Showing how an aggressive minority is able to bully the majority

Majority ethnic are ‘racist, extremist and religious bigots’… konon

How does a minority win when they do not have the power of a military? One strategy seen in the USA currently is for the minority blacks to make as if they have the moral high ground, and obversely that the majority white people are bad and immoral.

The American majority are made to suffer ‘white guilt’ which leads them to capitulate to the demands of the minority

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For example, anyone criticizing the Black Lives Matter victimhood on social media today is immediately mobbed, canceled and sacked from their jobs following pressure from BLM supporters.

The fascistic BLM officially describes itself as a “Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy …“.

BLM has sparked similar protests in European cities this week. While there are no BLM protests in Malaysia, the BLM guilt-tripping is familiar terrain in our country taking the form of ‘mission is to eradicate Ketuanan Melayu’.

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Portraying Umno as ‘racists’ and PAS as extremists‘ won DAP many votes

Minorities can actually bully the majority and make them kneel. This happened recently during the riots across the USA.

In a clip that went viral on social media, a black prankster ‘tricked’ New York City pedestrians into kneeling in abject apology (screen capture below) to atone for their white privilege and complicity in the killing of George Floyd. 

It’s rubbish that the random white dude should be made to literally prostrate himself on the sidewalk as if they were complicit in Floyd’s death. But since these whites have IQ in the single digit and EQ in the triple digits, they immediately kneel in guilt when commanded by black tormenters.

The minority Christians in Malaysia also have their methods (coming up next) but for now please read Matt Walsh’s tweets below which track the story of bullying of whites by blacks.

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Suddenly looting and rioting cannot be criticized if done in the name of ‘George Floyd‘.

George Floyd was a black man who had previously served five years in prison and was being arrested for possession of counterfeit money on the day he died. “I can’t breathe” Floyd pleaded while a white cop pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes.

Malaysiakini headlines such as ‘Migrant workers, refugees are Malaysia’s George Floyds’ and moaning about “oppressed people” and Malaysia being “no stranger to xenophobia” also ride on the Floyd bandwagon.

In the longer version of the above troll video, the black prankster can be heard to refer to George Floyd as “George Foreman”, a famous black boxer. The white self-flagellateers who agreed to drop down on their knees had been too intimidated by the Internet hoaxer to realize or call out his misnaming.

American liberals are too much consumed by their white guilt to dispute the hagiography (glowing characterization) of the six-foot-six Floyd as “a gentle giant”. He was anything but ‘gentle’.

Floyd was a cocaine dealer and an autopsy found the drug fentanyl in his system. Among the felony charges in Floyd’s criminal record were convictions for assault and armed robbery. Floyd and his buddies had broken into a woman’s house for burglary where Floyd pressed a gun to her pregnant belly. He’s no hero.

Yet virtue signalers in Malaysia were hypocritically hailing Floyd as a symbol of martyrdom and in the fight for racial equality. We’ll discuss the Malaysian context next.

This blog post is the first of a multi-part series. The segments coming up will talk about how a minority in Malaysia is similarly trying to sucker Malays (those afraid of being called “racist”) into feeling guilty for the so-called Ketuanan Melayu oppression as framed by DAP.


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2 thoughts on “Showing how an aggressive minority is able to bully the majority

  1. It’s absolute madness, what’s going on over there. People here want to follow their trend?? How stupid are they?

    I can’t stand trolls and pranks and fake news makers anymore either.

  2. i can agree with yr writes almost 100%, that said, i still think umno n pas under hadi r racist, though others, me included, can be deemed equally racist from a diff pov, reverse racism maybe? i dun know.

    i read many justify the black with argument that reverse racism is not racist in nature, even if this is valid, we see how black american treat any others non white, r they doing better than the whites?

    the mainlanders or singaporean might agree with republican more than democrat, simply because the minority in their countries are relatively weak in almost every aspect similar to usa, while msia is more complicated especially when the minority hv both chinese n indian.

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