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Rohingya: Indonesia (1,200), Thailand (5,000), India (50,000), Malaysia (200,000)

Six Rohingya have tested positive for the coronavirus in Cox’s Bazar as of Sunday.

The pandemic now just starting to break out in the overcrowded refugee camps of Bangladesh will further intensify their efforts looking for an escape hatch.

Jakarta has most recently alerted Putrajaya that two more boatloads of Rohingya are heading Malaysia’s way. Can we please send them to the house of the No.1 virtue signaler in our country?

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Rohingya might start jumping from their boats

The news was first featured in popular Indonesian media outlets Detik and Kompas, and most recently picked up by the English-language Jakarta Post.

‘Aceh on alert for Rohingya refugee boats spotted in Andaman Sea’ ran the Jakarta Post headline on Sunday. The paper said “two speedboats carrying Rohingya refugees” are apparently heading towards Malaysia.

The paper recalled that previously in 2015, Acehnese fishermen have had to rescue stranded Rohingya who suddenly jumped into the water.

“We actually never intended to bring them ashore. But they started swimming in the sea, so we rescued them,” the paper quoted Miftah Cut Adek, a spokesman for Sekretaris Panglima Laot Aceh, as saying.

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Indonesia knows the Rohingya know M’sians are pushovers

Detik reported last Thursday (May 14) that some 500 Rohingya had been spotted aboard “dua kapal motor” in the Andaman Sea north of Aceh.

Senior Commissioner Jemmy Rosdiantoro who heads the Aceh police’s water and air policing unit told reporters “apabila mereka sampai dikhuatirkan akan membuat masalah baru” in view of the fast developing pandemic situation.

Jemmy was also quoted by Detik as saying, “Bila perlu bantuan segera kita penuhi dan kemudian dipersilakan melanjutkan perjalanan ke tempat tujuannya” … ding, ding, ding, please volunteer to open your homes, dear Malaysian Virtue Signalers.

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Jokowi’s Chief of Staff warns of Rohingya influx

A follow-up article dated May 15 (Friday) quoted Dr H. Moeldoko, who is Chief of Staff to President Joko Widodo, as saying his country “tetap melarang mereka masuk apalagi menepi di daratan Indonesia”.

The retired general told Kompas newspaper, “kalau mereka masuki wilayah kita, maka tugas TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) untuk menjaga kedaulatan”.

“Langkah ini diambil lantaran keberadaan para pengungsi ilegal ini justeru menimbulkan persoalan sosial,” added Gen. (Rtd) Moeldoko. “Urus masyarakat Indonesia sendiri saja tidak mudah, jangan lagi dibebani.”

“Kalau kita buka akses, akan ada eksodus ke sini,” he sternly cautioned.

The Indonesian authorities are firm in blocking any entry by the Rohingya. Aceh’s Jemmy Rosdiantoro explained, “Hasil pemantauan saat ini belum ada pengungsi yang memasuki perairan kita”.

Because Indonesia has balls unlike Malaysia who caved in to pressure by the Marina types in 2015, our neighbour now only has 1,200 Rohingya refugees compared to Malaysia’s whopping 200,000.

Source: Rohingya Solidarity Organization

ABOVE: The infographic was prepared on 23 Sept 2019 by the Anadolu Agency, a Turkish media group

Enough lah, cries Bangladesh’s fed-up Foreign Minister

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Kalam Abdul Momen said the European dignitaries concerned about Bhashan Char should host the Rohingya in their own countries, the Dhaka Tribune reported two days ago.

“We don’t want any more Rohingya,” Abdul Kalam told AFP. “We don’t have any other place to keep them.” He is referring to the complaints by certain EU diplomats and human rights NGOs objecting to Bhashan Char, an isolated island on which the Bangladeshi government has recently built shelter facilities.

”If they don’t like Bhashan Char, let them take them back to their countries. Else, let them return to Myanmar,” the minister protested.

Understandably, Bangladesh is the country that’s most swamped — with more than 1.6 million Rohingya under its care stemming from exodus waves stretching back to 1978, 1991-92, 2012-2015, 2016 and the last in Aug-Sept 2017.

Rohingya are not cats or pangolins or komodo dragons but HUMAN !! I tell ya

Saudi Arabia – which the Rohingya consider to be their economic haven destination – and Pakistan have the next highest numbers of Rohingya at 470,000 and 450,000 respectively.

Malaysia ranks in fourth place as host to Rohingya asylum seekers. But why is this so?!

As we’ve discussed before, Rohingya share a somewhat common language in Bengali with the Bangladeshis. Educated Rohingya speak Urdu too which is the language of Pakistan. The Rohingya are also able to read in Arabic (although some can’t read Burmese) and this literacy will help them to cope in Saudi Arabia.

With Malaysians the Rohingya have little in common. Even Malays are saying on YouTube that there is a “pertembungan budaya” with them.

At least Marina and the Rohingya belong to the same faith, so she can claim Islam as their common denominator. For me on the other hand, it is the Burmese majority who are my co-religionists.

This time around (compared to 2015), the most frenetic chest beating on the Rohingya’s behalf is being thumped by the race-and-religion blind Chuah Siew Eng’s, Tan Zhong Yan’s, Rachel Tan’s and Michelle Liu’s. Hmm, virtue signaling works in the most mysterious ways among the strangest preachers.


My next blog post on the Rohingya: DAP’s longer term game plan


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  1. msia always welcome muslim refugee, n our islamic leader did tell many time in the past solidariti of muslim brotherhood, moreover we hv 3 state now under the governance of a islamic party that could enforce all sort of islamic value n practice, that can also easily shelter another 1 or 2 mil muslim refugee. i really dun know what stop our muslim brother from doing what is right, they shd reread the teaching of prophet, very disappointed.

    btw, my house sembah tokong n we eat pork everyday so cannot la, sorry yeah.

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    Dear HY, how eloquent. Full of hatred and animosity Remember Hai Hong? Remember Pulau Bidong? Remember Falun Gong? They are muslims right? It so happened that muslims, residing everywhere in the world as minority are subject to persecution and every they went to save their last pubic hair and labias. Non muslims? any where in the world suffering like the muslims? a few pocket of LTTE which are in Malaysia. A few pocket of Chins Shans etc from Burma are here, not in your house.

    Please state how many non muslims have been persecuted nor restrained in those PAS led states? Have you did any studies why non muslims were jailed beheaded or persecuted in those “Islamic” countries?

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    Dare we talk on 13th may 1969? I hate PAS Taliban & Isis but I don’t compromise peace, appease & piss for the sake of individual biasness.

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    Please answer with your mouth, not your clean shaven labia minor.

  3. More Rohingyas?!

    No worries!

    Get Santa Hannah, patron Saint of the kway teow fryers, sponsored by her holy idol the Snake Pharaoh, walk on the water, pull those boats back to where they came from.

    Hannah would die to be Indian, it would make the Rohingyas, who are actually Indians like the Snake Pharaoh is, more than delighted to get their own saviour, who otherwise only spends time under the hooves of Tokong Josef StaLim Guano Eng’s Atuk.

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