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When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?

Apart from the usual suspects – Amnesty International, HRW-Human Rights Watch, Fortify Rights and other vocal NGOs – far left news outlets have also jumped on the ‘Bash Malaysia’ bandwagon.

Xenophobia is prevalent in Malaysia, said a report today in Vice Media headlined ‘Malaysia Is Planning to Send a Boat Full of Rohingya Refugees Back Out to Sea’.

There has been a “shocking” amount of online hate speech from Malaysians about the Rohingya refugees, as well as several anti-Rohingya groups and personal blogs, Vice quoted Liz Day as saying. In other words, Malaysians are haters.

It’s not surprising that Westerners are parroting this view when locals are busy telling international media that Malaysians are full of hate. It was barely a fortnight ago that DAP Christian activist Heidy Quah complained to the British media about Malaysia’s “new wave of hate comments and xenophobia towards the refugee community”.

Previously, they told the world that our country was racist to non Malays. Now they’re saying Malaysia is racist, xenophobic and cruel to Rohingya. The loudest voices slamming Malaysia and Malaysians on the Rohingya issue are Chinese Harapan supporters.

BELOW: Heidy Quah posted in her Facebook that “No taxpayers money goes to supporting the refugee community”

Political role reduced, preaching role increased 

Public support for welcoming Rohingya comes from all races. Public opposition to taking in more of them – there are already 200,000 Rohingya in Malaysia – similarly cuts across the races. However the stand adopted by Malaysian authorities is to seal our border against the Rohingya.

We’re carrying out Ops Benteng, which is a coordinated effort by many government security agencies, to keep out illegal immigrants. Our Home Minister is a Pribumi Malay, Defence Minister is an Umno Malay and the Muhyiddin administration is one supported by Malays.

On the other hand, the Perikatan Malay government is not considered as legitimate by DAP supporters. In the matter of the Rohingya boat people, pro-government Malaysians are for secure borders whereas the anti-establishment Malaysians want to throw open our doors wide.

“With a steadily declining population ratio, there is limited role Chinese Malaysians can play in this country,” lamented Sin Chew Daily editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang a few days ago on Thursday. Malaysian Chinese are today one-fifth (20.6%) of the country’s population. Chinese number a little less than seven million (6,947,000) out of the 34 million (33.8m) residents in Malaysia which include 3.3 million non citizens.

The Chinese are however learning to offset their “limited” and depleted political clout with a ballooning Christian self-righteousness.

Pious DAP evangelistas, although a minority in number, are nonetheless taking on an outsized role of moral majority exemplars — that is, acting as if they’re the good Christians who only want to help Rohingya in contrast to the bad Malaysians who want to keep Rohingya away from our shores.

BELOW: DBKL restrictions on the Rohingya in Selayang are criticized by the Cult of Woke (Note: Rahmah is a reporter formerly with Malaysiakini and The Star.)

Desperate times call for desperately hypocritical measures

The Sheraton Move was executed four months ago on Feb 23. This Malay manoeuvre caused the DAP to suddenly lose power like a row of dominos toppling over. In quick succession, Harapan fell in Johor, Malacca, Perak and Kedah resulting in many, many DAP Aduns losing their exco jobs.

Not only did the changes of government cause a return to status quo ante, DAP were also deprived of their influence in four state governments at various hierarchical levels the last 120 days. More importantly, the chain reaction from Sheraton also pushed back the foothold DAP had increasingly gained within the Malay community.

Anwar‘s Malay followers in PKR are now turning away from the DAP in disgust. Earlier the PKR Malays (Azmin‘s faction) and Pribumi Malays (Muhyiddin’s faction) had ditched the DAP too.

Fast haemorrhaging its Malay support, the DAP urgently needed a new way to recover these vital voters. Thus we see DAP evangelistas trying to outdo even the PAS Muslims in their expressed public concern for Rohingya boat people.

But why zoom in specifically on the Rohingya? Answer: Because they’re Muslim and this allows the virtue signalers to one up their Christian charity against the “inhumane” Malay Muslims who favour putting a cap on Rohingya immigration.

The Rohingya hot button issue enables Malays to be virtue shamed into believing that as a part of the ummah, they’re not living up to the moral obligation of Muslim brotherhood. DAP’s revolving door ally Mahathir even called the decision by our immigration enforcement on the Rohingya boats as “tindakan tidak berperikemanusiaan”.

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Weaponizing the plight of Rohingya to undermine Malays

In the same June 18 op-ed, Sin Chew‘s top editor Kuik Cheng Kang was anxious that “Chinese Malaysians can no longer put all the eggs in the same basket, as they did in GE14”.

And what was the secret recipe of DAP’s success? Orang Melayu terkesan when they were endlessly told that they were racists, extremists and bigots.

The DAP’s severe shaming strategy had kicked off during GE12 and the name-calling continued through GE13 and GE14. This overkill eventually caused the Malays to largely stop caring about whatever negative labels were incessantly slapped on them.

Therefore a different tactic is currently required to be crafted after the smears of racism, once so effective in the past, are beginning to lose their sting.

So badmouthing the Malays is presently taken to the next level — the whole world must be made to echo how cruel Malays and their “backdoor” Perikatan government are because of the xenophobic hate purportedly directed against Rohingya.

And Malays must be made to feel Muslim guilt in addition to having their conscience pricked over the race ”privilege” they supposedly enjoy. These tactics are straight out of the Black Lives Matter playbook.

The inverse power relations between American blacks and guilt-ridden whites at a time when Democrat cities are burning from riots across the USA shows how the minority can psych the majority into submission.

BELOW: This blonde bombshell felt so guilty over her white privilege (and George Floyd’s death) that she willingly bends the knee to plant kisses on the jackboot of her black bullies — screen capture from @BeachMilk tweet embed; more footage in this video clip


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4 thoughts on “When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?

  1. I’m still waiting to see how the current BLM madness in the west would end.

    It’s stupid to follow the West, the covid pandemic proves that Malaysia can do better.

    Whatever DAP do, it will backfire, and the Chinese representation will be affected because of them. Never again DAP in federal government. At this rate, the Malays don’t even want MCA or MIC in Malay majority seats, they would rather vote independent. MCA can fight DAP and Gerakan.

  2. Yes Helen, call people “racist” too many times and even if they are originally sympathetic with you, they will eventually turn against you or just ignore you.

    I remember that after a vast majority of Chinese and other non-Malays voted DAP in 2013, the attitudes of moderate or even liberal UMNO Malays which were accomodating to the Chinese and others turned indifferent or even antagonistic towards them.

    Malaysia has already been so generous by taking in 200,000 Rohingya refugees and “refugees” during normal conditions but now faced with having to contain the COVID-19 crisis, Malaysia has closed our borders, yet these western NGOs and their domestic allies in Malaysia keep on demanding that Malaysia continue to accept Rohingyas and denounce Malaysia for not accepting them and in typical NGO fashion, trot out bleeding heart reasons such as “Malaysia is sending them to their deaths – i.e. drown in the seas” and so forth, which yes – is the kind of method taken from a BLM playbook or from the same sources as BLM gets their playbook.

    Liberal western news media such as Vice News employ similar bleeding heart sob appeals and worse, having watched some Vice documentaries, I have observed that they report on issues in a seemingly balanced fashion and end up by blaming the developing country’s officials of being “corrupt”, “inept”, etc. for the problem.

    Firstly, are these Rohingya fleeing war and persecution in the land they left, were they forcibly driven out like Idi Amin drove ethnic Indians out of Uganda, or did they leave on their own accord and paid a pretty high fees to someone in the country they came from to be on that boat they are on? If they are so poor and destitute, how could they afford that?

    This “refugee” business, whether in Europe or Asia is known to mostly be a racket, with some genuine exceptions, yet these NGOs are putting pressure on governments such as Malaysia to accept endless waves of “refugees”, so de-facto are accomplices of the racketeers. I suppose these NGOs need to justify continuing to receive funding from western government agencies, western government backed “non-profits” such as the NED, USAID, etc, Soros foundations and so forth, so they “do their job”, so their heads and staff can continue to be in business.

    This video journalist Tim Pool, who has covered social unrest in several countries such as Venezuela, Ukraine, Occupy Wall Street and so forth and now video blogs on his @Timcast You Tube channel. He is part Korean and tends to be liberal or “not a conservative” and he warns that these BLM and Antifa protestors and rioters could face a violent backlash from ordinary Americans.

    Armed Men Have Begun Guarding Statues Around The US, In Philly They Aren’t Messing Around

    Armed Men Are Taking To Rooftops To Defend Statues, Cops Arrest Armed Man On Roof

    And on his Tim Pool channel:-

    Far left Rioting BACKFIRES As Armed Counter Groups Strike Back, Regular Americans Have Said ENOUGH

    Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates

    A pro-trump group called Bikers for Trump plan to march into the CHOP (formerly CHAZ) autonomous area of Seattle on the 4th of July and forcibly take it back for the city, and these Bikers for Trump guys are armed and so are some in the CHOP commune and if shooting starts, there could well be bloodshed, and if there is bloodshed, whether that spirals out of control is hard to say.

    BLM is fuax-left, not far-left, and it is funded by several capitalist corporations and foundations.

    There have been allegations going around the donations to BLM are being used to fund Biden’s election campaign.

    99.64% BLM’s Defund The Police Donations Go To Joe Biden Campaign Via ActBlue

    On the other hand there are rebuttals of that allegation.

    As Black Lives Matter donations surge, some want to know where the money goes.

    However, given the ultra-liberal protection of BLM, Antifa and other protestors and rioters by Democrat city mayors and Democrat state governors, including strong restraints placed on the scope of police action and even orders to the city police to treat the protestors and rioters with kid’s gloves or even withdraw, I strongly suspect the Democrat party is behind these BLM and Antifa protestors and rioters againts Donald Trump, in the hope that these ongoing protests and riots will make him lose the upcoming presidential elections. However, it could also go the other way with Trump winning by a bigger margin.

    Anyway, back to Malaysia, Pakatan Harapan is split down the middle, with DAP and Amanah supporting Mahathir as PM candidate, albeit just for six months, whilst Anwar and PKR support Anwar as PM candidate, and this eventually risks Pakatan flying apart.

  3. The blonde is not stupid. She will use the recorded event to build wealth and send the bully to prison for a long time. Did cucumber think he could crush Durian?

    In Malaysia, it’s time the government to consider Malaysian bashing by virtue signalers as a treason and take legal actions against them. Teach them the meaning “kerana mulut badan binasa”. Evidence is mounting. Capture before it disappears.

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