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Another Chinese NGOer complaining M’sians are extreme

Some Malaysians just like to badmouth our country to the world in bulan Ramadan dan Syawal.

And those who disagree with these self-anointed Mother Teresa’s are labeled as “ugly Malaysians” by these virtue signalers, as well as branded Nazis and second cousins of Hitler.

Now yet another Chinese NGO do-gooder is whinging that she “get(s) hell and mass hate comments for speaking up every time” in favour of undocumented immigrants.

BELOW: Heidy griped that “people used to not be so extreme”

Heidy planning to sic the police on her critics

Heidy Quah, the founder of an NGO called Refuge For The Refugees, is portraying herself as a victim of cyberbullying.

This publicity seeker is being given airtime by Malaysiakini and by FMT under the whiny headline ‘Why do they hate us, says harassed chief of refugee NGO’. Err, why do they ‘hate’ you, Ms Quah? Well, it’s likely because “they” see you as a hypocrite.

The Malaysiakini news item today on Heidy Quah, meanwhile, is titled ‘NGO chief bombarded with hate comments for posting on refugees’.

Heidy complains about “the terrible, attacking comments“ and barrage of criticism she has gotten from “appalling” Malaysians who object to her advocacy on behalf of the economic migrants. The so called ‘refugees’ are currently under detention by our authorities.

Characterizing the online harassment as “brutal attacks”, Heidy has urged her followers to report such critics to Facebook so that action over hate speech can be taken against them.

She herself plans to lodge a report too with the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, FMT reported.

BELOW: Heidy Quah receives award from the Queen of England — her FB profile pic

Viewing Joe Rakyat with Bangsarian contempt

The thing with virtue signalers is the virtuous blinkers shield them from their own defective blind spot in championing immigrant workers. Take for example the following self-rightious rhetoric by Heidy. She asked:

“Who builds our buildings? Who are our security guards? Who does the hard, heavy lifting work in wet markets and supermarkets? Who works in our factories like slaves — producing “affordable” clothes for us to purchase and wear?”

Allow me to counter.

Who owns the construction companies reaping huge profits by using cheap foreign labour to build their projects?

Who owns the industrial and commercial properties where poorly paid guards patrol the premises with their poorly fed dogs?

Who owns the supermarkets and wet market stalls employing undocumented foreigners on the cheap to do the heavy work?

Who owns the factories where pendatang haram toil away to produce the affordable clothes that Heidi buys?

I can tell you who the owners of the construction companies, properties, supermarkets and  factories are not. They are not the “hundreds of thousands” ordinary Malaysians who recently signed petitions appealing for Rohingya to be deported.

BELOW: Mr Goh Cia Yee while trying not to immediately label Hafiz as racist, bigot, selfish or a horrible person nonetheless assumes that Hafiz is “incapable of empathy”

Kneel to the culture of Woke

A scenario where powerful owners of capital are allowed to exploit cheap foreign labour exemplifies ‘privatizing profits and nationalizing costs’.

The capitalist class in Malaysia gets away with paying slave wages to an immigrant workforce, many of whom are illegals and thus not provided with employee benefits like free health care.

And when these overworked foreigners fall sick, it is the Malaysian government which is left to pick up the tab and our country’s public health services that are burdened and overstretched.

Another question: Who is paying for the testing of PATI for coronavirus? Not their profiteering employers, as far as I’m aware.

The deluge of foreigners is taking away jobs and resources from working class B40 locals but for the virtue signalers (Goh Cia Yee, Tan Zhong Yan, Chuah Siew Eng, Michelle Liu, Rachel Tan, Nathaniel Tan, Jules Rahman Ong and their ilk), their own compassionate preening is of greater concern.

Opening the floodgates to Rohingya refugees also risks exposing our overwhelmingly Malay frontliners to Covid-19 infection. With the Heidy Quahs and the Chuahs though, their “Oh, the humanity” chest-thumping moment mustn’t be missed.

The NGOs screaming and begging for Malaysia to take in more, More! MORE!! Rohingya and economic migrants of other nationalities are willfully endorsing human trafficking.

These NGO petitioners however don’t care about the consequences of the people-smuggling trade as long as they can posture on social media to telegraph how wonderfully humane they are compared with their Nazi countrymen.


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6 thoughts on “Another Chinese NGOer complaining M’sians are extreme

  1. Malaysia would not have achieved the result as presented in the video, had
    1. authority not closed border and restricted PATI entrance
    2. “I can’t breath” street demonstration taken place like in the US,
    and the list continues..

    Be grateful my dear Malaysians.

    1. Yes indeed, we did pretty well to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, though there are some armchair Pakatoons, mostly urban, middle-class, non-Malay, non-Muslim Malaysians who allege in conspiracy theory style, that “the government is not revealing the true number of COVID-19 cases and that there are far more cases than are being revealed”.

      Any idiot can understand that there are more COVID-19 cases out there than have been detected and the number of cases detected depends upon the number of people who have been tested, and admittedly Malaysia lacks the financial and material capacity to test everyone.

      However, this is no conspiracy but just a material fact – if you don’t have enough money to buy a Rolls Royce, you cannot buy a Rolls Royce – full stop, though this appears to be beyond the capacity of such Pakatoons to comprehend or they refuse to acknowledge such reality.

      Why don’t such Pakatoons talk about the over 2 million COVID-19 cases in the US and the around 20,000 new cases each day, and the over 112,000 deaths in the US as of midnight GMT (8.00am) today, compared to 117 deaths in Malaysia as of yesterday.

      The number of deaths is a more accurate measure of the efficacy of measures to treat COVID-19 patients, since most of these deaths occur in hospitals so are known and despite Malaysia’s relatively limited medicare facilities and finances, we have done much better than the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” which the is richest and the most militarily powerful country in the world, supposedly with very much more advanced and well endowed medical facilities than Malaysia.

      I’d like to ask such Pakatoons what did the Pakatan Harapan government do to improve Malaysia’s public medical care facilities in the 22 months they were the federal government?

      And, now they are talking about toppling the current “backdoor” government in the name of “the people’s mandate in GE14”.

      After the March 2008 GE, Anwar Ibrahim spoke about getting 30 MPs to jump ship to Pakatan by 16 September 2008, giving it a majority in parliament, thus enabling Pakatan to form the government.

      As it turned out, not one MP jumped ship by that date, but if they all had, would the Pakatan government so formed not be a backdoor government – a Pakatan backdoor government?

      I’m pretty sure that Pakatoons would have been dancing in the streets had that Pakatan backdoor government materialised.

      1. 1. malay trust govt more, be it bn ph or pn. non malay is the other way round, reason is obvious.

        2. i rarely read msian that hv anything good to say abt usa. ph chinese lagi worst. helen is perhaps one exception, at least much more balance. but i think her defense of trump is mostly from the racial pov to suit her position in msia politics.

        3. the fact is that there is no govt be it state or federal fall to ph/opposition, the reverse is truth wrt bn/pn whatever the name, from sabah perak to 2020 both federal n state.

          1. the feeling is mutual, trump is genuine n truthful, i may not agree with him most of the time, but at the very least, he dont speak n act like a politician.

            below a link of candace owens talk abt floyd.

  2. Let me add another question:-

    What political party do those capitalists who employ and ruthlessly exploit those foreign workers legally or illegally support or even finance?

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