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Sumpah laknat Najib nampaknya mengena

On Friday 20 Dec 2019, Najib took an oath in Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru on the matter of Altantuya.

PM #6 swore in the mosque that he had never met the Mongolian and did not order her killing.

His sumpah: “Jika saya berdusta, maka laknat Allah SWT atas diri saya dan jika saya benar, maka mereka yang memfitnah saya dan tidak bertaubat akan dilaknat oleh Allah SWT di dunia dan akhirat.”


In an interview with Malaysian Gazette two weeks ago, Najib remarked, “There are people who said that Pakatan Harapan fell 66 days after I uttered the sumpah laknat”.

I can sympathize with such an oath that Najib made.

The setan-setan politik in our midst memang pandai tipu, bohong, putar-belit and suka fitnah orang tapi they are adroit enough to couch their duplicity in the cloying language of Peace & Love.

Yesterday, Mahathir‘s membership in Pribumi – the party he founded – was “nullified”. So now Mahathir appears to be partyless.

But not to worry, he will find his true spiritual home with the DAP.



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12 thoughts on “Sumpah laknat Najib nampaknya mengena

  1. Good riddance. Mahathir is running out of time. I don’t think he will join DAP or PKR as he tak suka both DAP and Anwar (based on the audio of his late meeting with Bersatu members). May be he can join Amanah? Not sure Mat Sabu elefan will allow him to be the top dog though. But in politics anything is possible.

  2. It seems sumpah laknat Najib is claiming its slanderers one by one😄,najib had only his facebook n his super ring n waited for the domino effect, starting with PH ‘s demise..never underestimate the power of doa esp from najib’s mother who lived to see her son cruelly shamed n villified…even raja petra apologised openly for the slander…now we will see how dr m fights off the sumpah laknat effect…..too bad for dr m.he used to be idolised but greed n vengence destroyed his legacy n suffers humiliation . I myself used to look uo to him…what a pity..a sad ending indeed😔

  3. not sure Jibby dizalimi atau Tuhan tangguh dulu balasan ke atas Jibby, anyhow, dont make early judgement on sumpah laknat,.nothing assured..wallahua’lam.

    1. Kenyataanya kejadian ini yang berlaku sekarang atas perancangan dan izin Allah.
      Sesiapa yang merasakan perkara ini ada balasan keatas orang dizalimi dan juga balasan keatas orang menzalimi. Tepok dada tanya hati. Sendiri mahu ingatlah…….

  4. “Yesterday, Mahathir‘s membership in Pribumi – the party he founded – was “nullified”. So now Mahathir appears to be partyless.”

    It means it’s time to party.

    Ever since the Snake Pharaoh, chapati flipping M for Monster engineered himself out of his PM seat, the Grace of the Kerala Bullock God has been with him.

    It has only been downhill all the way to the blessed dunghill of history for the Macaivillain operator.

    Even with his grandson softening the fall by using himself as a carpet for his object of divine reverence, it must be really painful for Josef StaLim Guano Eng’s holy Atuktankhamen to bite the dust like that.

    A fall like that must hurt a shiite lot, knocked out quite a few denture… It might even make it more uncomfortable for the cock-talking snake to bite the dust.

    For all the “bombshell” heaps of dirt the Snake Pharaoh shoveled up on Najib, and even with the mercenary help of an elderly foreign angmoh auntie writer of hit-pieces, M for Monster cannot dislodge the forever grinning Najib from his motorbike. It’s been a good few years now, none of the blessed shiite the Snake Pharaoh used could stick on Najib.

    Worse still, the Snake Pharaoh’s clueless lot at the then judiciary didn’t even knew what the fcuk they were doing or not doing!

    Even going to the foreign uncles and aunties at the corrupt US DOJ, or using the corrupt FBI Comey, has not quite produced the result that could get Najib to wear a Malaysian Versace Guantanamo bright orange “Celebrity Special” number.

    It looks rather like Najib may even get away with things, at most get a gentle rap on the knuckle.

    With the massive effort to get at Najib not even half-dung, M for Monster is having to suffer no end of curses, all brought upon himself – by himself, mostly.

    And long before we get to hear about the chocs stolen from Najib’s warehouse of luxury, the Snake Pharaoh is getting a massive migraine from Moo’s machination that has got M for Monster unceremoniously chucked out by his face from his own party!

    And that was not that long ago that snake spawn, that baldy Muthukhriz got chucked out of his MB mini-thrown!

    Holy Kerala Buffalo! Talk about an epic Curse!

    Well, not to be pessimistic, my bet is on the Snake Pharaoh crawling on all four – or slithering on his slime to the running dog he’s revealed he doesn’t like (but who adores him) to get the party of the running dogs the DAP to hold up his behind with their faces to make the yet yet another attempt at the Turd Coming.

    I won’t put more than five bucks on the bet, time’s running out for the Snake Pharaoh, and time is also running out for his running dogs. It would be a tough call to dislodge Old Moo, for all the big number of “strategists” in all the parties of PH, for the revered “elders” of the Snake Pharaoh’s secretive “eminent council”, the best they could do has been to get the rakyat utterly pissed off with them.

    And to get the Snake Pharaoh to get PH pissed out of gomen!

    If I were a PH supporter, I too will do a Justo – piss off from all the garbage moron clowns soon as one drops his sarong! Errr… what am I saying, they’ve all dropped their sarongs and pants!

    1. Ive come across a lot of folks like you…just dont get enough of Tun Mahathir…..when u open ur eyes..u talk abt Tun…when eat…shower..grab a pen…sit with a keyboard…its all gonna be about Tun .Tun…and Tun…..heck maybe before u make love to ur wife u discuss abt Tun…..really…without Tun ur pathetic life will be really miserable…..

  5. Helen Ang patut berdoa Datuk Seri Naib bin Tun Razak sumpah “lknat” semua rakyat Malaysia hidup aman dan kaya raya ber[billion dollar pada harta. Tak payah ber gaduh gaduh. Aman satu dunia.
    Ini di hantar ke England di beri pendidikan dan ber fikiran luas dan jadi sebagai nearawan tersohor. Tapi di pilih jadi “be-badut” masa negara ber-krisis

    1. patut berdoa supaya U jd manusia yg baik dan tak turut jd “be-badut” dari komen yg tak membina

  6. “…Pakatan Harapan fell 66 days after I uttered the sumpah laknat”

    May any of you expert numerologists clue me in on the significance of that “66 days”, please?

    I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with an auto route.

  7. Waduh! Sumpahannya juga tersasar sampai ke seluruh dunia. Di Amerika, DOJ mesti pening kepala mcmmana nak uruskan isu George Floyd. Nak dengar juga apa kata penggemar demonstrasi yang pandang tinggi kebebasan bersuara di Amerika hari ni. Mereka yg kata polis Amerika tak rasis, cekap, amanah, moden – bolehlah ambik iktibar. Polis kita nampaknya jauh lebih baik, Alhamdulillah.

  8. “Ive come across a lot of folks like you…”

    How come you’re so lucky?!

    And so blessed?

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