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Pagoh must do something about Langkawi most urgently!

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said Malaysia cannot take in any more Rohingya who keep coming here non stop.

The PM said this last Friday (June 26) during a teleconference with other Asean leaders — see video below. Continue reading “Pagoh must do something about Langkawi most urgently!”

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M’sia tops global survey on keeping refugees out

Malaysians voiced the most negative opinions on immigrants in a recent international survey conducted in conjunction with World Refugee Day 2020 — see bar charts below.

82 percent Malaysians agreed “We must close our borders to refugees entirely – we can’t accept any at this time”.

75 percent Malaysians agreed “Most foreigners who want to get into my country as a refugee really aren’t refugees. They just want to come here for economic reasons, or to take advantage of our welfare services“.

Click to enlarge Continue reading “M’sia tops global survey on keeping refugees out”


The real problem with Cina DAP

Houston … “we have a problem with Malaysian Chinese” is the latest remark by Mahathir to trigger the Dapsters.

Mahathir was quoted today as saying to Asia Times, “they [Chinese] have become extremely rich in Malaysia and they own practically all the towns in Malaysia”.

Just a piece of trivia: Yes, DAP owns a lot of the towns in Malaysia, politically speaking. Continue reading “The real problem with Cina DAP”

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Siapa bacul? The biggest difference between Mahathir and Muafakat

Even a twenty-something like Saddiq (below) would be hard pressed to defend DAP with as much energy as 95-year-old Mahathir.

Continue reading “Siapa bacul? The biggest difference between Mahathir and Muafakat”

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M’sia being “watched” for violating Christian religious freedom

Yesterday Malaysia, together with Myanmar, was singled out to the American State Department for our respective countries’ unacceptable “treatment of religious minority communities”.

The State Department is headed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who is a staunch evangelical Christian. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom or USCIRF had slammed both Myanmar and Malaysia in its press release yesterday (June 23). Continue reading “M’sia being “watched” for violating Christian religious freedom”

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Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a staunch evangelical Christian. Pompeo has said in interviews he always keeps a Bible open on his office desk and that the Holy Book “informs everything I do”.

The US Department of State headed by Pompeo submits an annual report to the American Congress on the status of religious freedom around the world. Every year, the department obtains its information from religious groups, NGOs, human rights monitors, academics, media contacts and others.

Their country report on Malaysia was released a fortnight ago (June 10) and Continue reading “Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians”

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When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?

Apart from the usual suspects – Amnesty International, HRW-Human Rights Watch, Fortify Rights and other vocal NGOs – far left news outlets have also jumped on the ‘Bash Malaysia’ bandwagon.

Xenophobia is prevalent in Malaysia, said a report today in Vice Media headlined ‘Malaysia Is Planning to Send a Boat Full of Rohingya Refugees Back Out to Sea’.

There has been a “shocking” amount of online hate speech from Malaysians about the Rohingya refugees, as well as several anti-Rohingya groups and personal blogs, Vice quoted Liz Day as saying. In other words, Malaysians are haters. Continue reading “When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?”


Sinchew’s Stockholm Syndrome post Sheraton Storm

The Chinese in Malaysia are a sad people. But sad not meaning ‘sedih’.

Here it is like saying “Cina DAP, uh … Sad!” borrowing Donald Trump’s punctuated use of the word. As in ‘kesian, but not really’. More like ‘Tengok dema dok hanyut terkapai-kapai kerana terlajak perahu dah tak ‘leh undur dah’.

Malaysia’s Chinese community – or rather 95 percent of its voters – bought a one-way ticket to sail on the Ship of False Hope.

“Chinese Malaysians can no longer put all the eggs in the same basket, as they did in GE14,” Sin Chew Daily editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang wrote yesterday in anticipation of a GE15 snap election. Continue reading “Sinchew’s Stockholm Syndrome post Sheraton Storm”


DAP’s belief in third time lucky with Mahathir

Syed Hamid Albar slammed Muhyiddin’s government last month for its decision to “block the live-saving rescue of refugees on boats”.

Syed Hamid commented on May 2 that “the recent backlash against the Rohingya by Malaysian citizens also indicates the implication of the absence of government policies to develop policies and frameworks to regularize people who require our protection”. Continue reading “DAP’s belief in third time lucky with Mahathir”


Malays being told they are pendatang too

A most bizarre ‘All Lives Matter’ editorial appeared yesterday in the New Straits Times implying that we must be on the side of the “genocidal” Myanmar regime if we advocate for Malaysia to close our borders.

The NST warned, “If we turn xenophobic against the Rohingya, what’s the difference between us and the ethnic cleansers of Myanmar?” Continue reading “Malays being told they are pendatang too”


Why Tengku Zulpuri still in Harapan which is 63% Chinese Indian MPs?

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, who is DAP member of parliament for Raub, came out today to deny speculation that he would be joining Perikatan. He is his party’s one and only Malay MP.

BELOW: Tengku Zulpuri sticks out like a sore thumb — he is the only DAP leader in the group photo wearing red Continue reading “Why Tengku Zulpuri still in Harapan which is 63% Chinese Indian MPs?”

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Heidy Quah asking for more money after NGOs already raised half million ringgit

Queen of Whinge Heidy Quah is in the news both domestically and internationally.

She was featured in a British newspaper The Telegraph yesterday complaining about “a new wave of hate comments and xenophobia towards the refugee community”. Continue reading “Heidy Quah asking for more money after NGOs already raised half million ringgit”


Showing how an aggressive minority is able to bully the majority

Majority ethnic are ‘racist, extremist and religious bigots’… konon

How does a minority win when they do not have the power of a military? One strategy seen in the USA currently is for the minority blacks to make as if they have the moral high ground, and obversely that the majority white people are bad and immoral. Continue reading “Showing how an aggressive minority is able to bully the majority”

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Laporan polis terhadap aktivis Cina DAP jika memfitnah — KP Imigresen

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia menafi tuduhan yang dibuat oleh aktivis Kristian bernama Heidy Quah bahawa seorang warga asing yang baru beranak kononnya telah digari di meja.

Ketua pengarah jabatan Khairul Dzaimee Daud (gambar) hairan bagaimana Heidy boleh mendakwa siap bercakap dengan tahanan di bilik melalui dinding plastik pada 5 Jun lalu sedangkan tiada pelawat dibenarkan memasuki kawasan depot imigresen sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan. Continue reading “Laporan polis terhadap aktivis Cina DAP jika memfitnah — KP Imigresen”

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Hypocrisy of evangelistas is staggering, haw haw haw

Last night, the Lubok Antu MP quit Harapan and joined Perikatan. A ton of curses and insults were immediately heaped on him.

Only one day earlier, the Sri Gading MP had quit his job as Muhyiddin’s cabinet minister and Dapsters were hoping he would also be joining Harapan soon. A ton of applause and praises were speedily showered on him. Continue reading “Hypocrisy of evangelistas is staggering, haw haw haw”

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Pro-LGBT mayor vs police feud

Former New York City Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani just said on Fox News (video below) that current NYC Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio should resign over his incompetence in handling the riots.

Chiara, de Blasio’s 25-year-old daughter was also arrested at a Black Lives protest for throwing projectiles at law enforcement. Meanwhile her father appeared on TV praising her while at the same time criticizing his own city’s police. Continue reading “Pro-LGBT mayor vs police feud”