The real problem with Cina DAP

Houston … “we have a problem with Malaysian Chinese” is the latest remark by Mahathir to trigger the Dapsters.

Mahathir was quoted today as saying to Asia Times, “they [Chinese] have become extremely rich in Malaysia and they own practically all the towns in Malaysia”.

Just a piece of trivia: Yes, DAP owns a lot of the towns in Malaysia, politically speaking. It is even more factually true that practically all the towns in Malaysia are controlled by the opposition.

DAP does ”own” (dominate) many towns in Malaysia in terms of those parliament seats which are categorized as urban constituencies. However, while the party’s urban MPs comprise mostly Chinese, there are a sprinkling of Indian DAP representatives too.

The town seats throughout Malaysia are also shared with PKR Chinese reps — see list below of the Yang Berhormats elected to GE14 parliament.

KEDAH: Alor Setar — Chan Ming Kai (PKR)

PENANG: Bagan — Lim Guan Eng (DAP), Tanjong — Chow Kon Yeow (DAP), Jelutong — RSN Rayer (DAP)

PERAK: Taiping — Teh Kok Lim (DAP), Ipoh Barat — M. Kulasegaran (DAP), Ipoh Timor — Wong Kah Woh (DAP), Batu Gajah — V. Sivakumar (DAP)

SELANGOR: Bangi — Ong Kian Ming (DAP), Puchong — Gobind Singh (DAP), Damansara — Tony Pua (DAP), Petaling Jaya — Maria Chin Abdullah (PKR), Subang — Wong Chen (PKR), Sungai Buloh — R. Sivarasa (PKR), Klang — Charles Santiago (DAP)

KUALA LUMPUR: Kepong — Lim Lip Eng (DAP), Batu — P. Prabakaran (PKR), Wangsa Maju — Tan Yee Kew (PKR), Segambut – Hannah Yeoh (DAP), Bukit Bintang — Fong Kui Lun (DAP), Seputeh — Teresa Kok (DAP), Cheras — Tan Kok Wai (DAP)

NEGERI SEMBILAN: Seremban — Anthony Loke (DAP), Rasah — Cha Kee Chin (DAP)

MELAKA: Kota Melaka — Khoo Poay Tiong (DAP)

SABAH: Kota Kinabalu — Chan Foong Hin (DAP)

SARAWAK: Bandar Kuching — Kelvin Yii (DAP), Stampin — Chong Chieng Jen (DAP)

The following town seats are represented by Malay MPs from either Harapan or Perikatan: Pulai, Johor Bahru, Hang Tuah Jaya, Bandar Tun Razak, Lembah Pantai, Titiwangsa, Setiawangsa, Kota Raja, Kapar, Shah Alam, Pandan, Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu

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Chinese urbanites cyberbullying pro-govt Malays 

According to Mahathir, it is ”unhealthy” and poses a “problem“ to the country that the Chinese “own practically all the towns in Malaysia”.

If we measure using the metric of urban seats in parliament, then the Chinese do perhaps ‘own’ many towns. Is this a problem? In a way, yes, because the general trend is that the urban crowd tends to bully the rural folks.

Another identifiable “problem” with Malaysian Chinese is their cluelessness when it comes to taking the pulse of the Malay majority.

The Malay sentiment is presently against open borders and an influx of illegal immigrants.

PM Muhyiddin said today Malaysia can no longer take more refugees as our resources and capacity are already overstretched, and not to mention fear over new coronavirus clusters in the immigration depots.

The Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Defence Minister have stressed unanimously that Malaysia just cannot absorb any more Rohingya.

Top Umno leaders including Mat Hasan and Najib too have reiterated Malaysia cannot accept these boat people (holding the country to ransom by jumping into the sea to be rescued). Even PAS leaders, while personally sympathetic to the Rohingya plight, have not broken ranks with their Perikatan cabinet colleagues on the course of government action.

This necessity to prioritize locals is understood by Malays and is both a top-down as well as bottom-up imperative. From the top, our authorities are emphasizing national security with a multi-agency national task force currently to carry out Ops Benteng securing our borders.

Pushing up from the bottom, there is strong pressure – such as the “hundreds of thousands” signatures to online petitions and torrents of outbursts in social media – from ordinary rakyat urging for the Rohingya to be deported.

Chinese who prioritize foreigners to spite Malay establishment 

Cina DAP, on the other hand, seem unable to put the needs of locals first but choose instead to side with the western NGOs that have again this week called Malaysia’s pushback of the Rohingya boats “a heinous move”, “inhumane” and “cruel”.

These Chinese/Christian virtue signalers are happy to pile on and call us “ugly Malaysians” (see above).

Facebook followers of DAP born again Christian activist Heidy Quah have been cyberbullying her critics who objected to Heidy smearing our immigration department.

DAP supporters like to posture themselves as Malaysian First but their first instinct is to badmouth our country to the world, including in the matter of how Malaysia is handling the Rohingya issue.

It is better and safer for Malaysia that we’re not swamped by Rohingya. The Bangladeshis of Cox’s Bazar are already regretting their welcome of the Rohingya refugees.

Bangladesh newspaper Dhaka Tribune last month (Apr 25) reported “the locals knew not what troubles awaited them” from the prolonged Rohingya stay, and that they’re now paying a heavy price. The paper also quoted Cox’s Bazar Civil Societies Forum president Fazlul Kader as saying the Rohingya have “become a burden”.

At government level, Bangladesh‘s chief of the Commission for Refugee, Relief and Repatriation Muhammad Abul Kalam regretted that the host community is being burdened with “stresses on local resources”. The commissioner told a foreign delegation: “We cannot bear them for an indefinite period” — see 25 Sept 2019 situation analysis by Anadolu Agency.

A deluge of Rohingya will be disastrous for Malaysia as neither Bangladesh nor Myanmar will ever take them back. No third countries have offered them asylum either.

If Cina DAP cared about the country, they will consider what is in our best interests as opposed to showing cheap compassion for illegal immigrants while at the same time calling their fellow Malaysians “Nazis”.


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