MPs: Perikatan 96% Malay-Bumiputera, Harapan 54% Chinese-Indians

Now that the dust has settled on parliament, we can do a more concrete ethnic headcount of the MPs.

Perikatan has 113 MPs — see full name list below.


Only five: Can count on fingers of one hand 

They comprise Malays and Bumiputera which includes the Christian natives of Sabah & Sarawak, one Orang Asli (YB Cameron Highlands who is Muslim), two Indians and three Chinese.

The five non-Bumiputera MPs in Perikatan are:

  • Edmund Santhara Kumar (ex-PKR)
  • Saravanan Murugan (MIC)
  • Wee Ka Siong (MCA)
  • Wee Jeck Seng (MCA)
  • Tiong Sing King (SPDP)

Wee Ka Siong (below) is the only Chinese full cabinet minister. If there was no WKS, the Chinese would not know what is being said in the cabinet meetings.

In Malaysia, deputy ministers do not attend cabinet meetings

Chinese = 3% Perikatan MPs, 7% Muhyiddin cabinet

You really can’t blame Muhyiddin for his Malay weighted cabinet. As it is the Chinese are over-represented as his deputy ministers, going by the ratio of GE14 election result and how the Chinese voted.

Perikatan has 108 MPs who are Malay or Bumiputera. They make up 95.6 percent of Muhyiddin’s 113-MP ruling coalition.

It’s a zero sum game. When 95 percent of the Chinese electorate voted Harapan, this is mirrored by a reverse 96 percent of Perikatan MPs being Malay-Bumiputera. So don’t complain about Muhyiddin’s “Malay government”.

The three Chinese Perikatan MPs are only three percent (2.65%) of Muhyiddin’s ruling coalition in parliament. However, Chinese make up seven percent (7.14%) of Muhyiddin’s 70-member cabinet as the PM has appointed three MCA senators – Mah Hang Soon, Lim Ban Hong, Ti Lian Ker – as deputy ministers alongside their party colleague Wee Jeck Seng.

Additionally, Sarawak’s Tiong Sing King has been made Special Envoy to China which carries a ministerial rank in terms of official protocol.

In the opposite corner of the ring … false Hope

Two MPs from Sarawak are independents.

Harapan has 107 MPs who include Mahathir, Mukhriz, Maszlee and Bathtub Boy. 

DAP has only one Malay MP — Tengku Zulpuri Shah.

Between DAP and PKR, the two parties have a round dozen Indian MPs. The 12 are: Gobind, Ramkarpal, Charles Santiago, Xavier, Sivakumar, Sivarasa, Kula, Kasthuri, Kesavan, Karupaiya, Rayer and Prabakaran.

Of the Harapan MPs, 46 are Chinese. Their names below:

  1. Liew Vui Keong (Warisan)
  2. Chan Ming Kai (PKR)
  3. Sim Tze Tzin (PKR)
  4. Lee Boon Chye (PKR)
  5. Chang Lih Kang (PKR)
  6. William Leong (PKR)
  7. Tan Yee Kew (PKR)
  8. Steven Choong Shiau Yoon (PKR)
  9. Michael Teo (PKR)
  10. Larry Sng (PKR)
  11. Christina Liew (PKR)
  12. Wong Chen (PKR)
  13. June Leow (PKR)
  14. Maria Chin Abdullah (PKR)
  15. Lim Guan Eng (DAP)
  16. Steven Sim (DAP)
  17. Wong Hon Wai (DAP)
  18. Chow Kon Yeow (DAP)
  19. Teh Kok Lim (DAP)
  20. Wong Kah Woh (DAP)
  21. James Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP)
  22. Thomas Su (DAP)
  23. David Nga Kor Ming (DAP)
  24. Wong Tack (DAP)
  25. Ong Kian Ming (DAP)
  26. Tony Pua (DAP)
  27. Lim Lip Eng (DAP)
  28. Hannah Yeoh (DAP)
  29. Fong Kui Lun (DAP)
  30. Teresa Kok (DAP)
  31. Tan Kok Wai (DAP)
  32. Anthony Loke (DAP)
  33. Cha Kee Chin (DAP)
  34. Khoo Poay Tiong (DAP)
  35. Pang Hok Liong (DAP)
  36. Yeo Bee Yin (DAP)
  37. Wong Shu Qi (DAP)
  38. Lim Kit Siang (DAP)
  39. Teo Nie Ching (DAP)
  40. Chan Foong Hin (DAP)
  41. Vivian Wong (DAP)
  42. Kelvin Yii (DAP)
  43. Chong Chieng Jen (DAP)
  44. Wong Ling Biu (DAP)
  45. Alice Lau (DAP)
  46. Oscar Ling (DAP)

Chinese make up 43 percent (42.99%) of the Harapan MPs. Indians make up 11 percent (11.2%) of the Harapan MPs. Together Chinese and Indians are 54 percent of the parliamentary opposition.

ABOVE: Prof. Tajuddin and his wife signed up as DAP members 

The outlier views of a DAP Malay

Prof. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi, writing yesterday in Sinchew urged “a strong push by all non-Malay citizenry” to convince MCA and MIC not to work with “an all Malay government”.

”With the razor thin margin of majority, if these non-Malay MPs leave the coalition and join PH, then PN will fall,” he wrote.

Tajuddin wants heavy pressure to be exerted on the MPs of these non-Malay race based parties to exit Perikatan. Err, is Tajuddin being “racist” for targeting MCA and MIC parliamentarians on account of their skin colour? Why not you “lean heavily“ instead on the PAS parliamentarians to break away from Muhyiddin?

Within his same paragraph however, Tajuddin already contradicted himself. On one hand, he said the all-Malay Perikatan defines morality only through “position and money”. On the other hand, he called on Harapan to “entice these non-Malay MPs“ by offering them “positions that may be equivalent to what they are getting now“.

Oh, semua buat demi rakyat lah. Watch Prof. Tajuddin throw in a fig leaf about enticing the MCA, MIC reps “for the sake of returning the people’s mandate”.

Haw, haw, haw Prof. — you a funny man lah. Glad that DAP has Malays like you.

Following DAP’s own ‘no Malay, zero Chinese’ illogic

May I remind the good professor that DAP is a colour-blind party. Guan Eng has proclaimed he is “not a Chinese”, he’s Malaysian. Hannah Yeoh declared that her party central committee has “no Indians“ and “zero Chinese” — see her tweet above.

Hannah explained that in DAP, “there were no Malays elected into the CEC” (correct, there were none) because the committee’s twenty members are all Malaysians.

Since unlike Hannah I’m not a Bangsar Malaysian, I have calculated above that Perikatan MPs are 96 percent Malay-Bumiputera. So I’m broadly in agreement with Prof. Tajuddin that the ruling coalition is (almost) “all Malay” or at least all Bumiputera.

On the contrary and going by Hannah’s twisted logic, Perikatan has ‘no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese’. All 113 of its MPs are Malaysians!

It appears that pro-Harapan Malays such as Prof. Tajuddin be naively telling the public things which are quite the opposite of what top DAP leaders are preaching.

Mahathir is famous for saying “Melayu mudah lupa”. I’d say Melayu DAP mudah ditipu.



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  1. Dear helen
    The goons n power crazed in PH never has the rakyats’ needs and well being in them. Its all about power via slander and destruction of the nation at all costs as long as they can rule.The PH goons has yet to lay out their economic magic plans to revive the economy oe ease the rakyats burden. Even Dr M has contracted their evil ‘disease’ at 95 yrs of age!!! must be god’s ‘reminder” to him n rakyat of his cruelties b4 he ‘leaves’.no signs of ‘taubat’ from Dr M though..May God saves us from further turmoil misery and hardships. Tq helen for your writings..keep it up!

    1. I say Amen to that!

      I would add:

      Dear Lord, keep us from the spawns of Satan, the fake Christians in the DAP, too.

      May we be protected against their frozen idiotic grins, shifty eyes, Devil talk, endless oozing of “forgiveness” for anything, and boundless everlasting “love” we are not exactly craving for.

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      May the number of Rohingyas multiply to keep up with the plentiful offers of free homestay and boundless love of the DAP Christians.

      May we be protected against snake bites from that talking snake, the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster, Pharaoh Atuktankhamen to Tokong Josef StaLim Guano Eng, son of Tokong Papa Doc Lickspittle Lim Khat Siang.

      And, Oh! May Our Lord help us find jobs and help us with our livelihood, protect us from the coronavirus, since the loving DAP Christians aren’t helping us with any of those.

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      “Thanking you in advance”

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