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Hypocrisy of evangelistas is staggering, haw haw haw

Last night, the Lubok Antu MP quit Harapan and joined Perikatan. A ton of curses and insults were immediately heaped on him.

Only one day earlier, the Sri Gading MP had quit his job as Muhyiddin’s cabinet minister and Dapsters were hoping he would also be joining Harapan soon. A ton of applause and praises were speedily showered on him.

An MP defecting from Harapan to Perikatan is deemed a traitor and villain. An MP defecting from Perikatan to Harapan however is deemed a patriot and hero.

Double standards from the Dapsters, you say? Worse, I contend. DAP supporters so love to preach as if they’re standing on moral high ground. And from their pinnacle of virtue, they actually making spitting sounds ptui ptui at BN people.

2009 — Do you recall how DAP people swore and aimed death threats at the Jelapang Adun for leaving their party in Perak to become a “BN-friendly independent”?

2018 — Yet they either cheered (or at least remained conspicuously silent) when a whole pondful of Umno frogs leaped over to Harapan.

Now it’s Mahathir’s 2020 signature year and after all that has recently happened, followers of the false Hope coalition have still not acquired an ounce of self awareness. This is evidenced by their continued hypocrisy over the antics of the Lubok Antu and Sri Gading MPs respectively.

Evangelistas are one up on Dapsters

The double standard of DAP evangelistas is one notch higher than even their secular counterparts.

Hannah Yeoh believes that the behaviour of a not-usually-pious Trump (above) clutching the Bible while standing in front of Washington DC’s ‘Church of the Presidents’ which was attacked and burned by rioters is nonetheless something revolting.

Hoity toity DAP Christians can lecture fellow Malaysians that the Bible is not a prop, a church is not a photo op, religion is not a political tool, and God is not your plaything — see Hannah Yeoh’s retweet.

Yet the DAP Christian politicians will wear tudung like a game of cosplay, cavalierly quote the Quran and Hadith for their hit jobs on Umno opponents, occupy mosques plus condemn PAS as Taliban while ignoring the political activism of their own evangelical churches.

And talking about cheap ‘photo op’, take a look at DAP Christian MP Ong Kian Ming stirring the empty pot (used by surau for cooking bubur lambuk) during his visit there in puasa month. How “revolting” is that, Hannah?


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2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of evangelistas is staggering, haw haw haw


    I well recall after the 2008 GE, when Pakatan won 5 states and the BN lost its two-thirds majority in parliament, Anwar Ibrahim was talking about getting 30 BN MPs to jump ship to Pakatan by the 16th of September 2008.

    However, come 16th September 2008, not one BN MP jumped ship to Pakatan and Pakatoons alleged “threats”, “intimidation”, “payment of money”, etc. which denied Pakatan the opportunity to attain a majority in parliament and establish a Pakatan backdoor government.

    Fast forward to March 2020 when PKR’s Azmin Ali and other MPs split for PKR, Pakatan prime minister Mahathir resigns and his party leaves Pakatan and allies with UMNO & PAS, and even before the YDP Agong has interviewed all MPs individually to determine who amongs the 222 MP’s has the majority support amongst the 222, Pakatan sidekicks, including the Parti “Sosialis” Malaysia and their pro-Pakatan NGO sidekicks are out in Dataran Merdeka denouncing “backdoor” government.

    I suppose a Pakatan backdoor government (or might we say backside government) is OK with Pakatan but a Perikatan “backdoor” government is a “betrayal of the people’s mandate”.

    I suppose Pakatoons would have been cheering and dancing in the streets if Pakatan had managed to form a backdoor government back in 2008.

  2. Meanwhile, the Malay Mail reports:-

    Pakatan won’t field candidate in Chini by-election, cites Covid-19 threat as main reason

    “COVID-19”? Really, Saifuddin?

    Or is it because Pakatan got a mere 6.46% of the popular vote in Chini in May 2018 and would very likely be thoroughly thrashed in the upcoming Chini by-election?

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