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You’re welcome to keep them, Ismail Sabri

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Kalam Abdul Momen says his country will not be taking back the 269 Rohingya that Malaysia fished out from the Langkawi sea.

The minister said (see news story below) that other countries, including Malaysia, are most welcome to take them.

It’s reported yesterday that yet another rombongan of Rohingya numbering some 300 had separately tried to enter our territorial waters. These 300 had set off in one boatload together with the 269 which Malaysia collected from the sea last Monday.

This second Rohingya boat was last spotted off Thailand.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency DG Zubil Mat Som said the Rohingya are now trying to enter Malaysia using speed boats. Indonesian coastguard had already warned us last month about the Rohingya and their “kapal motor” new alternative.

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Malaysia sinks two Vietnamese fishing boats

Mahathir’s 1979 policy on Vietnamese boats is apparently being followed by Malaysian authorities today.

A few days ago on June 7, the Malaysian coastguard sank two fishing boats originating from Vietnam.

Ops Naga took place 5.7 nautical miles off the waters of Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu. You can watch footage of the boats being sunk tweeted out by Zubil in the recorded clip below.

Zubil‘s men also promised to gempur PATI habis-habisan. The maritime agency made the following appeal (see below) yesterday: “Ayuh sama-sama kita rakyat Malaysia bantu”.

Our medical volunteers evacuated from Cox’s Bazar

Malaysia was operating a field hospital in Ukhia — a subdistrict of Cox’s Bazar where the Rohingya make up one-third of its population.

The hospital, located in a Rohingya refugee camp, was supposed to open until Dec 2021.

Our government however discontinued the hospital three months ago in March.

Malaysian medical teams left Cox’s Bazar because of the coronavirus outbreak there. Since then the Rohingya refugee camps have become Bangladesh’s first Covid-19 red zone.

Malaysian virtue signalers, on the other hand, are keen to import Rohingya coronavirus clusters to make it the more infections the merrier in our immigration depots.


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  1. our rohingya shd read harakah, n speed a small turn into peninsula east coast, via that china punya south sea then enter either kelantan or terengganu, me n pas will welcome u all with flower, beef n nasi kerabu. pahang maybe oso can, the 6th pm from pahang used to participate in ummah for all u brothers. langkawi tak boleh, itu reserve for bikini lady.

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