Why Tengku Zulpuri still in Harapan which is 63% Chinese Indian MPs?

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, who is DAP member of parliament for Raub, came out today to deny speculation that he would be joining Perikatan. He is his party’s one and only Malay MP.

BELOW: Tengku Zulpuri sticks out like a sore thumb — he is the only DAP leader in the group photo wearing red

Perikatan’s side of the bench in parliament is 96 percent Malay-Bumiputera. Their 114 MPs now includes a latest addition, the native Sarawakian YB Jugah Muyang, who is MP for Lubuk Antu. Of this total, 109 MPs are Malay-Bumiputera thus making them the 95.6% ethnic majority in the ruling coalition.

Meanwhile in the Harapan opposition, there are 57 MPs who are non Bumiputera. These Chinese and Indian MPs make up 63 percent (62.6%) of Harapan which has 91 MPs — PKR with 38 MPs (following the recent departure of Lubuk Antu), DAP 42 and Amanah 11.

Sabah’s Parti Warisan has nine MPs including one Chinese (Liew Vui Keong) and they are a part of the wider Pakatan-Plus.

Chinese cheering on a deluge of Rohingya to our shores

Raub is advised to follow in the footsteps of Pengkalan Batu for the sake of alifbata (agama, bangsa dan tanahair). Adun Pengkalan Batu YB Norhizam Hassan Baktee, who was DAP’s Malacca state assemblyman, defected to Perikatan in early March this year.

It is likely that even some among Tengku Zulpuri’s own family believe DAP to be anti Malay and anti Islam.

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Supporters of the Perikatan government have come under fire lately over the Rohingya and refugees issues. These verbal attacks on Malays – because pro-establishment Malaysians are overwhelmingly the Malays – are coming largely from Harapan-supporting non Malays.

Take for example, DAP member Heidi Quah. Last week (June 7), she made the falsely extravagant claim in her Facebook that “No taxpayers money goes to supporting the refugee community” — see screencapture below.

At the same time, Heidy is continually asking the public for money — she says she needs the donation ostensibly to help refugees … despite that she and her NGO allies had already received funding amounting to more than half a million ringgit.

On June 1, Heidy posted on her FB, “I know. I know I keep pushing out a call for funds. I don’t enjoy constantly asking for help and support. But it’s crazy. The needs are crazy out there.“

The Perikatan government has taken a stance that our borders are now closed to the Rohingya. Furthermore, our security enforcement will shock and awe (“Kerajaan kini dalam usaha menggempur PATI habis-habisan“ — see National Taskforce directive) any illegal immigrants trying to sneak into Malaysia.

A majority of the Malays support the Muhyiddin administration in this. The Home Minister, after all, is a Pribumi man while the Defence Minister is an Umno man. The decision to reject refugees is one taken by our 96 percent Bumiputera government.

Those clamouring the loudest to let in more and More! And MORE!! Rohingya are mostly Chinese and Christian activists.

Malays are criticizing the uncontrollable influx of Rohingya, especially when Cox’s Bazar is a red zone for the coronavirus. Protest signs have been erected, including the one (below) outside a surau in Johor.

Malays have also been criticizing the born again Christian Heidy Quah. In turn, Heidy has slammed her critics as “unkind“ people who make hateful, nasty, ugly and appalling comments against her on social media.

And Heidy’s evangelical fans have been saying even harsher things (when slamming Heidy’s critics) in her defence. These online exchanges and hostile expressions are illuminating.

The SJWs pressuring Putrajaya to throw open our door to Rohingya boat people have badmouthed us as “ugly Malaysians”, “xenophobic”, “inhumane” and called us other derogatory names.

Harapan people have little that is good to say about Malaysia to the world. Tengku Zulpuri must summon up his courage to oppose those always hating on our country.


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3 thoughts on “Why Tengku Zulpuri still in Harapan which is 63% Chinese Indian MPs?

  1. You ask why he’s in DAP, who knows. I say what he can do for Malays while in DAP.


  2. DAP is not a problem it is a few non that a noisy that hurt malay. They are just to not know the mentality and sentiment and few . Some have just crossed the line. DONT blamed TDM.These few are just rocking the boat. As i have said before, the silent majority have spoken. WHERE are they now..PH is not going to win next election if DAP is not going to get rid of them. NO grassroot bumi is going to vote PH. 80 % NON who vote DAP are average JOE and Jane and Bumi have no problem with them. We are all Malaysian.

  3. Sometimes or rather too many times self interests determine a course of action as in the case of Tengku Zulpuri. Seeing where the wind blows he has chosen to enter DAP whereas he and his family were staunch PAS supporters in the past. In other words a man of no principles.

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