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Their hearts bleed at police raid on DAP area illegals

Police and immigration officers today detained some 200 illegal workers in Petaling Jaya Old Town. This is a staunch DAP area. The Adun here is Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran.

The Malay Mail photo below shows some of the undocumented foreigners detained in this morning’s crackdown.

Maria Chin Abdullah, the area’s PKR member of parliament slammed the raid, saying “getting rid of migrants will only hurt [their employers] economically.” Oooops, she just let the cat out of the bag!

Now W-H-O possibly might their employers be, considering that this is kawasan DAP pekat?

Ordinary Malaysians applaud the round-up being carried out by our authorities and its next phase, deporting these PATI.

Those vested interests losing their cheap labour, however, would be not quite so appreciative of the enforcement action. But they can’t jolly well be chanting “Migrants are monkeys paid peanuts”.

Migrants are human too?

BELOW: Photo of the enhanced MCO in PJ Old Town by ‘The Star’ shows a barbed wire perimeter because of the many Covid-19 cases there 

Illegals not taking jobs away from Bangsar SJWs for sure

You may have noticed the puzzling trend of Chinese individuals furiously flapping their jaws to scream meaninglessly that “migrants are people”. (Well, they’re certainly not cats.)

Why are some non Muslims so keen on keeping Rohingya and others in our country? Connect the dots, ahem.

There is the by now formulaic ‘Migrants are human too’ chant and indeed yet another such headline was again published in The Star yesterday — see below.

The ‘Migrants are human beings’ letter above was written by Subang Jaya resident Lim Zhenyi Aliana.

Ms Lim in her letter claims:

“Much of the anti-migrant discourse in Malaysia centres around the idea that migrants have come here to take away the jobs, the safety and even the citizenship – essentially, the basic human rights – of Malaysians. This is an inaccurate assumption because human rights are not quantifiable.”

She also asserts, “Giving migrants the same opportunities and the same basic social safety net as locals is not in any way ‘taking away’ rights from locals” (see red underline in screen capture below.)

Whatever menial jobs being done by the 200 men and women – refer photo – rounded up by Immigration this morning are obviously not the sort of work sought after by Twitterati virtue signalers.

The Lims and the Tans and the Chuahs, who are ardently semaphoring their virtue and decrying the “ugly Malaysians”, apparently care heaps about human rights for Rohingya and migrants but about job opportunities for the locals (Malay B40), err … not so much.


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5 thoughts on “Their hearts bleed at police raid on DAP area illegals

  1. Won’t be surprised if the same “migrants are humans too” are the same people yapping when mco were extended and they need to keep on paying their workers salaries using their own savings

  2. the issue is foreigners working illegally or entering the country illegally or overstaying.

  3. “PJ MP hits out at authorities for crackdown on migrants during Covid-19 crisis”

    When I saw the above in The Malay Mail of 20 May 2020, I wondered “What has Maria done for us people of Petaling Jaya, most of whom who voted for her”, even though I agree that the government should take care of their basic needs such as food, medical attentions and so forth during the lockdown, which will be ended soon.

    Rather being an MP of Petaling Jaya, Maria seems to be an MP for illegal migrants from from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and, Pakistan.

    If she is more interested in doing her NGO agenda, then stay with the NGOs and don’t be an MP.

    1. “If she is more interested in doing her NGO agenda…”

      She should be.

      When that gets more international attention.

      And when that serves the agenda of those for whom the Rohingyas should be made an oversized issue.

      Some of our MPs appear to get rather generous pocket money from rather partisan outfits, particularly the Yank NED – which has close link to the CIA, these MPs need to do their drama and shill for their foreign masters to remain relevant.

      And to continue getting their money.

  4. The evangelicals among the DAP should welcome the Rohingyas into their households.

    There is such things in the Bible as welcoming the “stranger in our midst”:

    Matthew 25:35 New International Version (NIV)
    35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, …

    The Yahudis’ good book has Deuteronomy 10:19

    King James Bible
    Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

    Of course, we have the Yahudis expelling, slaughtering the Palestinians in their homeland and all that, aided and abetted by the Yank Christian fundamentalists and evengelicals – which makes the Sin okay.

    Not too few shining Christian examples in the DAP do have quite large and decent houses, each abode can certainly be crammed with plenty of Rohingyas, they won’t mind turning into sardines in cans, so long as they are drowned in good old Christian love and all that.

    A lot of points can be collected for your good deed, it is like collecting points for your shopping, your kiasu sense and those voices in your heads would tell you how to score max points as you grab as many Rohingyas as your big hearts and long arms can, Amen.

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