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Siapa bacul? The biggest difference between Mahathir and Muafakat

Even a twenty-something like Saddiq (below) would be hard pressed to defend DAP with as much energy as 95-year-old Mahathir.

”Tetapi ada Melayu yang takut kepada DAP. Konon DAP boleh hancur orang Melayu. Orang yang bacul macam ini tidak layak panggil diri mereka Melayu. Demikian juga orang yang terikut-ikut dengan orang Melayu bacul seperti ini.” — Mahathir Mohamad

DAP-Wawasan 2020’s patron saint vigorously defended the evangelical party in a Che Det epic rant Part II on June 17 — see also his Twitter thread.

Earlier on May 12, Mahathir similarly defended DAP in Che Det-Part I across all his major social media platforms. In both his screeds last month and this month on behalf of the DAP, Mahathir repeatedly scolded Malays as “bacul”.

The bottom line boils down to (a) Mahathir promoting DAP as harmless, versus (b) Muafakat cautioning against DAP as harmful.

Mahathir is most insistent in telling Malays they have nothing at all to fear from DAP whereas Muafakat, i.e. Umno & PAS are telling Malays they have to beware the DAP evangelistas — see previous warnings by Tuan Ibrahim (Sept 2019) and Tengku Adnan (Apr 2018) below.

Mahathir’s Sabah ally Mohd Shafie Apdal takes an identical tack that Muslims have nothing to fear from DAP.

Campaigning for the DAP candidate in the Sandakan byelection last year, the Parti Warisan president told his people, quoting complaints he heard: “Ada orang Islam takut dan bimbang kenapa kamu undi roket itu. Itu Kristian.”

“Tidak betul kita sokong DAP akan jadi orang Kristian, kita kekal sebagai Islam,” Shafie said reassuringly.

Nonetheless Shafie, whose party is aligned to Harapan under the rubric of Pakatan-Plus, conceded: “Bayangkan dalam politik kita kena hati-hati dan teliti, kita tahu haram, kita tahu halal”.

Mahathir’s willingness to stop at nothing

The Pakatan-Plus people are just plain power crazy.

DAP wants to return to Putrajaya at all cost while Mahathir is prepared to do everything possible in order to become PM for life.

“I want to be the Prime Minister for one year. Anwar does not agree. So I say six months,” said Mahathir in an exclusive interview with Sin Chew — see their news report in English yesterday.

“I will still table a no-confidence vote against Muhyiddin Yassin in the July sitting in Dewan Rakyat,” added Mahathir. If that motion fails, there remains the Budget 2021 tabling in October by which to foil the Perikatan regime.

GE15 will come early because DAP ally Mahathir is hellbent on collapsing the government of the day. Therefore Malay voters and Chinese voters will soon have an opportunity to cast their ballot in a snap election.

BELOW: DAP will again try to sell Mahathir to its Chinese and strong Christian base

Religion is ace-of-spades card in GE15 

Our fault lines in Malaysia are Race and Religion.

The Muhyiddin administration is a Malay government with 96 percent of its MPs being bumiputera whereas the DAP and opposition are supported by 95 percent of the Chinese electorate. This Malay vs Chinese political divide is a consequence of voting by race to the max.

Next in store for us are the consequences of voting by religion.

The ‘action’ of the Chinese electorate at the polling booths will, once again, result in yet another equal and opposite ‘reaction’ unless the zombies are this time able to break away from the DAP brainwashing. It’s the last chance for Chinese, especially Buddhists, to ditch the DAP.

Perikatan is now installed in Putrajaya due to Malay ‘racial’ backlash against DAP. Sin Chew fears “Umno-PAS will emerge as the biggest winners” in GE15. When this happens, the 95 percent Chinese voters need to internalize that such an outcome this time would have been due to a Muslim ‘religious’ backlash against DAP evangelistas.

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Muafakat is Islam’s defence against the DAP agenda

Muafakat is the new backbone for the Malay-Muslim side of the political divide. Across the aisle is evangelical DAP, the biggest opposition party with its total of 41 non-Malay, non-Muslim MPs (its 42nd MP is the sole Malay Muslim, Tengku Zulpuri).

PAS and Umno accept the non-Malay presence within our national political landscape, said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, but on the condition that Malaysia’s multiracial polity must accept the Islamic mould of governance and agree for our country to be led by a Malay Muslim.

In this regard, Hadi considers the DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ snake oil to be a threat to the status of Islam.

“Maka teori ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ ke arah menghapuskan hak bangsa Melayu dan Bumiputera dan kedudukan agama Islam, adalah ajaran salah yang melanggar sempadan konsep negara ini yang wajib dipertahankan,” said Hadi in his keynote address delivered at the Himpunan Perpaduan Ummah (HPU914).

BELOW: In full, Hadi’s speech at the HPU914 event on 14 Sept 2019 held in the PWTC

Foreign interference: Westerners label us ‘xenophobic’  

In the Penyatuan Ummah video above, Hadi said, “Halang campur tangan asing terhadap perubahan negara kita. Biarlah kita sendiri yang membuat perubahan. Maka potongkan tangan-tangan yang melambai ‘makhluk asing’ (aliens) untuk mengacau negara kita!“

‘Aliens’ can also refer to “any foreign nationals inside a country where they have no legal right to be”.

A clue as to who are behind the “campur tangan asing” that kacau our country can be discerned from a pantun spoken by Hadi at the conclusion of his speech — “Anjing menyalak jangan dipeduli”.

The noisiest barks have come from Western human rights NGOs and their Malaysia counterparts such as DAP’s Heidy Quah, a born again Christian activist, and other young Chinese frantically virtue signaling their wokeness.

BELOW: Fake news … Fact checkers at FMT ascertained the content (related to Facebook post by Heidy Quah about mistreatment of a nursing refugee mother at our immigration depot) to be false

Another verse from Hadi’s closing pantun — “Di atas robohan Kota Melaka, Pantang Melayu menyerah kalah, Datang penjajah ganggu pusaka, Membujur lalu melintang patah!”

Although they (the British, Dutch, Portuguese) are no longer physically colonizing our land, these “superior” Europeans and their interfering American/Australian cousins persist in imposing their Western values and badmouthing our country.

Of late, Malaysian Christians soaked in a similar superiority complex have also been virtue shaming Malaysia’s closed door policy.

BELOW: Indonesian fishermen yesterday rescued 94 Rohingya boat people four miles off the coast of Aceh

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) – which falls under the ambit of the USA’s State Department headed by staunch evangelist Mike Pompeo – recently put Malaysia on their Special Watch List as intolerant Muslim oppressors of the Christian minority.

Christian countries and their loudmouth NGOs have been condemning Malaysia regularly, aided and abetted by like-minded locals. They dismissed Malaysia’s determination to secure our borders and protect our territorial waters as mere xenophobia and racism.

By comparison, Buddhist countries do not put Malaysia on any watch lists nor keep attacking us as racists, religious bigots and brown-skinned Nazis.

The Buddhist-majority countries of the world are Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Laos and Mongolia. Do you see these Buddhist nations commenting on Malaysian affairs?

BELOW: A majority of the Rohingya rescued yesterday in Aceh are women (who were heading our way) for the purpose of marrying Rohingya men here

Buddhist countries moreover do not train MCA activists. It is a different story however with DAP’s plentiful evangelistas. DAP’s Heidy Quah, for example, was trained in the States under an American-government sponsored programme for young leaders from Asean.

Cambodian, Thai, Burmese, Bhutanese, Sri Lankan, Laotian and Mongolian Buddhists are not berating Malaysia on the international stage. It is Western NGOs that are trying to browbeat Malaysia into throwing open our doors to embrace Rohingya brides sailing from Cox’s Bazar.

These Christian charity NGOers then proceed to tell sob stories to hostile local and international media that Malaysia is depriving newborn refugee babies of milk and diapers.

BELOW: The delivery of a pair of premature twin babies by refugee mother in Malaysian hospital totaled almost RM32,000 … medical fees paid for through Bangsar Malaysia donations


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