their interest.-, whatever them white folks do is always moral.

      How often do you get our plantation Sambos to rise up in indignation and anger over the wholesale genocide, massacres, saturation bombings, torture, assassinations, etc etc conducted by their white massahs?

      “…aka Wuhan virus have skewed our sense of judgements.”

      It certainly has.

      The white world use that “Wuhan virus” label, the nodding Sambos should wisely copy that, get their “sense… skewed”! Like errr nodding Sambos!

      “DECENCY is a thing of past.”

      What makes you think there’s ever been “DECENCY”.

      And, presumably for you, the white massahs’ “DECENCY”!

      “WE WE is the future.”

      Why are you so late? American “EXCEPTIONALISM” has been around for a good number of years now, the Sambos should have their very own now, it should be permissible and safe for the Sambos to think about that by and for themselves.

      So what would be so wrong with MALAYSIAN EXCEPTIONALISM?

      You think the white massahs haven’t said that’s allowed?

      You think the colours of MALAYSIAN EXCEPTIONALISM would be the wrong ones?

      You think the off-white folks should languish in the ghettos, the inner cities, the cotton fields, the slums, the streets, cardboard boxes like the blacks in Mother USA?

      I am actually rather proud for at least once, of our “infamy”.

      What is there to worship of the Western world for their fine sense of morals, why the fcuk aren’t they all too anxious and too busy to welcome the downtrodden of the world they dump on us?

      Of the Rohingyas, their plight is a legacy of good old colonialism of the Brits, uncles and grandpas to some of us. Why aren’t our plantation monkeys anxious and busy demanding the old massahs take the Rohingyas, drown them with plenty of good Western morals and “values”?

      The West, the Brits in particular, crapped on the floor, I make sure at least I am not the one appointing myself honoured to clean that up.

      Well, good luck to all ye Sambos then, be very grateful you know your niggah place, pick up them shovels, pile up the angmohs’ treasure for where the “noble savages” (you brown, yellow and black monkeys to the white folks’ sensibility) can wallow in and worship, Kumbaya and Amen!

      1. Paul Wolfobitch,

        The giving of one million Merdeka citizenship to non Malays was decent. And even before that, around 1953-54 when Dato’ Onn Jaafar was home minister, a huge number of citizenships were granted too at MCA’s behest.

        I was once (this was a couple of years ago) told off by one of my then regular commenters whether the Nons are expected to be grateful forever to Umno.

        I feel that the Nons of these recent election cycles (2008 – 2018) have never even once expressed a genuine appreciation of the Alliance’s generosity, especially the coalition’s muhibbah Ali-Ah Chong-& Muthu propaganda which is sugarcoating reality.

        Malaya did not expel its ethnic minorities like Burma did.

        All this constant ragging by Dapsters that Malays are racist is most unfair.

        1. sorry i dun share what u felt at all, its like telling if i dun kill u, i am being generous. u hv a very twisted mind, i dun understand y yr argument is always abt race n towards the very extreme side.

          1. Errr… Helen, was he responding to you?

            Was he doing the kaypoh responding to you responding to me?

            Was he in communion with himself?

            I can never work that out with the strange tongue of this strange creature of the night..

            1. HY was responding to me with his genuine feedback. We go back a long way to even before this blog which started in 2011.

              With you, he was only trolling.

              1. “We go back a long way to even before this blog which started in 2011.”

                Thanks for informing about the pathology.

                Would lucky you be a relevant praise?

                  1. “esp. on China and Chinese matters/affairs”

                    Oh, for his kind of input, I am better off relying on reading the leaves of especially Taiwan’s Alishan High Mountain Tea.

                    I compare notes with my Taiwanese friends who are rabid anti-China types, so I can attest to the quality of the tea.

                    And the leaves.

                    1. helen said value added, not fantastic, superior, precise, correct or objective. i guess she appreciate the thought n view from people with diff n various background, thats all, so dun get over excited.
                      i start drinking alisan cha since 3 years back, the price now seem relatively cheaper if compare against tea from mainland. love alisan, love native, n of course love rohingya.

        2. I have to add to my earlier post, I have come across some astounding rabid Chinese anti-Malay racists from Malaya.

          I hadn’t the chance to find out whether they were “natural born” racists or whose lives were spiced up by the DAP. In all the conversations, it was too tiresome to go further with those with ingrained unmovable views.

          We do have anti-Malay racists among Sarawakians. On the occasions I’ve come across them, they have been DAP stormtroopers or supporters.

            1. If it did not pass moderation, that indicates I fear publishing it would cause my blog to be flagged (reported to MCMC) by the moral censors.

              1. “…flagged (reported to MCMC) by the moral censors”

                I hardly know the morals of the “moral censors”, I have read about some cases reported to the MCMC, they often appear to be from those rather shallow and with nothing thrilling to do in their otherwise life.

                PH has done nothing to liberate freedom of speech, human rights, and all that in spite of all their talk and gong banging before the last election, and during their super short spell squabbling between themselves while in gomen.

                You could perhaps hint where I may have “erred” in my post by identifying the paragraph or even sentence they occurred, at least I get some idea of what may be in the minds of the “moral censors”, ie what gets up their moral butts.

  2. I have noticed that the statements made by these SJW NGO-types appear to follow a rather standard template.

    Someone (can’t remember who) pointed out in a blog post that Rohingya who are settled here and have acquired Malaysian citizenship will be an additional vote-base for UMNO, something like “Project IC” in East Malaysia, but in this case its the present PN government, which includes UMNO is in favour of not accepting additional refugees who arrive and those petitions to deport Rohingya already in Malaysia were started by pro-government people.

    I would not be surprised if some time later down the road, those who call for Malaysia to take in more Rohingya on humanitarian grounds, most of whom are Pakatan supporters, will blame the PN government of “giving out temporary MyKAD” to Rohingya to vote PN.

    Also, I suppose these NGOs need to justify receiving further grants from western, including western GOVERNMENTAL sources to keep them in business.

    They are in essence – Very Much Governmental, “non-govermental” Organisations (VMGn-gOs).

  3. They thought they’ve turned Aung San Suu Kyi white – or at least an honorary white in their image and acceptance of what the good damn native should be.

    They even gave her the Nobel Prize.

    Now they want to take back the marble!

    Before you damn grateful plantation Sambos sing and dance to the tune of the White Massahs, listen carefully to what Aung San Suu Kyi says in the video.

    My! Aung San Suu Kyi gives it great and gives it good, it is a good poke in the eye of the massahs!

    I always like a damn ungrateful native!

    For those who are not sufficiently informed (not just by Western media), for those who are oozing with “humanity”, for those who cannot afford to pay for the upkeep of the Rohingyas but yet want to look good using other people’s money and emotions, for those who do not have any intellectual capacity or skill in reasoning but react like fcuking insects to Western tickling with a twig, Aung San Suu Kyi is saying a rather refined if not long fcuk off.

    Good on her!

    The West elevated Aung San Suu Kyi to high heavens for their purpose, she says thank you by kneeing them between the legs!

    Aung San Suu Kyi says mind your own business, don’t tell her what and how she should think.

    Well, she is Burmese. She is (very) well-educated, intelligent and has fine sense as a non-white Asian (Yes, that’s possible!). For her years in Britain and married to a Brit, she isn’t like our deculturalised eternally-grateful Sambo monkeys at all.

    I should have time for what she says.

    I am not going to get “aroused” or wet between the legs with any obligatory Sambo indignation and anger, I’ll leave it to the Burmese to do and think what they want and like without any help from Malaysians’ white uncles and grandpas, thank you!

    Still, I would happily sign a decent petition welcoming the Rohingyas here if our righteous indignant would take them in and pack their own homes, pay for their upkeep, bath them in any self-righteous love and warmth, Amen!

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