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Heidy Quah asking for more money after NGOs already raised half million ringgit

Queen of Whinge Heidy Quah is in the news both domestically and internationally.

She was featured in a British newspaper The Telegraph yesterday complaining about “a new wave of hate comments and xenophobia towards the refugee community”.

BELOW: DAP member Heidy in Buckingham Palace

An Amnesty International public statement today said:

“Most recently, founder of refugee support organisation Refuge for Refugees Heidy Quah received vicious attacks online after she shared the experience in a detention centre related to her by an asylum seeker currently in custody. Her 5 June posting on social media was met with hateful remarks and personal threats. Following the immigration department’s 8 June rebuttal that named Quah and implied she fabricated the contents of her post she has faced even more harassment online.”

Born again Christian Heidy is supposed to be a young Mother Teresa in training (view held by her ardent admirers) but her incessant ranting on Facebook that went viral have been mostly about Me, Myself and Money.

People are being so “hateful” to me … whinge. My inbox has been spammed with hate comments … whinge, whinge.

I’ve been receiving just utterly “vicious attacks online” … whinge, whinge, whinge. 

There were the brutal “personal threats” – like that somebody-or-other saying ‘Heidy Quah go hang yourself!’ … sob, sob. Tell me, is it a criminal offence for this Asep-Ahmad-Sastrawidjaja to be threatening like that?

And the last few days, I’ve been facing “even more harassment”!

Okay, okay, I know I said the other day that I would be lodging reports with the police and MCMC over the nasty hate speech directed at me. Ya lor, I also asked my followers to report Asep Ahmad Sastrawidjaja. But what I didn’t expect was to get on the KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) radar and I certainly did not expect that they might be investigating me (ME?!) instead. Whinge x5.

On our domestic front, The Star did a write-up on Heidy today too. Its Metro section reported that four NGOs, which include Heidy’s Refuge for the Refugees, are again seeking help from the public to raise RM120k for food supplies.

The food aid is to be distributed in the Klang Valley during the recovery movement control order (MCO). In their previous fundraising drive, the NGOs succeeded in raising RM510,000.

The Star also solicited for donations to be made to Persatuan Kebajikan Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak Pelarian, which is the registered name of Heidy’s NGO. For details, email

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