My second most favourite photo!

My fav political photo is the one of Wee Ka Siong being the only Chinese in Muhyiddin’s cabinet room.

Similarly, this one below is along the same theme of ‘elections have consequences’ for the 95 percent Chinese voters who had backed DAP to the hilt. It is a picture of Malay Big Chiefs pow wow on the day (23 Feb 2020) of the Sheraton Move.

Clockwise from one-hour-to-midnight, the Malay Muslim chieftains seen above are:

• Mahathir — (position: 11pm) slumped in his chair and showing every single one of his 95 years … the Pribumi former chairman “pun tidak suka kepada DAP”

• Hadi Awang — (position: 1am) sitting confidently in a man spread … president of the Islamist party that is the most implacable enemy of the evangelical party

• Azmin Ali — looking demure with his hands folded in his lap … the ex-PKR deputy chairman’s animus for DAP goes a long way back to Langkah Kajang and even before that

• Shafie Apdal — boss of Sabah’s ruling party

• Muhyiddin — Pribumi president whose party refused to remain in the same ruling coalition as DAP a minute longer

• Fadillah & Abang Jo — bosses of Sarawak’s ruling party who realise memang ‘bodoh jika bersama DAP’

• Zahid Hamidi — Umno president whose party is at war with DAP

My third most favourite political photo below. Postscript: There is an ‘h’ missing in the T-shirt’s second word.

DAP is Chinese at their most self destructive

What is the single common denominator prevailing among the Malay Muslim political parties meeting for the Sheraton Move? With perhaps the sole exception of Warisan, they all detest DAP.

Chinese are an ethnic and religious minority in the country. They overwhelmingly support a party that is despised by an overwhelming number of Malaysia’s ethnic and religious majority across the board.

DAP today has 42 MPs of whom 32 are Chinese. MCA at its peak performance in 2004 (Badawi’s landslide election victory) had 31 MPs, all of whom are Chinese.

Thus for comparison, DAP presently has 32 Chinese MPs versus MCA’s 31 Chinese MPs in 2004.

Under the Harapan government, DAP had four (Guan Eng, Anthony, Teresa, Bee Yin) Chinese ministers and six (Chin Tong, Hannah, Steven, Kian Ming, Nie Ching, Chieng Jen) Chinese deputy ministers in the Mahathir cabinet.

Under the Barisan government, MCA had four ministers and eight deputy ministers in the Badawi cabinet.

In terms of cabinet representation, MCA with its 31 MPs was better rewarded under Badawi than DAP with its 42 MPs was under Mahathir.

Note: Badawi had an additional two other non-MCA Chinese ministers and four other non-MCA Chinese deputy ministers hailing from the rest of the BN parties in his 2004 cabinet — full name list HERE.

Hannah Yeoh pawing Mahathir’s chair

Not smart for minority to so antagonize the majority

MCA did not require 95 percent of Chinese electoral muscle in order to leverage with Umno.

Yang Berhormats from Wanita MCA did not have to be hypocrites donning the tudung. MCA elected reps did not jilat Badawi the way the slobbering DAP reps were/are still on their knees kissing Mahathir’s hands and licking his toes. Neither did Badawi betray MCA.

Also MCA did not freak out almost all the Malay parties across the entire political spectrum as DAP has done even though at the party’s apogee, MCA was only one MP short compared to the DAP’s current Chinese strength. Why? Because plainly MCA never employed Politics of Hate and a scorched earth battle plan like DAP.

So why? Why, why do so many Chinese still support the DAP evangelistas?

The so called ‘hate speech’ said to be targeted at the Rohingya in Malaysia is but a fraction of the hate being spewed daily at Muafakat and Pribumi.

A wise peribahasa to bear in mind with regard to minority-majority relations: Bagai durian dengan mentimun, menggolek rosak, kena golek binasa.


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