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It’s Raya and M’sians are being badmouthed round the globe


A Reuters story titled ‘Rohingya targeted as coronavirus stokes xenophobia in M’sia’ hit the wire today and was picked up by newspapers, digital media and Internet news aggregators around the world.

We’re being called “ugly Malaysians”, “xenophobic”, “racist”, “inhumane” and a host of other nasty names.

European Rohingya Council rights spokesman Tengku Emma Zuriana Tengku Azmi was quoted by Reuters as saying Facebook suspended two Malaysian pages with more than 300,000 followers after she flagged them.

Malaysians are being suppressed from holding critical views on uncontrollable immigration and deprived of our freedom of speech. Like FB, the petition site had similarly pulled down petitions featuring calls by Malaysians to deport the Rohingya which were supported by “hundreds of thousands” of signatures.

No balik kampung this year

Malay-sia is the Malay archipelago

“The campaign against Rohingya in Malaysia is dangerous, vulgar, and inconsistent with Malaysia’s human rights obligations,” said Amy Smith, the executive director of NGO Fortify Rights.

Virtue signalers are busting the hypocrisy meter this Raya season, parroting the same old tired pro-illegal immigration, pro-human trafficking, pro-people smuggling talking points.

Virtue signalers are also fueling the type of negative stories peddled by Reuters and its liberal Western cousins.

‘Most of us are migrants in this country’, wrote Jules Rahman Ong in Malaysiakini,adding that xenophobia serves to diminish those Malaysians who lack emphaty for the Rohingya.

(Speak for yourself, Jules.) Jules Rahman Ong is flogging the false rhetoric that Malaysia is an immigrant country. His “most of us are migrants” chorus is standard Bangsar Malaysian liberal sloganeering.

History of Rohingya brutality

REPORT (reproduced verbatim): A Rohingya armed group brandishing guns and swords is responsible for at least one, and potentially a second, massacre of up to 99 Hindu women, men, and children as well as additional unlawful killings and abductions of Hindu villagers in August 2017, Amnesty International revealed today (22 May 2018) after carrying out a detailed investigation inside Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Based on dozens of interviews conducted there and across the border in Bangladesh, as well as photographic evidence analyzed by forensic pathologists, the organization revealed how Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) fighters sowed fear among Hindus and other ethnic communities with these brutal attacks.

“Our latest investigation on the ground sheds much-needed light on the largely under-reported human rights abuses by ARSA during northern Rakhine State’s unspeakably dark recent history,” said Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International. UNQUOTE

There is a long historical record of other acts of violence by Rohingya fighting to secede from Burma since WWII.

Stop smearing your fellow Malaysians!

In the letter to the Malaysiakini editor screen captured above, Michelle Liu wrote:

“The recent outpouring of hatred towards Rohingya refugees on social media has been nothing short of appalling. One ‘meme’ stood out in particular to me – it was an edited comic strip depicting a human and a dog sleeping in a room. The human, who had been sleeping on his bed, ended up sleeping on the floor because the dog had climbed onto and gradually took up all the space on the bed.”

“I am sure the original comic strip was intended to depict the funny sleeping habits of dog owners and their beloved pet dogs. The edited comic strip, however, painted a different narrative as if the dog had stolen and occupied the bed which is rightfully the human’s. You get the racist idea: here, the human is the ‘Malaysian’ and the dog, ‘Rohingya’.”

Michelle Liu’s slur above of her fellow Malaysians as ‘racist” who do not share her pro-Rohingya virtue signaling is most egregious.

I’ve since managed to have a look at the comic strip referred to by Michelle. And no, the cartoon was certainly NOT racist. Its storyboard merely parallels the well-known parable of the Arab and his camel that nudged its sleeping master out of the tent – little by little – on a cold night out in the desert.

Michelle Liu further wrote:

“This set off so many alarms in my head. It scares me to think that there are Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs but at least I know for certain that these people are outright racists. The scarier ones are those who do not hold such a belief but are willing to go to the extent of likening Rohingyas to dogs just to express their opposition. Persons of this category are willing to sidestep their sense of morality in order to push forward certain agendas.”

‘Either way dehumanisation is never a good thing. In fact, it is often a precursor to escalated violence and hostility against vulnerable minorities: Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews as rats. During the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus have called the Tutsis ‘cockroaches’.”

Oh my fur and whiskers! Michelle (quoted above) is such a drama queen.

Malaysians don’t ”actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs” lah, Michelle, just as nobody is likening Rohingya to cats or komodo dragons.

My cat Simba sez ‘Don’t worry, be happy’

When we use an idiom like “let the cat of of the bag”, nobody had stuffed a caterwauling cat into any bag to begin with. As with the idiom “to let sleeping dogs lie”, no human is being literally compared to a snoozing dog.

There is no “dehumanization” going on, much less (in Michelle’s woke words) “any precursor to escalated violence and hostility against vulnerable minorities” or rodenticide/insecticide against J-rats or T-cockroaches.

For more pictures, CHECK OUT ‘Cats’ reaction to hashtag # migran juga manusia’

Cukup-cukuplah. Stop the bullying and let Malaysian Muslims celebrate Raya without being daily badmouthed as Nazis and Hitler.

Malaysians do not harbour a wicked agenda against migrants. Malaysians care about other Malaysians and just do not want our frontliners to catch the coronavirus.

Currently the Semenyih immigration depot is the latest Covid-19 cluster where a total of 21 PATI have tested positive. Poor Health DG (below), still working and no holiday.

Our authorities are correct to want to protect Malaysians from exposure to the risk of infection so that we can all be safe and sound to quietly spend Raya with our loved ones.



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18 thoughts on “It’s Raya and M’sians are being badmouthed round the globe

  1. RohinGya is MYANMAR problem and do not blame Malaysia.WORLD should pressure MYANMAR to take back their peoples.OTHERWISE just SHUTUP. We will do other countries do with illegal immigrants.

  2. Selamat Hari Raya, Helen! May you have a blessed day and long life. Take it easy today and enjoy your kueh raya.

  3. The Rohingyas would prefer going to Western countries than hang around anywhere in Malaysia – or countries in this region.

    Malaysia should not have taken them in in the first place, not all brethrens from the same faith would automatically turn out to be the family members you desire, or following your faith demands.

    Since it has not worked out between “them” and us, the Western countries so very concerned about them, especially Britain which used them for their colonial purpose, should take the Rohingyas in Instead of, on the one hand, play Dad knows best to the foreign types (everyone not white) and ceaselessly pontificate on what their local ex-colonials (we, us) should do, on the other hand, refuse to welcome them to their own well-endowed countries.

    Western countries are more “civilised”, it would benefit the Rohingyas greatly. Just think about the Nepalese, when Britain screwed enough use out of the “loyal and brave” Gurkhas, they were told to fcuk off and not try enter Britain…

    It is as galling to suffer local yellow and brown skinned imitation angmoh liberals as it is to suffer the (White) angmoh uncles and aunties, we do have quite a few of those who still look up to foreigners like locals can never be perfect.

    Unfortunately for our Uncle Toms and Auntie Marys, also collectively classed as “blacks” in most Western countries, no Western country wants them for all the servile bleeding heart efforts they make on behalf of the massahs, they are told to fcuk off from the white countries like any “niggah” would be.

    The time of the coronavirus clearly demonstrated and demonstrates all Asian faces get accused and thumped for the outbreak, how much our imitation angmohs want to prove they worship the angmohs and think like them, be servile to them, don’t help! The angmohs choose their running dogs better than the Snake Pharaoh chooses his.

    Well, that’s about the only thing I can suggest to both those who wanted to show mercy and compassion to the Rohingyas, and it turns out they are not worthy of your religious fervent and boundless love; and to those who want to turn our heathen and heartless non-evangelical souls and country to the better flavour of our white angmoh uncles and aunties’, then get those lovely angmohs you worship and imitate come collect our poor Rohingyas, thank you.

    I wish the best for the Rohingyas, and the best for our virtuous and righteous preaching and sermonising angmohs and their countries.

    Britain, which turned these one-time Burmese into traitors to Burma, should take the Rohingyas in immediately.

    Old Jug-ears Prince Charles said Britain needs fruit-pickers in a hurry, the royal parasite can’t get any of his loyal subjects to pick fruits during the lockdown – or ever – and get the crown virus…

  4. i stand along with hadi n pas, ummah first, any others is secondary. muslim shd invite rohingya into their home n celebrate hari raya together. no bad-mouth, love rohingya, love islam, love muslim, moreover its now a muslim govt, do good to every rohingya, welcome them in, the more the merrier.

    1. “i stand along with hadi n pas, ummah first…”

      Good on you, Sunshine – or maybe Moonshine?

      I am happy for your Rohingya guest grandpas, grandmas, uncles and aunties.

      Happy Raya!

      Hope you don’t steal the Rohingyas’ rations in the best of Malaysian sticky-fingered kiasu tradition!

      And Hail Imam Ah Lee to you too!

      1. moon never shine unless we shower our rohingya brother sister uncle auntie with love. unlike najib n umno, me hadi n pas will walk the talk, i welcome rohingya, hadi n pas will provide shelter food job etc, pas in power now to ensure we hv only moonshine, we dun need sunshine okay?

        a day to forgive n joy, n peace, n we love rohingya.

        1. “a day to forgive n joy, n peace, n we love rohingya.”

          Spewed like a true Christian (Hypocrite)!

          No one who “loves” would use words like those from the typically lazy Christian template.

          You need find out what “Sunshine” means the way I used it, your Manglish is appalling, what you badly need is basic English!

          And just a mildly intelligent head.

          You remind me of those who had Chinese education here with Manglish so bad that Singapore education outfits didn’t want them, and they ended up in Taiwan where their Manglish got further adulterated by Taiwan’s “English”.

          And Taiwan’s “Chinese” kann ning niah!

          1. who care what u mean, english, unlike yr verbiage n using unnecessary words to convey simple message, is not a talent u monopolize.

            learn how to keep yr writes short (like yr dik) n simple (like yr brain) during tis festive season okay? peace joy n love rohingya yeah.

            1. “who care what u mean, english, …not a talent u monopolize.” may not be important to you, one who can hardly articulate, but it is important to me, whatever that “monopoly” may be.

              “during tis festive season” may be relevant to you but it is not to me.

              And my “dik” may be relevant for your worship, but there is no rule from any dictator that says to “to keep yr writes short…n simple” if you measure that by the “dik” and the “brain”.

              You don’t own this site, you little longkang fascist Chiang Kai Shek, if your delusion haven’t told you you don’t have actually have a country to rule, Sunshine!

  5. If they care so much for Rohingyas, why don’t they keep them in their contries…….???
    Don’t force the Rohingyas down our throat. We are full already. We cannot accept the millions on their way here.

    Yes, we Malaysia are cruel people. Hope the Rohingyas who are planning to come to Malaysia, understand this. We don’t want them. Better go to those Human Rights NGO’s country. They are kind abd careing.

  6. “Jules Rahman Ong in Malaysiakini”

    Name sounds rather pompous and pretentious one turd French, one turd Muslim, one turd some Chinese dialectish like…

    Whatever happened to the more familiar down to earth Ong Ah Hock, Ong Kow Sai, Ong Tuah Too… Lee Kuan Yew… Tan Siew Sin..?

    Mon dieu et mon père, real, inferior local name don’t sound Western at all, otherwise, owat?

    Feck me! Malaysians be buggered if there are that many who actually know how to say “Jules” as she is spake by its damn natives!

    Thank Foo Lee, there’s an English version of said name – Jools (the s pronounced), for those whose brothers are not called Marcel.

    Ain’t surprised coming out of “Malaysiakini”, ain’t that the outfit that takes its shillings from them foreign angmohs, and shill for them like loyal off-white deculturalised Sambo house niggahs, Yuz Massahs?

    Bejesus! Whenever I think of those here that can’t wean themselves off their servile plantation mode, I think of old Samuel Jackson’s excellent portrayal in Django.

    Whatever happened to those like my “migrant” ancestors and clans all used to be adamant the whole region rightfully belonged to them, bribed and made the angmohs eat out of their hands – or shot them, no joke…

    Y’all should read about Ponke Johanes Cornelis Princen or maybe just Eduard Dekker’s “Max Havelaar”, them angmohs were quite different from your usual massahs, teach you to stop stooping, and grow a spine…

    Oh, no joke either, Ponke Princen fought with Indonesian patriots, killed his fellow countrymen. The Indonesians were part financed by towkays from Singapore…

    Aiyaah, these days we have the Joshua Wongs and the freakin’ Amen Brigades terrorising their own kind, or those saying their own kind have “no class”… whatever’s happened to the kway teow fryers and their daughters… last I looked they were still yellow – and still no class..?!

  7. With those terrorists among the Rohingyas, we can be assured of two outcomes.

    1. The US (UK, and the EU) would use the Rohingyas to stir trouble in Malaysia like they do with the various permutations of Al Qaeda, and ISIS. Or the Taliban.

    2. Because there are terrorists around and among us now, the US would invite itself to come to save us and give us “freedom and democracy”. That they do by bombing us back to the Stone Age, torture, and death.

  8. Our forefathers had once during the independence, accepted around 1 million stateless immigrants (or including BOC and China dual citizenship) as citizen of the land sharing whatever resources in this land as brothers. This was a one way and irreversible mistake for us to free our country from the british.
    Generations after that born are the ingrates who keep pushing us for wanting more than what they deserved and now majorities of their younger generations are calling us immigrants.
    So, we do not want to repeat the same mistake with the Rohingyas.

    1. “This was a one way and irreversible mistake for us to free our country from the british.”

      The other way, of course, was to support Old Rashid Maidin, Abdullah CD – and, Hey! Chin Peng!

      Those, among others, were patriots by any reckoning, they actually meant business when they took up firepower to eject the Brits. There were no other way, and definitely no easy way out than size up to the Brits and give them a good hiding.

      That would have given us (whatever “us” should mean) plenty of face with a much prouder tradition than accept any sneaky and crafty deal the Brits made, worse still, take the side of the Brits to shaft our own kind.

      We get even less face when there was something of a massive capitulation involving what would be called collaboration, acting as stooges for Brit neo-colonial interest, the cheap and easy way out, humiliation…

      Sore for being called “immigrants”, calling people “ingrate” is childish and pathetic, one needs to face the stark reality that massive contributions were made by many, being hard up to play the “masters” and have others groveling in gratitude is some rather backward thinking.

      There has never been anything put in the way of whoever to make a good life, and even get rich, for themselves, you just have to put in the same struggle, hard work as anybody else to make it somewhere.

      I don’t mean somewhere where you can be fabulously wealthy – that you do via the route of corruption, cronyism, crime… That is the route not offered to nearly all, and a poor whatever category of person is the same as another poor whatever category else, even if you want to bring in race, citizenship status, etc etc.

      If you get very happy (Why?) when you can see someone kowtow in gratitude to you (presumably an Orang Asli, a true First Nation), then what?! Do you go on to be a successful businessman, professional, or whatever else usually the weak and the inadequate would blame on everybody else?

    2. its the british accomplishment, nothing to do with yr forefathers, u people dun even know how to handle 100k or the most 200k rohingya. just do like what me, hadi n pas suggest, love them n keep them.

  9. There is a law prohibiting PATI from entering Malaysia. The same immigration law is also applied in any other country, including USA. To HY and the virtue signallers aka NGOs who love Rohingya so much that they are willing to take them as life partners, Rohingya is PATI. You can do them a big favor by marrying yourselves or your family members and friends to PATI of your choices. Good luck!

    Glad to hear that DSIS will not pander to these virtue signallers.

  10. “To HY and the virtue signallers…”

    I don’t think “HY” loves Malays or anything Malay.

    Ditto Muslims or anything Islamic.

    Or even the Rohingyas.

    They are only relevant to him because of his compulsive need to attack the Malays and the Muslims.

    From what I have read from his two-finger attacks on his keyboard (whenever I succeed in deciphering them), there has been nothing that indicated otherwise.

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