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Manufacturing race grievances and playing victim card

On May 25, an African American named George Floyd died in police custody. Four days later on May 29, a Minneapolis white cop is charged with third-degree murder for his death.

Today America is burning from coast to coast.

When an innocent white woman Justine Damond was fatally shot by a black cop – also in Minneapolis – in July 2017, there were no riots.

Mind you, the Minneapolis city police chief is a black man, as is Minnesota state‘s attorney general. And the Minneapolis mayor as well as the Minnesota governor are both Democrats. Minnesota‘s two senators are Democrats. The majority of its congressmen are Democrats while its most famous rep is arguably Ilhan Omar.

But the liberal media as usual blame Donald Trump for George Floyd’s death at the knee of a police.

Rioters this week looting in the name of George Floyd were seen crashing into banks and smashing ATMs with crowbars. Above is a scene from Union Bank in La Mesa, San Diego on May 30. The second picture below shows the bank set ablaze.

How is stealing money from cash machines restoring “justice” to the dead George Floyd? How are carting away flat screen TVs, air-cons, microwaves and other loot from stores construed as righteous acts in protest of racism?

Even Mom-and-Pop businesses owned by blacks were vandalized and destroyed in the George Floyd riots sweeping the USA.

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Stoking black racial resentment by fomenting outrage

So why do the African Americans feel mired in perpetual victimhood, egged on in their outrage by white virtue signalers and social justice warriors (SJWs).

President Trump and the Department of Justice will be designating Antifa (white SJWs) as domestic “terrorists”. This is deserving for their suspected role as the agent provocateurs deliberately inflaming the current riots.

Let’s look at their ideologues to get an idea of the victimology diet that the African-American community feeds on. Frontpage Mag compiled a list of ‘America’s Top 10 Black Racists’ — which helps to illustrate the rewarding black grievance industry.

Topping the magazine’s black personalities in the list made in 2018 – it’s two years old but remains relevant – is celebrated author Ta-Nehisi Coates who is described as the “most pampered racist and foremost producer of victimology porn” in the country. Coates’ overrated award-winning book Between the World and Me is “a racist screed that masks its hatred in self-pity” according to Frontpage.

Coates is also the foremost promoter of the rubbish ‘reparations’ argument, i.e. a demand that third- and fourth-generation descendants of African slaves (who were never slaves themselves) deserve financial compensation to be paid them by the present-day American government for the slavery of their ancestors.

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No.2 on the Frontpage list of black racial chauvinists is New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie.

Rounding up the rest of the Top Ten are Black Lives Matter activists (3) DeRay Mckesson and (4) Alicia Garza, Women’s March chairman (5) Tamika Mallory, Nike’s star athlete (6) Colin Kaepernick, MSNBC host (7) Joy-Ann Reid, Huffington Post columnist (8) Marc Lamont Hill, Salon staff writer (9) Chauncey DeVega and academic-cum-media celebrity (10) Michael Eric Dyson.

I’ve never before heard of the BLM personalities (3) & (4) but I can certainly agree with the magazine that opinionated writers Bouie and DeVega carry a big, black chip on their shoulder. DeVega’s Twitter timeline for example is peppered with the epithet “white trash” with which he name-calls The Deplorables and their leader-in-chief.

New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow and Washington Post op-ed columnist Eugene Robinson are not in the Frontpage list but this duo nonetheless are good examples of African-American men obsessed with ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white supremacists’.

Try reading the grievance mongers Coates, Bouie, DeVega, Blow or Robinson and their endless angry whinging about black victimhood, and you can begin to understand one of the triggers to the passive-aggressive rioting.


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4 thoughts on “Manufacturing race grievances and playing victim card

  1. i think many whites have strong sense of guilty, n i believe the black, muslim n asian especially ccp chinese have a good grasp of this whites guilty sense. i very often debate with american n european wrt issue relate to china, i am very pro china (not ccp) to the extent some of my argument sound so illogical, childish n from a very narrow perspective, however i found their rebuttal is very mild n most of the time more like educating a small boy. but of course there are some that are actually very arrogant n feel superior.

    i dun read much abt malaysian view towards african that reside here, however i do read the guangzhou chinese remarks in their forum, its much worst n anger, very racist as well, the very funny ona is (黑鬼叫鸡唔俾钱) many black refuse to pay after received prostitute service.

    thats y i still think usa is relatively quite a great country for immigrants,maybe i am wrong.

  2. The “peaceful protesters ” are saving their country from racism and serving justice just like Pakatan saving and reforming Malaysia after they won the last election.

    Those people should have practiced penjarakan sosial though, lol

    In a short time they gonna be unable to breathe just like that guy did.

  3. Whilst I am glad that the US imperialists are getting a taste of their own medicine for their instigating and funding the rioters in Hong Kong, the anti-government opposition in Venezuela, support for ISIS in the Middle East in an attempt to destabilise governments and leaders the US imperialists don’t like, bombings and invasions of other countries, backing of political NGOs in Malaysia and so forth, these rioters in the US appear to very much also be the same Soros or Democrat backed protestors and rioters who came out against Trump immediately after he was elected President and demanding that he step down because his election was “illegitimate”.

    After all, the murder of George Floyd and the justifiable anger of many blacks and other people as a “fantastic opportunity” for the Democrats to exploit in the run up to the November presidential elections.

    Whilst I dislike Trump and the Republicans, however the Democrats have shown themselves to be no better when it comes the US imperialist interference and aggression in other countries.

    The only difference is that Trump is brash, loud and more in-the-face with his statements and actions, much like a proverbial barking dog which seldom bites, whilst Democrat presidents are more subtle and work behind the scenes behind a liberal facade, much like the proverbial silent dog which bites.

    Malcolm X despised white liberals more than he did white conservatives. Basically, he believes that white liberals were being friendly to blacks for their votes and not because they actually had the blacks’ interests at heart.

    Malcolm X on Liberals

  4. Are our own minorities supposed to carry big victimhood chips on their shoulders too?

    Are they enjoying shouldering that because it is profitable, and fun to do that?

    Or are they forced to wear that because they have committed that unforgivable crime and sin of not being aware (or even deliberately ignoring?) they have to smear ashes and don sackcloth for not being eternally “grateful” for some loving kindness shown them when they were given some kind of “immigration” status for our country because supposedly without doing that they could not grab power over others?

    Not equating the above with the plight of the blacks in the US, but the blacks there are treated like filth and I am very happy for them if they can use the victim card (and the chips on their shoulders) as one of the means of fighting for their right – like, at least (and in theory) they have got that right which is denied the oppressed in many other countries.

    I won’t be surprised if the Yank hillbillies come out again like they did over the coronavirus shutdown, carrying assault rifles and wearing army kit, this time, to fight for their right to be racist and supremacist over their blacks crying out loud about their plight (centuries old at that!)

    The red Made-in-China T-shirts of the racist and supremacist hillbillies in some other countries come to mind too!

    The white in the West, often with local stooges and deculturised “house niggers” in their colonies have had their power imposed with firepower over the “lesser” folks all over the world. They slapped down heavily on the slightest whimper of dissent.

    They have their massive loot robbed from their victims all over the world too, – without a word of thank.

    The whites enjoy their power, loot, and lording it over the “lesser” folks.

    I won’t lose any sleep if the blacks play it any way, play it their way or ways, to make themselves heard (and seen). We too have been victims of Brit colonialism and oppression.

    And we are still victims of the West – many in the world are still mentally enslaved with the indoctrination of the West’s “superiority”, all others must hold that in awe, and cower.

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