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Cats’ reaction to hashtag # migran juga manusia

# Robot Juga Manusia

# Bos Kamu Juga Manusia

# Politikus Juga Manusia

↓  My cat JOJO

Jumpa dah satu lorong tikus ni.

”Migrants are just like me — no passport.”

↓  My cat SIMBA

# Cats Are Human Too

# Rohingya Are Not Cats 

“The attention seekers who love to signal ‘xyz-Are-Human-Too’ need to have a break. Have a KitKat.”

↓  My cats — the  # BLACK LIVES MATTER gang

“Yeah, we’re looking for something. Helen told us to search for the brain. She says the virtue signaler who created the # Migren-Juga-Manusia hashtag is missing his.”

# Peace & Love

# We Love Dogs Too

# Beyond Race . Beyond Religion . Beyond Specie

Malaysiakini — the Bangsar Sentral where the virtue signalers hang out


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