Kit Siang won’t be resigning as he has no integrity

Lim Kit Siang is the empty drum banging on the loudest about “backdoor government” and “stolen mandate”.

If you think DAP is a party of hypocrites, then it’s no surprise to you that its totem Lim Sr is the Granddaddy of Hypocrisy.

The Harapan government collapsed in February because — ONE, Pribumi party (the majority of its MPs) pulled out of the ruling coalition and TWO, the Azmin cartel left PKR.

To Kit Siang, the score of Pribumi MPs (excluding Team Mahathir) quitting Harapan and the eleven Azmin-aligned MPs quitting PKR equates to “stealing the mandate of the rakyat” whose vote cast in 2018 had been for Harapan.

Let’s see what the old DAP hypocrite himself had said when the shoe was on the other foot, i.e. MPs who had won their GE14 seats on the Umno ticket leaping out of BN to join Pribumi.

Did Kit Siang in 2018 similarly bang on his drum that the votes they (Mustapa Mohamed, Mas Ermieyati, etc) got had originally been intended for Umno and their frogging to the Mahathir lily pad amounted to the rakyat’s mandate being stolen?

Likewise did Kit Siang spout his selective outrage when MPs (Khalid Samad et al) who had won their GE13 seats on the PAS ticket quit the Islamist party to form Amanah, a DAP-backed newly created party?

The votes obtained by Khalid & Gang in 2013 had been meant for PAS. Amanah clearly stole the mandate (2013-2018) given by the rakyat to PAS. But DAP was fine with that particular theft back then. They’re only complaining when Harapan is at the short end of the stick.

Two old birds of a feather  

At the latest parliament sitting on May 18, the headcount was 113 MPs in support of Muhyiddin, two independents (Baru Bian and Masir Kujat) and 107 MPs opposed to Muhyiddin.

Before the Sheraton Move, Pakatan-Plus had 138 MPs (this number includes Warisan’s nine). Post Sheraton Move, Pakatan-Plus has 109 MPs (still counting Baru Bian and Masir Kujat).

Thus the transition between the Harapan administration and the Perikatan administration last February entailed a movement of 29 MPs.

It’s admittedly hard to keep track of the Sabah and Sarawak MPs who realigned their party loyalties in the weeks and months following the May 9 polling day in 2018. PKR also absorbed a small handful of MPs who had not won their seats with the Keadilan eye logo.

The frogging of Umno MPs to Pribumi, however, is on record and countable. There are 14 of them (full name list HERE).

Tainted love

In short, it took the exit of 29 MPs to topple Harapan. But 14 of these MPs who exited Harapan in February were, to begin with, Umno MPs as of the 9 May 2018 election day.

Meaning: Half the MPs whom Kit Siang is today accusing Muhyiddin of stealing – ref. the “stolen mandate” catchphrase – in order to form his current Perikatan “backdoor government” had been ‘stolen‘ by Mahathir from Umno in 2018.

It’s important to note that the same time Kit Siang is screaming from the rooftops at the perfidy of the MPs who caused the collapse of the Harapan government, his party is nonetheless still willing to work with Mahathir.

In fact, DAP will clutch desperately at Mahathir‘s coattails as long as there remains the sliver of a chance for them to return to Putrajaya.

Kit Siang has no moral high ground to stand on in chastising the Perikatan government’s alleged stolen mandate when he is in cahoots with Mahathir who poached fourteen Umno MPs, hence stealing the mandate which the voters in these constituencies never actually gave to Pribumi in GE14.

Poster boy for Walking Political Joke

Kit Siang having lost whatever moral high ground he may have once possessed is one thing. The weasel way in which this Mahathir apologist now tries to defend the indefensible is quite another thing.

Both he and DAP have been successfully defanged and declawed by Mahathir, and become a toothless tiger.

The tweet above summarizes Kit Siang’s piss poor excuse invented to defend his master’s act of taking in Mas Ermieyati whose 2018 Masjid Tanah parliament seat was won on the Umno ticket.

Kit Siang said: “It is now for (Wanita Umno chief) Noraini to first prove her sincerity and integrity before (ex Puteri Umno chief) Mas Ermieyati has to prove her political integrity by resigning from Parliament after the constitutional amendment barring her from re-contesting is given the Royal Assent and gazetted into law.”

It’s a wonder that the words “sincerity” and “integrity” don’t burn his twisting tongue when Kit Siang mouths them.

Click to enlarge

Going by Kit Siang’s own logic stated in July 2018 with regard to Mas Ermieyati’s defection, DAP too should amend the federal constitution first if they don’t approve of party hopping. Otherwise (without this constitutional amendment), the present Muhyiddin government is perfectly legal and legitimate.

Two weeks ago, Umno deputy president Mat Hasan reminded Kit Siang about his promise to resign should Anwar fail to be passed the baton by Mahathir.

Biarlah. Let Kit Siang stay as the traveling circus MP (see his career timeline in chart above) until such a time that parliament is dissolved. He is only beclowning himself every time he opens his toothless mouth.



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5 thoughts on “Kit Siang won’t be resigning as he has no integrity

  1. i attended both dinner organised by mca n dap since young, mca is always y we cant do while dap is always what others supposed to do. sampai kiamat cerita masih sama.

  2. In authoritarian China, if Lim Kit Sial fanned the embers of social discord like in 1963, he would be disappeared without trace. Since Malays have a concept called belas kasihan, they forgot to throw away the keys after locking him up. Funny how the Chinese complain incessantly about Malaysia, while they can’t even dream of doing a fraction of habitual evil misdeeds (disseminating fake news etc) in China without getting wiped out. But Malaysian Chinese electorate seems unfazed by blatant biaDAP lies. Look at how they screwed up Penang. No longer the Pearl of Orient. More like cancerous tumor of orient with unchecked construction.

  3. One has to be fair to Lickspittle Lim Khat Siang.

    Oaths and promises made by the Tokong of the Lim Lynasty are not what the DAP Bible is about.

    The worshiper of the Spawn of Satan, the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster, Atuktankhamen to son, Josef StaLim Guano Eng, followers of the antique zombie as he sails on his journey in the pharaoh’s Kerala Underworld, does not have to honour any oath he solemnly proclaims.

    Neither do those “Christians” of the DAP who speak with forked tongue, and speak for the Devil. The “bible” they follow allows for lies, double-talk, two-faced, two-timing snake talk, all with a healthy dose of good old Kerala bullock sh*t.

    Given Malaysia is a tolerant country – where Lickspittle Lim’s decades of verbal output have been taken for grunted by the DAP’s religious following, the DAP Bible, Lickspittle Lim’s oaths, promises, pontifications, should all be taken as the elder tokong following his gospel truth, Amen.

    So, surely as the Tokong and the cult followers of the DAP Bible forgave the Snake Pharaoh for all his corruption and gross abuse of power, turned him into an object of cowering worship, I should, in turn, forgive Lickspittle Lim for his decades of lies and bullsh*t – even if I am not going to worship him.

    Or waste my organic free-range eggs showering them on him, Amen.

    The moral of the story is Malaysians have to learn to forgive. For the dumb sucker supporters of the DAP, that’s the only way to save your idiotic face from looking so bright red stupid for being taken for a good long ride by your tokong and uncle Lickspittle Lim!

    So off you go, all ye blessed Eeyores of the Land, prepare for the Turd Coming!!! The signs are there, latest is the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster is even chucked out of his own party, Bless that Holy Moo!!!

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