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American cities on fire

Anarchy has taken hold of at least 140 cities across America.

Craig Melvin is a news anchor at American broadcaster MSNBC. He said (below) that the narrative of his TV network is to characterize what’s happening in Minneapolis – the largest city in Minnesota state – as “protests” and not riots.


Journalist Ali Velshi, who is Melvin’s MSNBC colleague, attempted to explain that despite a building burning right behind him, it was nonetheless only “mostly a protest” in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile in Atlanta at the CNN headquarters, the ‘protestors’ (not rioters) momentarily forgot to observe social distancing and did not keep six feet apart.

Despite the destruction to the inside of the CNN building and all the broken glass outside, the protest was still mostly peaceful (sarcasm). 


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2 thoughts on “American cities on fire

  1. Since CNN means Contains No News, nothing was affected inside the news network building.

    Still, with Hong Kong in mind, and in solidarity with the peaceful rioters in the US of A, one is minded to say “We are all Joshuas now”.

    Err… even when the little tosspot is yet to have the blessed Mars bars kicked out of him by the Chinese who’s repeatedly moaned there’s everything Wong with Hong Kong.

    Well, one should hope the Chinese learn more than few tricks from the Yanks about proper riot handling once the going gets real hot in Yankland, steal a few great ideas, use them in Hong Kong!

    You can’t have a revolution without broken skulls – like you can’t make omelette without breaking eggs.

    Well, unlike the DAP which collected a good lot of flying eggs and still weren’t frying any omelette, the Chinese may jolly well be as good as what they are cracked up to be!

    Once they have learned from their Yank uncles and produced their own crack troops.

  2. Some stocky tudung-disguised hijab-wearing bogus Christians of the holy DAP’s evangelical wing might be impressed the hooligans of the Hong Kong “pro-democracy” gangs do not belong to the “no class” category the spawns of kway teow fryers like to label people they look down on.

    While the Yank rentamob ruffians loot shops off Nike trainers, branded sportswear, and the like, the Hong Kong thugs go for the goldsmiths and jewelers.

    We can call the Hong Kong rioter-looters many class up on their poor Yank lookalikes.

    In other words, they’ve “got class”, and surely find the approval of our DAP class assessors.

    Particularly those class-obsessed DAP social and political upstart types who graduated from frying kway teow into becoming losers and footstool and other kinds of stool of the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster – who’s found them no class and useless politicians and do not like them one bit in spite of being adored and worshiped by our no class fool-time running dogs.

    Oh! I can’t wait for the Chinese military to “fight the good fight” (Tim 6:12) this time round, join the Hong Kong police, cracked a nice lot of eggs, make nice omelettes out of those rioters with nice haircuts!

    Three eggs for my kway teow, please, Mr Yeoh!

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