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Pro-LGBT mayor vs police feud

Former New York City Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani just said on Fox News (video below) that current NYC Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio should resign over his incompetence in handling the riots.

Chiara, de Blasio’s 25-year-old daughter was also arrested at a Black Lives protest for throwing projectiles at law enforcement. Meanwhile her father appeared on TV praising her while at the same time criticizing his own city’s police.

Bill de Blasio told a nationwide American television audience that he was proud of Chiara and backed her street activism.

He insisted she was only “peacefully protesting“ despite that she was arrested by police.

The white liberal mayor is one of America’s Top Ten virtue signalers. In the photo below, de Blasio (wearing rainbow necktie) is seen with his black wife (wearing blue dress) and their daughter Chiara (wearing black bra) at the family’s all-in participation at the gay pride march.

The New York police department has long had a strained relationship with their city mayor.

In January 2015, NYPD officers snubbed de Blasio by turning their backs to him during a funeral for two slain policemen (one Chinese, one Latino).

The police union Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) comprising 13,000 active and retired sergeants said it was de Blasio who had indirectly gotten Brooklyn 84th Precinct cops Liu Wenjian and Rafael Ramos “assassinated” by a black cop-hating killer.

Most recently @SBANYPD said the men in blue were hamstrung from doing their job to contain the riots due to de Blasio tying their hands.

New York’s former police commissioner Ray Kelly once said de Blasio “ran an anti-police campaign” in order to get elected as mayor.

This February, the NYPD said those who hate cops vote for de Blasio. The mayor in turn suggested that it was  the actions of his city police force which fomented hate.

While NYPD vehicles are going up in flames, torched by the ‘George Floyd’ rioters, the mayor is still siding with the peaceful protestors.

BELOW: A scene in Brooklyn on Saturday night (30 May 2020) 

On the same Saturday, officers driving two NYPD vehicles in Brooklyn were swarmed by violent protesters who set up instant barricades to block their path.

A flaming bag had been thrown by the (‘peaceful’) protestors onto the roof of the police SUV — watch carefully in the ABC7NY video.

Mayor Bill de Blasio again condemned his city police officers involved in the ploughing incident captured above on mobile cam.

BELOW: Separate incidents of NYPD cars set ablaze


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8 thoughts on “Pro-LGBT mayor vs police feud

  1. Puan Helen, your recent write ups are very concerning. The protesters of George Floyd murder in police custody are largely peaceful. It was the police who as usual apply excessive force. George Floyd’s and many other unarmed Blacks Men’s death by white police officers reminds me of death of Indian men in Malaysian police custody. There are large protest over there in USA because murderous White officers were let go with slap on wrist in most cases. That’s why people are angry and fed up. They cook up stupid excuses after killing unarmed Black Men and even a Black Kid with a bag of candies. No action taken against brutal police officers.

    1. trump hv more to learn from msia, he must find a way to classify the black as pendatang to solve the isuue forever, unlike now even the stupid white riot on the street .

      1. “…he must find a way to classify the black as pendatang to solve the isuue forever”

        In some European countries Chinese are categorised as “coloured, none white”, or even as “Black”.

        And “pendatang”.

        The Brits, fcuking foreigners and colonialists as they were, categorised locals as “Subjects”.

        Some of their subjects even call their own kind, eg the Chinese as “Chinamen”, a racist term. Talk about subservient groveling colonial plantation “monkeys” ape-ing the massahs in mentality!

        Like it or not, we do really have those who actually think they are Brit and white. Without pausing for a moment the Brits think of them as “brown, black or yellow ‘monkeys’ “, thank you Massah!

        Classifying or categorising solved nothing for those countries or anybody.

        But created and still creates moronic mental disturbance for the minds of those who see it their meaning of life to categorise and classify people.

        Oh, ever thought of the term “Human”?

          1. My son effing perfumes his “language” infinitely more than me.

            In an intense computer game online , he exchanges perfume with other kids the world over.

            Sad to say, we’re still family.

            A Christian priest once told me it is better to get the stuff out of the mouth than keep it in the heart.

            He was an Angmoh and abroad. I shared my perfume with a local priest once, he pretended not to hear. I pushed the perfume again, and he never came near me again.

            I have always wondered why when some people could be pretty okay being fed to the lions, or being stuck with nails on two planks, they cannot suffer mere words… Hmmm…

            Still… okay (lah), my regards to your families!

            1. maybe there is not much we can do to lion n thug, but we can always ask someone to shut up, politely or otherwise wakaka.

        1. actually i am very ignorant plus curious on this subject, the black n white speak the same language, believe in the same god, n grown up more or less in the same neighborhood, so what cause the devide? here we acknowledge the diff, n choose to live our own life, is this a wiser choice?

  2. “They cook up stupid excuses…”

    Too true.

    They are terrible cooks too.

    Here, we aren’t wonderful cooks either.

    Have you tasted that Mee Guan Eng and Kit Siang?

    Sung and served by that tanned “Angmoh”, WanTon Mee Thomas.

    Fishy stuff… strong pungent thick old belacan…

    Most popular during D’ Appy hours lying under his sarong during the time the evangelicals were most devotional groveling under hooves of idol Atuktankha-ramen was back again stirring up his Mamak Mee Myself and I, and flipping roti canai and at his famous Tokkok sarabat stall.

    Fatt Mee! as the Chinese would say..!

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