Sinchew’s Stockholm Syndrome post Sheraton Storm

The Chinese in Malaysia are a sad people. But sad not meaning ‘sedih’.

Here it is like saying “Cina DAP, uh … Sad!” borrowing Donald Trump’s punctuated use of the word. As in ‘kesian, but not really’. More like ‘Tengok dema dok hanyut terkapai-kapai kerana terlajak perahu dah tak ‘leh undur dah’.

Malaysia’s Chinese community – or rather 95 percent of its voters – bought a one-way ticket to sail on the Ship of False Hope.

“Chinese Malaysians can no longer put all the eggs in the same basket, as they did in GE14,” Sin Chew Daily editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang wrote yesterday in anticipation of a GE15 snap election.

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Time to start frying omelettes 

Sin Chew is the largest circulation Chinese-language newspaper outside of greater China and the most influential Chinese media in Malaysia, and Kuik Cheng Kang is the most important journalist in this media group. But Mr Kuik is not quick at all. He’s a slow poke whose admonition to Chinese voters is way behind the curve.

Kuik likens the Chinese votes last election to all our eggs being put into one basket. I prefer the analogy of Chinese (95 out of every 100) berpusu-pusu masuk bot DAP.

The DAP boat cramped full of Dapsters is now adrift after being hit by the Sheraton Storm. Will some of its passengers jump into the sea in hopes of being rescued by the Malay coastguard?

”Many Chinese Malaysians are excessively worried about chaotic situation in this country,” wrote the Sin Chew No.1 boss.

They are worried about the high degree of unpredictability in Putrajaya and how the swift changing political currents will impact on the future of the Chinese, said Kuik Cheng Kang.

Kuik is anxious that the Chinese will just hop on another Reformasi movement. In that eventuality, he fears “we [the Chinese polity] will end up like DAP today, becoming a scapegoat constantly blamed for the Malays’ miseries”.

May I say that the predicament feared by Kuik is entirely one of their own making despite Sin Chew and DAP complaints that the miserable Malays love to make the Chinese minority their ”scapegoat“ and bogeyman.

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Chinese confused from living in a bubble

The 95 percent Chinese are singularly unable to see anybody else’s point of view except the DAP’s. As Kuik Cheng Kang noted, “millions of Malaysian voters [had] rushed back from all across the country and beyond to vote“.

How about putting yourself in Malay shoes on that fateful night of 9 May 2018?

BN supporters were huddled in their citadel. Charging at the gate with battering rams was the torch-lit Dapster mob armed with pitchforks. The gate splinters, the door breaks and the citadel falls before the mighty DAP surge. At last, BN is toppled and Putrajaya captured by DAP.

Don’t tell me Kuik has forgotten the conquering language of the Chinese who were floating on cloud nine after GE14. Dear Mr Kuik, please recall the words of those DAP cult followers drunk on euphoria and more particularly the vicious contempt they spat at MCA and their delight at the thought of Umno leaders soon to be despatched to Sungai Buloh.

It was the action of a Chinese crowd that tasted sweet victory at the polls. So why do you fail to anticipate an equal and opposite reaction from the 2018 defeated Malays?

Only now after yet another regime change in February are Kuik Cheng Kang, Sin Chew and Cina DAP become afraid “hatred and confrontation”.

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Hatred & confrontation — Guan Eng’s middle names

“We must all be mentally prepared that Umno-PAS will emerge as the biggest winners,” lamented Kuik Cheng Kang speaking to his Chinese audience about GE15 just around the corner.

Malay-Muslim party Umno together with Muslim-Malay party PAS currently have 57 MPs combined. Multiracial PKR together with DAP (a multiracial party comprising only one Malay member of parliament) have 80 MPs combined. These PKR and DAP parliamentarians are 71 percent Chinese and Indian.

The Big Four as they stand today:

  • DAP — 42 MPs
  • Umno — 39 MPs
  • PKR — 38 MPs
  • PAS — 18 MPs

Kuik frames a snap election as the do-or-die battleground for Muafakat, Pribumi and Pakatan-plus equally. GE15 is also a tussle between the 100%-Malay Umno PAS versus the 71%-non Malay PKR DAP.

The once Hope-filled crowd is today terrified of Muafakat — the recent Umno-PAS pact described by Lim Guan Eng as tantamount to “a declaration of war against non Malays”. Guan Eng, who has a long history of being probed by police for sedition, also alleged that the tie-up between Muafakat and Muhyiddin posed “a clear and present danger” that would usher in a new “Dark Age” for Malaysia.

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Bitter fruit from the 95 percent Chinese labour

The present government which is 96 percent Bumiputera is an almost perfect mirror of the 95 percent Chinese electorate that voted for Harapan in GE14.

And Muhyiddin’s Malay administration is an unintended consequence from the Chinese deciding to go all in for DAP.

“We voted you [DAP] because we wanted you to seriously care about the feelings of the Chinese community and respond to our needs,” Kuik wrote last year.

In his 17 Oct 2019 his op-ed headlined ‘The Chinese dilemma’, Kuik Cheng Kang also talked about identity crisis following the 2018 general elections, and whether the community should continue to identify themselves as ‘Malaysian Chinese’ (the MCA paradigm) or begin to identify as ‘Malaysians’ without any ethnic prefix/suffix (the Lim Guan Eng-Saya bukan Cina paradigm).

Has Kuik come any closer to solving his Chinese dilemma after the space of eight months? Perhaps an Indian opinion can be of help.

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Yesterday Focus Malaysia editor-in-chief P. Gunasegaram reminded his readers what the Chinese had 95 percent voted for.

By making Guan Eng finance minister albeit one helming a portfolio with reduced power, wrote Gunasegaram in his op-ed, Mahathir earned “the DAP’s eternal gratitude”.

Guan Eng’s indebtedness caused his party to grovel at Mahathir’s feet as well as give the old man a free pass, said Guna.

The DAP sec-gen is ”now desperate for the third coming of Mahathir which would ensure his corruption charge would not be resurrected,” Guna added.

In the event of a snap poll for GE15, the DAP wants Mahathir to be PM for the third time.

Sin Chew editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang had wondered if Cina DAP should to identify themselves as ‘Malaysian Chinese’ or only as ‘Malaysians’.

Your answer below, Mr Kuik. The DAP choice for prime minister #9 says Chinese are “orang asing”.


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15 thoughts on “Sinchew’s Stockholm Syndrome post Sheraton Storm

  1. the chinese shall continue to support anyone other than umno, n their coalition, i dun know whats wrong with the 5%, its never abt dap, the chinese hv to make up their mind, we can only be a msian if the umno ideology is no more.

    1. How was Pribumi’s ideology any different from Umno’s?

      95% Chinese perfectly content to be under Pribumi thumb during Harapan rule (2018-2020) where even a twenty-something greenhorn like Bathtub Boy could gertak DAP. And now DAP is once again willing to crawl under Mahathir’s sarung.

      1. The Chinese in Malaysia still habour delusions of grandeur. We are a minority immigrant community. We need to cooperate with the majority native community. We should assimilate & intergrate. Instead we persistantly assume it’s our God given right to usurp the Malays. This will never happen. It can never happen. There is no country in the world where an immigrant community which is in the minority has successfully usurped a native community which is in the majority. Unless we outbreed the Malays or import mainland Chinese by the millions we will need to accept that Ketuanan Melayu in one form or another is a reality to stay so we should learn to accept that and learn to work with it. If it’s so unbearable, emigrate by all means but if you think you’ll be treated as first class in any Mat Salleh country you’re seriously deluded.

      2. pribumi choose to join ph, not the other way round.

        the chinese cant change the fact the malay settled here earlier,and they are the majority with king and sultan, and most chinese except lge know how to communicate with a malay or pribumi, but umno ideology is no diff with the american black even when they know chinese can do nothing. i am fine the 5% believe in diff thing, but i would insist the 95% make the right choice, regardless there is dap or no dap.

    2. Let’s try putting things in a simpler manner. Say for example you settled on a piece on land first with your family of ten. Many years later a new family of five start to encroach on your plot of land ( you outnumber them 2 to 1 ). They look different from you, talk different from you, behave different from you. However you decide to let them share your land. However because you were here first and there’s ten of you, you tell them that it’ll be a 70:30 split. They then insult you and tell you that they want 50% of everything. They will not learn to speak your language. They will not learn to adapt to your customs & practices. They will speak their language and will behave as they like even if their customs upset or offend you. Tell me honestly if you were the original family of ten what would you do? I would tell the newcomers to f**k off. The Malays have been very accomodating. Most other races, Chinese included would have violently rejected the newcomers at the first instance.

        1. My apologies. It’s clear that a simple analogy was too taxing for you to comprehend. Let me rephrase it in plain english. LEARN TO LIVE WITH THE MALAYS AND THEIR WAYS. THIS INCLUDES:
          1. KETUANAN MELAYU ( in some form or another )
          2. AGAMA ISLAM ( the official religion )
          3. BAHASA MELAYU ( the national language ).
          If Chinese like you cannot accept this, in the end it’ll lead to bloodshed. And as the Malays outnumber us 2 to 1 we’ll get our arses kicked. So please leave the country if you think you can get better treatment elsewhere. Let the 5% of us Chinese who are more readily adaptable live in peace in this country with the Malays. Go to a white country. See how they treat you there. You’re nothing but a slit eyed yellow skinned foreigner to them. You’ll never have the same social standing over there as you have over here in Malaysia no matter how much you bitch about things here. So please F**K OFF by all means & let us remaining 5% Chinese get on with our lives.

          1. “… in the end it’ll lead to bloodshed. And as the Malays outnumber us 2 to 1 we’ll get our arses kicked.”

            You are somehow describing some pretty nasty folks, no?

            Maybe we should follow a religion of peace, practise that faithfully…

            1. It’s not religions that are at fault, it’s the people who practise them or at least their interpretations of how to practise them. I had an uncle who was in KL during the May 13 riots. I still remember some of the things he told me about that time……I always suspected he left out some of the more gory details about what he witnessed firsthand. Anyway like most Chinese then he was carried away with the idea that by voting for the opposition; ie the DAP the Chinese could achieve political supremacy. When the opposition won, the Chinese went berserk with the celebrations. They went out of their way to rub it into the Malays. And as history has recorded the already very unhappy Malays retaliated bloodily. As my uncle used to say, we the Chinese were just asking for it. As we always say that one should be gracious in defeat, he felt that being magnanimous in victory was even more important then. He said that it wasn’t all the Malays that had decided to raise their arms against the Chinese. It was just a minority. Why it happened was that the great majority of Malays were so pissed off with the Chinese that they looked away when the killing started……..all it takes for evil to trive is for good men to do nothing. And history is repeating itself when you have idiotic Chinese like HY spouting their racist vitriol online everywhere.

              1. “I had an uncle who was in KL during the May 13 riots.”

                Good job my uncles who have stories to tell about everything ask me to rely on multiple sources for history and everything else.

                1. It’s just one man’s opinion of what he experienced but unlike most people nowadays he’s at least honest enough to admit that he made mistakes too and it wasn’t the other person’s fault entirely.

  2. Chinese, 90% of them voted for anti Islam, anti royalty, anti Malay DAP complaining about Malays making them bogeymen.

    The Chinese think voting DAP is for the betterment of Chinese(not racist, only UMNO is racist, haha), but they are just voting for the betterment of the Lims and their cronies.

    I said before the current government should end the involvement of Mahathir in this country, they should add the Lims to the list.

  3. TDM setup bersatu because he knew that apolitical malay wants the middle ground between pas and umno. These groups are not incline to vote multis like pkr yg sibut dgn reformasi yg mereka sendiri tak tahu ikut2 yg barat and chinese majority dap. Tdm is a linkage of these makay to these multis.Dap and amanah and wawasan saw it but pkr is so blinded with mistrust.
    SO ph plus will miss the boat.These apolitical malay will face away and could not care less. Sorry to say mate you had you chance but you blew it big time.

    1. pkr is a vision, its okay if some choose to believe its delusional. we cant expect everyone believe in the same thing. that said, pkr can become a bersatu anytime.

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