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DAP Christian activist says M’sian lockdown a “privilege”

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. And DAP’s controversial champion of refugees was again in the international news.

Heidy Quah had previously complained to the British media about Malaysia’s “new wave of hate comments and xenophobia towards the refugee community”.

BELOW: DAP rolling out Hannah clones like Heidy Quah off the party assembly line — June 2018 pix 

This time the born again Christian activist told Australian TV channel Sky News (video clip below) that Malaysians have the privilege of MCO which is something denied refugees during this period of global pandemic.

In her Facebook entry a couple of days ago, Heidy threw more shade at our immigration authorities as well as snarked at a (possible) police investigation on herself.


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5 thoughts on “DAP Christian activist says M’sian lockdown a “privilege”

  1. She should have told the Australians to take in the refugees.
    Lots of space over there.

  2. Same in US. Only the blonde christian is left. She could stage and stoop low to lick her bully’s boot, either for money or something more grandeur.

    Both bully & intimidation will fail eventually but, what virtue signaler did could be worse than bully. It could lead to an act tantamount to treason. Authority probably is watching it closely and accumulating evidences.

  3. The danger of chinese vernacular schools education to national security cannot be underestimated. For sure she is Chinese educated and isolated from Malaysia national way of life.

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