DAP just got punk’d by a 95 year old, LMAO

The word  punk’d  is urban slang. You can Google to find out its meaning.

Two faced, forked tongue DAP has been decisively cornered by Mahathir. Now they‘re forced to choose between the nonagenarian and Anwar but the damage is done.

Over the last several days, DAP has been haemorrhaging its last dregs of Malay support, i.e. Anwar followers.

As it is, the DAP was already despised by large swathes of Malays. After the fiasco of the power-crazy party callously throwing Anwar under the bus, however, DAP’s only friends left among the Malays are Geng Mat Sabu and those liberals living in the Bangsar Bubble.

Malays with any sense at all will be staying well away from the evangelical party and shouldn’t want to touch DAP with a 10-foot pole.

I don’t know who Anwar Fadzil is – his Twitter account doesn’t have a blue check mark – but his tweet below is too epic to pass over. Quote: “Racist Mahathir best for Bangsa Malaysia”. (You da man, Anwar Fadzil.)

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2 thoughts on “DAP just got punk’d by a 95 year old, LMAO

  1. There are advantages. Mahathir still somehow have Malay believing in him and working with him, probably even in Umno. He has a lot of funds and wealthy cronies. Also, he’s 90 something. They probably think he would die soon and then they can do whatever.

    Anyway , Mat Sabu are not friends, just servants of DAP. It’s amazing how DAP managed to turn people in PAS to their purposes while they were supposed to be allied with PAS.

    1. Makes one want to puke…….this fawning over Mahathir by the DAP top brass. They’re great at spreading propaganda. A lot of people…..mainly Chinese suck it up without a thought. I confess I actually fell for it……I voted for Teresa Kok aka Seputeh in 2008 & 2013. However in 2018 I abstained from voting for her when the DAP paired up with Mahathir……that was just way too much for me to stomach. And after what happened early this year I’m so glad I didn’t vote for her. I’ll vote for the MCA in GE15.

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