DAP just got punk’d by a 95 year old, LMAO

The word  punk’d  is urban slang. You can Google to find out its meaning.

Two faced, forked tongue DAP has been decisively cornered by Mahathir. Now they‘re forced to choose between the nonagenarian and Anwar but the damage is done. Continue reading “DAP just got punk’d by a 95 year old, LMAO”

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Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a staunch evangelical Christian. Pompeo has said in interviews he always keeps a Bible open on his office desk and that the Holy Book “informs everything I do”.

The US Department of State headed by Pompeo submits an annual report to the American Congress on the status of religious freedom around the world. Every year, the department obtains its information from religious groups, NGOs, human rights monitors, academics, media contacts and others.

Their country report on Malaysia was released a fortnight ago (June 10) and Continue reading “Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians”